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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

transcribed by Mamre Wilson

Certificate # Name of Pensioner Post Office Address Cause for which Pensioned Monthly Rate Date of Original Allowance
133,640 Fogg, George Princeton father $8.00 Aug., 1869
141,803 Cordell, Albert Princton injury to abdomen $4.00  
197,425 Caldwell, Jas. P. Princton lung disease  $8.00 Nov., 1881
53,739 Fogg, Charles Princeton wound left hand $7.00  
  Smith, George M. Princeton wound head & neck $8.00  
  Prescott, John F. Princeton chr. rheumatism  $8.00 June, 1866
  Pratt, Lucius H. Princeton sunstroke & dis of abd. vis  $8.00 Jan., 1880
  Esler, Geo. N. Princeton injury to abdomen $4.00  
  Emmons, John A. Princeton g.s.w. left arm  $8.00  
  Chalmers, George H. Princeton g.s.w. scapula & lossringfin. $8.00  
  Wood, Jacob Princeton child $10.00  
  Hiorly, Amelia Princeton widow $8.00  
  Norton, Albert Z. Princeton g.s.w. side & inj. to abd. $10.00  
  Berry, Lonnus Princeton wd. l. hand, breast, arm, &c  $12.00  
  Gerth, Augusth Princeton dis. of lungs $4.00 Nov., 1879
  Freer, Rich'd W. Princeton nasal & brochnical catarrh  $2.00 Apr., 1882
  Howard, Calvin Princeton injury to abdomen $8.00 June, 1881
  Howard, John Princeton varicose veins  $4.00  
  Hill, Jonas R. Princeton wound of both thighs  $8.00  
  Howard, Silas Princeton varicose veins $8.00  
  Heath, Solon B. Princeton loss right thumb  $4.00  
  Hull, Thos. H.C. Princeton chr. diarrhea  $4.00 Apr., 1882
  Wallace, Elvira G. Princeton widow $8.00  
  Sinclair, Sarah M. Princeton widow $26.00 Mar., 1879
  Hoey, Mary A. Princeton mother $8.00  
  Hunt, Marinda J. Princeton mother $8.00  
  Rines, Martha J. Princeton mother $8.00  
  Meeker, Hannah Princeton mother $8.00 Sept., 1881

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