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MAY 2018
MILITARY: News & History-1862 Outbreak
NEWS-VISIT: John Kirk & John Pry
Contributed by Robin Line:
OBITS: Patrick Denovan
BIOS: Stephen Garske
FAMILIES: Marriages - Steffer Family

MILITARY: WWI Casualties-Charles A. Feldman, John A. Nissen, Theodore F. Rannow
MILITARY: Soldiers-Newton M. Berry, Martin J. Mikkelsen, Harry E. Purdue, Samuel W. Skerik
PUBLIC OFFICIALS: News-L. P. Albrecht, Charles R. Mims, A. H. Reed
WILLS ETC.: Inheritance Taxes-Bleek, Ebert, Eickmiller, Jones, Karels, Kohn, Paulson, Renniers, Ritter, Thompson, Zanoth

BIOS: John and Caroline Mielke submitted by Robin Line
OBITS: Guy Sivright, Myron Lyon, S. H. Wolf - submitted by Robin Line
CENSUS: 1890 Veteran's Census, 1865 State Census Index - submitted by Martin Johnson

JUNE 2017
OBITS: Benjamin Noel, Elizabeth Simmer
PEOPLE: Herman Schemmelpfennig, Arnold Hawkinson
OBITS: John Hoodicheck, Rev. Gottlieb Albrecht - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-CRIME: T. C. Taylor, submitted by Robin Line

MARCH 2017
MILITARY: Korean War Casualties, Vietnam War Casualties
PUBLIC OFFICIALS: 1878 County Officials
PEOPLE: Howard Quade, Walter Schatz, Ancher Nelson - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-CRIME: Gas Station Robbery, Thomas Gallagher, Iola Klitzke, Victim - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-INJURY: Hans Hemington, Albert Litzau - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-VISIT: H. F. Honeck, Mrs. H. F. Honeck

OBITS: Charles Peterson - submitted by Robin Line
OBITS: John F. Beytien, Nathan Lampson
PEOPLE: James Mullin
NEWS-INJURY: Robert Stresemann, W. G. Howe

JUNE 2016
OBITS: Joseph H. Hammer, Joseph W. Hawlick, Annie Peters, Bernard D. Paine
PEOPLE: L. C. Simmons, Johann Hoch, Edward H. Ulrich
NEWS-VISIT: James Ryan, Martin G. Kinm, Mrs. Peters
CHURCHES: Congregational Pastor-Caradoc Morgan
NEWS-CRIME: J. M. Kennedy
NEWS-BIRTHDAY: Clara Albrecht

OBITS: Marjorie Elaine Schaaf; contributed by Jim Dezotell
OBITS: Hannah M. Zierke, Louisa Katherina Umdenstock, Mary Baker
PEOPLE: Fred Hartwig
NEWS-VISIT: H. H. Pahlmann
NEWS-CRIME: Henry Rannow goes to prison for bigamy
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1900-Railroad Complaint
CHURCHES: 1898-Missing Minister, C. F. Spahr

JULY 2015
WILLS & PROBATE: Hartman Estate
COURT & LEGAL: Sophy Crevier, Norman Kittson
DEATHS: Delong, Emme, Formish, Fridrich, Gould, Kegler, Knutson, Kujas, Patrick, Petersen, Schuett, Schuft
PEOPLE: W. T. Washburn

MILITARY: Civil War Veteran Burial Application Index - Transcribed by Martin Johnson

OBITS: Mrs. William Burton, Henry Engelmann, A. F. Stockman, Milton Brelje, Maurice Olson, Margaret Fuller, Kari Olson, Eva Elnore Chapman, William E. Burton, Henry Stock, Edward Litzau
MARRIAGES: Templin-Miller, Rieger-Huntington, Rieger-Sorum, Higgins-Bergmann, Lambert-Kumler
CHURCHES: News - 1913-Western Ministerial Conference at Plato
NEWS-PEOPLE: A. L. Radke, William Cairncross, Fadden Brothers, C. V. Hoffman, Paul Hetrich, Gertrude Bergman, Emma Wegner, Simon and Anderson Niccum, William Mathews, Henry Bergman, Louis Bandemer, John Kerstner-Prostitutes Run Out of Town
NEWS-CELEBRATIONS: 1910-Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Radke
NEWS-VISIT: Visit-Mrs. Kempel, Mrs. D. Bergman, Mrs. W. E. Burton, Fred Bauermeister, D. Bergman, Ed Stilli, Detriech Stoeckman, Almond Zimmer. Relocate-Kimbel, Gruenhager, Kropper, Grushager, Gerke
NEWS-FIRE: 1896-Half of Plato Burned
NEWS-CRIME: 1902-Bold Bank Holdup
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1904-Award Winning Butter
SCHOOLS: 1903-New School to be built

NEWS-CRIME: Traugolt Strausbert-Charged with theft; Henry F. Rannow - Pleads Guilty to Bigamy

Feb. 2014: Bios: McElligott, Pendergast - transcribed by Vicki Bryan
Biography indexes for McLeod County bios from 1888 and 1917 books - transcribed by Martin W. Johnson
Crime News: Hunt - transcribed by Tam

July 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

May 2013: 1860 Federal Census; 1857 State Census; Civil War & Indian Wars Enlistments

Apr. 2013: Veterans on the Census of 1865, 1885, 1905, 1910 & 1883 Pension List
McLeod Co. State Atlas Patrons for 1874

Mar. 2013: 1875 Minnesota State Atlas Patrons
St. Paul's Lutheran Church Records, Plato, Minnesota
Obits: Bonniwell, Day, Naegli, Shelland
Marriages: Vye - Pendergast: Birth: Dinan

May 2012: Bio: Anderson

Apr. 2012: Bios: Archibald, Brabec, Gatz, Peterson; Indian War Claims Filed (1862); Business Directory Entries (1873);
Veterans Noted in Adjutant Generals Report (1866); G.A.R. Deaths Reported by Civil War Clubs; Alien Registration Papers (1918)

Mar. 2012: 1857 Territorial Census; Bio: Heatwole; Marriage: Rauch-Welch

Feb. 2012: obit: Denovan; County History (1920); Bio: Hodgdon

Jan 2012: List of Cemeteries; World War 2 Casualties
Charles Hunt has been held to the grand jury at Hutchinson on a charge of adultery.

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