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all claim to lands west of the line agreed upon; the Detroit Edison Co. executing the following deed for all lands east of said line:

5. Quitclaim deed from the Detroit Edison Co., dated July 2, 1904. Recorded in liber 587 of deeds, page 414, of same records.

6. Deed from the Detroit Edison Co., dated September 21, 1910, conveying a perpetual easement for driveway leading from Jefferson Avenue to Government stables over a triangular parcel of land belonging to grantor. Recorded in liber 743, page 546, of same records.

Revocable licenses. November 17, 1902, to the Detroit City Gas Co. to lay and maintain its gas mains within the reservation.

November 5, 1908, to Michigan State Telephone Co. for telephone line.

October 27, 1909, to Edison Illuminating Co. for electric line to furnish electric current to the post.

Jurisdiction.--Ceded to the United States by an act of the State legislature approved February 9, 1842, which provides as follows:

SECTION 1. Be it enacted, etc., That the jurisdiction of the State be, and the same is hereby ceded to the United States, over any tract of land, not exceeding two hundred acres, that may be purchased by the United States, for the purpose of erecting thereon a fortification for the defense of Detroit: Provided, That if in the execution of the work for which the said cession is made it should become necessary to vacate any road or highway now running through the said land, another road or highway of equal width, ranging as little as said road or highway, shall be opened and put in good condition for traveling, at the expense of the United States.

See also General act of cession.

General Act of Cession.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted, etc., That the consent of the State of Minnesota is hereby given, in accordance with the seventeenth clause, eighth section of the first article of the Constitution of the United States, to the acquisition by the United States, by purchase, condemnation or otherwise, of any land in this state required for custom houses, court houses, post offices, arsenals, or other public buildings whatever, or for any other purposes of the government.

SEC 2. That exclusive jurisdiction in and over any land so acquired by the United States shall be, and the same is hereby ceded to the United States, for all purposes except the service of all civil ad criminal process of the courts of this state, but the jurisdiction so ceded shall continue no longer than the said United States shall own such lands.

SEC. 3. The jurisdiction ceded shall not vest until the United States shall have acquired the title to the said lands by purchase, condemnation or otherwise; and so long as the said lands shall remain the property of the United States when acquired as aforesaid, and no longer, the same shall be and continue exempt and exonerated from all state, county and municipal taxation, assessment, or other charges which may be levied or improved under the authority of this state. (Approved Mar. 22, 1899. General Laws of Minn.,1899, p85, ch 83.)


This reservation is situated in St. Louis County, on the extremity of Minnesota Point, at the mouth of the St. Louis River, Lake Superior, and comprises a portion of sec. 20, T. 49 N., R. 13 W. The area in section 20 was originally 7.32 acres, but this has since been increased by the filling of submerged lands with dredged material in the improvement of navigation to about 46 acres, and is being further increased by dredging operations. It is occupied in part by the Lighthouse Establishment and in prt in connection with river and harb or improvements.

Title. Originally reserved, along with other lands, by Executive order dated March 13, 1854, but upon the recommendation of the War Department the President, by order dated January 11, 1855 canceled the previous order except as to the tracts in fractional sections 20 and 28. By decision of the Secretary of the Interior, dated September 21, 1893, in the case of United States v. Joseph A. Bullen, the tract in fractional section 28 (lots 1 and 2) was awarded to said Bullen. The reservation as now held by the United States embraces a portion of fractional section 20, as above stated.


This reservation is situated in the city of St. Paul, being lot 3 and part of lot 4 of block 31, and contains an area of 15,500 square feet. The property was acquired under act of Congress approved August 7, 1882. (22 Stat., 322.)

Title. Deed from the city of St. Paul, dated August 19, 1882, conveying lot 3 and part of lot 4 in block 31, in St. Paul proper. Recorded in book 111, pages 194 to 197, of the deed records of Ramsey County, at St. Paul.

