Meeker County, Minnesota

1883 Pensioners

Source: U.S. Pension Bureau, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1883
Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Mamre Wilson


Name of Pensioner

Post Office Address

Cause for which Pensioned


Date of

  Cross, Esther A. Cedar Mills widow $8.00  
  Salisbury, James K. Cosmas w. l. hand $2.00  
  Davis, James W. Crow River w. of back $2.00  
  Kelly, James F. Crow River inj. r. ankle $4.00 Mar., 1881
  Hubbard, Chas. W. Darwin w. r. side of head $14.00  
  Stiren, Peter Darwin fract. r. scapula $4.00 Apr., 1881
  Wright, Weitzel Dassel w. l. elbow $4.00 Mar., 1881
  Patterson, James Dassel w. r. leg $4.00 Apr., 1882
  Guly, J., alias F.T. May Dassel w. thighs $4.00 Oct., 1880
  Clay, Henry Dassel loss mid. toe of r. foot $2.00  
  Russell, Isaac N. Dassel chr. diarr $6.00 Dec., 1881
  Baker, James H. Dassel lossr. great toe & partl.loss2d $4.00 Apr., 1879
  Proctor, Rhoda Dassel widow $8.00  
  Pauley, Cynthia A. Dassel widow $8.00  
206,662 Shumate, James T. Dassel inj.l. foot. loss part toe $4.00 Apr., 1882
  Simmons, Almon D. Forest City w. l. arm and l. leg $10.00  
  Dougherty, Chas Forest City w. l. foot $6.00  
  Lawton, James Forest City injury to abdomen $6.00  
  Baker, Jno. W. Forest City injury to abdomen $4.00 Apr., 1878
  Abbott, Monroe Forest City w. of abdomen $10.00  
  Hamilton, Wm Forest City w. l. wrist $18.00  
  Hardy, Wm Forest City inj. l. thigh & spine $12.00  
  Gtes, Rachel Forest City widow 1812 $8.00 Jan., 1881
  Mayer, Jno Forest City w. r. thigh $6.00 June, 1882
43,246 Colton, Roxey J. Forest City widow $8.00 Nov., 1866
12,016 Smith, Jno Forest City w. r. leg $8.00  
  McKinney, Patrick Forest City dis. of lungs $4.00 June, 1881
  Fadden, Laura C. Forest City mother $8.00  
  Dudley, Orestes L. Grove City frac. r. thigh $8.00  
  Phillips, Enoh Grove City chr. diarr $4.00 Jan., 1881
  Brower, Adam Kingston w. r. hand $6.00  
  Francis, Andrew J. Kingston w. l. leg $6.00  
  Lanhart, Henry Kingston dis. lungs & var. veins r. leg $10.00  
  Briggs, Ephraim A. Kingston w. r. thigh $15.00  
  Miller, Wm. H. Kingston lumbago $4.00 Nov., 1881
  Peabody, Chas. G. Kingston dislocation l. shoul. & rheum $4.00 Feb., 1882
  Taylor, Morris W. Litchfield ch.diarr. & res. disof abd. vis $6.00 June, 1880
  Schultz, Carl Litchfield varicose veins of legs & inj. to abdomen as sequence $8.00  
  Sholes, Geo. S., jur Litchfield chr. diarr $8.00  
  Frank, Chas. P. Litchfield child $4.66-2/3 Dec., 1878
  Roberts, Michael Litchfield w. r. arm $8.00  
  Koerner, August T. Litchfield w. l. forearm $2.00 Aug., 1880
  Knights, Jno Litchfield varicose veins l. leg $6.00  
  Tourre, Richard Litchfield w. r. hand, loss of thumb $4.00  
  Harris, Virgil H. Litchfield impaired sight & hearing & vertigo, res. of sunstroke $4.00 Dec., 1882
  Lovelace, Ann Morland Litchfield widow $20.00 May
  Brown, Arthur Litchfield w. l. chest $4.00 Jan., 1881
  Morrill, Sarah A. Litchfield mother $8.00  
180,883 Huston, Mary J. Litchfield widow $8.00 Apr., 1878
75,462 Hamilton, Ovitt Litchfield w. l. leg $4.00  
  Snell, Christopher Manannah ulcer l. leg $6.00  
  Wilson, Asa Manannah w. r. lung $6.00  
  Ragan, Jno. O. Manannah wd. l. hand, caus. loss forefin $3.00  
  Brown, Jno. Manannah loss of r. eye $4.00  
  Hougherton, Chas. L. Manannah inj. of spine & effects $8.00  
  Bailey, Abigail Manannah widow $8.00  
185,219 Fick, Jno Manannah frosted feet $2.00 Mar., 1881
47,992 McIntyre, Peter Manannah w. head, affecting brain $14.00  
  Phillips, Chas. V. Rosendale w. l. chest $6.00  

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