Mille Lacs County, Minnesota

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Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude  Other Information
Borgholm Cemetery 454649N 0933435W  
Chase Brook Cemetery 454651N 0934240W  
Chase Brook Cemetery 454723N 0934205W  
Crosier Cemetery 460444N 0933913W  
Ebenezer Cemetery 453702N 0933159W  
Forest Hill Cemetery 454520N 0933945W  
Foster Cemetery 460710N 0933557W  
Greenbush Cemetery 453427N 0934309W  
Holy Cross Cemetery 460345N 0934019W  
Holy Cross Cemetery 460431N 0933911W  
Isle Cemetery 460832N 0932725W  
Lakewood Cemetery 461045N 0934520W  
Milo Cemetery 453953N 0934229W  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 460346N 0934034W  
Pilgrims Rest Cemetery 454114N 0933506W  
Pilgrims Rest Cemetery 454322N 0934401W  
Sacred Heart Cemetery 460757N 0932938W  
Saint Louis Cemetery 454350N 0934159W  
Saint Mary's Cemetery 454533N 0933748W  
Sharon Lutheran Cemetery 453823N 0934042W located in Greenbush Twp.
Sunset Cemetery 460828N 0932726W  
Wendell Hill Cemetery 454331N 0933506W  
West Branch Lutheran Cemetery 453745N 933957W located in Greenbush Twp.

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