Revocable license. October 5, 1904, to Farwell, Ozman, Kirk & Co. for temporary excavation and extension of footings, at a depth of about 20 feet, over boundary, so much of the material as is placed in the soil of the United States to become the property of the United States.

Jurisdiction. Jurisdiction was supposed to have been ceded to the United States by an act of the State legislature approved February 26, 1883, but the cession was later declared by the Attorney General of the United States to be of no effect; also, the general act of cession is not retroactive in its terms, and can not, therefore, be construed as covering this reservation.

This reservation, originally called Fort St. Anthony, is situated on the crest of a bluff formed by the junction of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers. It contains about 2,381.75 acres, with metes and bounds as given in G.O.34, W.D., March 14, 1908.

Title. Reservation was originally acquired by treaty with the Sioux Indians in 1805, ratified by the Senate in 1808. Its boundaries were reduced and defined by act of Congress of August 26, 1852 (10Stat.,36). It was first garrisoned in 1822, and continued so until 1856. The reservation, except two small tracts, was sold June 6, 1857, to Franklin Steele, but payment not having been made according to terms of sale, and no conveyance having been made, the United States entered into possession and occupancy of the reservation April 23, 1861. Pursuant to act of May 7, 1870 (16 Stat., 376), a reservation of 11,531.21 acres was set apart and settlement was made with Mr. Steele by which he released all claims thereto in consideration of release of balance of purchase money and conveyance to him of remainder of original reservation.

An addition for target range was acquired by expropriation proceedings in the United States district court for the diatrict of Minnesota, under decree of March 22, 1905; filed March 23, 1905, and recorded in volume 9 of term minutes of said court at pages 134-136. The addition contains about 850 acres, exclusive of the Bloomington Road to St. Paul. See G.O. 67, WK.D., May 3, 1905.

A further addition of 0.54 acre was acquired by deed from Rosa P. Vincent, unmarried, dated November 27, 1906; and deed from the Long Meadow Gun Club, dated December 1, 1906; both recorded in book 632 of deeds, page 104, office of register of deeds, Hennepin County.

A bridge site consisting of lots 20, 21, 22, 23, and part of lots 28 and 32, in F. Steele s subdivision of lot 2, section 21, in St. Paul, Minn., was acquired as follows:

1. Deed from Rosa P. Vincent, widow, dated April 29, 1907. Recorded in book 519 of deeds, page 567, office of register of deeds, Ramsey County.

2. Deed from Katherine B. Appleby, widow, dated April 29, 1907. Recorded in book 519, page 581, of same records.

3. Deed from Caroline H. Addison et vir, dated April 29, 1907. Recorded in book 519, page 566, of same records.

4. Deed from Mary C. Morris, widow, dated April 29, 1907. Recorded in book 520, page 101, of same records.

5. Decree of United States district court, May 23, 1908. Filed in book 541 of deeds, page 193, of same records.

6. Condemnation proceedings in the United States district court, district of Minnesota, in re easement in lands in the county of Hennepin, for bridge purposes, between the reservation and the city of St. Paul, on the right of way of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Co. Decree rendered October 6, 1908, and filed on same date in office of clerk of said court. Recorded in book 123 of Misc., p. 573, office of register of deeds, Hennepin County, Minn.

Easements. Act of Congress approved June 20, 1878 (20 Statl, 224), provided for the building of a bridge by commissioners authorized by the State legislature across the Mississippi River to abut upon the reservation, and for a right of way across the reservation to said bridge.

The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Co. occupies a right of way through the reservation, which occupancy began prior to act of May 7, 1870 (act which authorized settlement with Franklin Steele, supra.)

Revocable licenses. April 13, 1905, to the Minneapolis Street Railroad Co. for an electric street railway.

January 25, 1907, to the Twin City Rapid Transit Co. to construct, operate, and maintain a temporary waiting room.

May 13, 1909, to the Minneapolis Street Railway Co. to construct an extension of its tracks on the reservation.

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