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Source: GNIS

May not be a complete list

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Additional
Bethlehem Cemetery 450817N 0944440W  
Burr Oak Cemetery 451458N 0944206W  
Calvary Cemetery 450754N 0943050W  
Clay Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Cosmos Cemetery 445606N 0944024W  
Dassel Cemetery 450520N 0941821W  
Ellsworth Cemetery 450230N 0942626W  
First Lutheran Cemetery 450913N 0944041W  
Immanuel Cemetery 450055N 0944338W  
Lake Arvilla Cemetery 450847N 0941748W  
Lake Jennie Cemetery 450057N 0942053W  
Lake Union Cemetery 451459N 0941558W  
Little Swan Lake Cemetery 450752N 0941747W  
Manannah Cemetery 451525N 0943842W  
Ness Cemetery 450542N 0943614W  
New Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery 450852N 0944032W  
North Kingston Cemetery 451422N 0942128W  
Ostmark Cemetery 451312N 0942357W  
Peace Cemetery 445607N 0944121W  
Pioneer County Cemetery 450121N 0941730W  
Redeemer Cemetery 451252N 0941901W  
Ripley Cemetery 450635N 0943130W  
Riverside Cemetery 451145N 0941918W  
Rosendale Cemetery 450144N 0944523W  
Saint Columban Cemetery 445941N 0943217W  
Saint Gertrude Cemetery 451215N 0942729W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 450537N 0942415W  
Saint John's Cemetery 445421N 0943244W  
Saint Peters Cemetery 451843N 0943303W  
South Kingston Cemetery 450846N 0941748W  
Spring Grove Cemetery 445734N 0943528W  
Steelsville Cemetery 450307N 0941807W  
Swan Lake Cemetery 450905N 0942042W  
Talbot Cemetery 451448N 0941829W  
West Kingston Cemetery 451330N 0942249W  

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