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Marriage Licenses 1893-1909

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List of Marriage Licenses Issued
1910 - 1921

Marriage Licenses - 1893
The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, January 4, 1894; submitted by Jim Dezotall

For Better Or Worse
List of Marriage Licenses Issued in Mille Lacs County for the Year 1893

Jan. 2. Ole O. Sundby to Johanna Solberg
Jan. 21. Charles E. Gardiner to Minnie Plank
Jan. 21. Andrew Speeder to Anna M. C. Olson
Jan. 24. Elmer E. Dayton to Winda B. White
Feb. 14. Donald McCuaig to Luella Sanford
Feb. 19. Paul Diebitsch to Mrs. Orilla Lamora
March 12. John L. Huggins to Alice A. McKiernan
March 18. Charles Nord to Jennie Carlson
March 26. John E. Foote to Addie L. Hatch
April 1. Charles Stromwall to Lizzie Larson
April 5. August Meyer to Mary L. W. Meyer
April 8. William J. Hammill to Elvira A. Hatch
April 15. Andrew C. Norgren to Carrie A. Towle
April 28. Clinton Slater to Anna Henry
April 29. Fred H. Young to Viona A. Leach
April 30. Louis J. Madson to Emma O. Abrahamson
May 2. Edwin F. Sargent to Lillie Armstrong
May 10. Sumner E. Johnson to Minnie Dysert
June 6. Ballard P. Goad to Lena Foss
June 14. George F. Warren to Mary E. Heinmiller
June 23. Charles Anderson to Anna M. Bouck
June 24. Olof Bloomberg to Betty Larson
July 2. Louis Bugton to Flanie E. Merritt
July 8. George I. Staples to Bertha Bullis
July 12. William A. Wallace to Mary Gross
July 15. William A. Wheeler to Christine Bloomgren
Aug. 10. Charley A. Anderson to Mathilda Johnson
Sept. 3. John Johnson to Mary Fossing
Sept. 12. Fred Newton to Laura Plumondore
Sept. 21. Markus A. Hudson to Annie Howard
Sept. 23. David Fix to Maria Larson
Sept. 24. Markus Larson to Emma Nelson
Sept. 28. Arthur E. Tyler to Viola Hatch
Sept. 29. Frank G. Sales to Silvia Lake
Sept. 30. Andrew J. Johnson to Annie S. Strandberg
Oct. 3, Andrew Sund to Johanna Johnson
Oct. 8. William Trumble to Louisa Goulet
Oct. 12. Samuel C. Moore to Mable L. Knapp
Oct. 18. William Sanford to Myrtilla A. Northway
Oct. 28. James Hartman to Maggie Scanlan
Oct. 28. Gust Mathson to Lizzie Johnson
Nov. 15. John Scott to Eliza A. Orton
Nov. 18. Frank R. Lindstrom to Annie Bloomberg
Dec. 12. Edward Barry to Lottie Curtis
Dec. 16. Frank L. Daigle to Mary Wilson
Dec. 22. Joseph E. Sawyer to Louisa J. Shadiow
Dec. 23. John F. Burton to Mrs. Lucy Armstrong
Dec. 25. Jackson E. Bates to Annie Johnson
Dec. 26. David Markus to Ida Venitzky

Marriage Licenses - 1894
The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, January 3, 1895; submitted by Jim Dezotell

Those Licensed to Wed in Mille Lacs County for the Year 1894

Leonard Wilkes to Mary Plant
Edward Carmody to Caroline Rochefort
William Jesmer to Tunie Wetther
Daniel Alguire to Elizabeth Sole

William Ptrr [sic] to Josie Kniffin

Elmer Chapman to May Applegate
Benjamin Carter to Joanna Adams
E. W. Reynolds to Jennie C. Shute
C. F. Johnson to Annie B. Nelson

W. H. Ferrell to Minnie A. Shaw

Dan W. Umbehocker to Mary M. Sausser
Lafayette Bockoven to Lydia D. Schilling

C. W. Kent to Christine Schedin
Don C. Tower to Dillie Sanford
Thos. J. Blair to Hattie Grow
Fred Neuman to Catherine Panchot

Wm. R. Morey to Amelia C. Boghit
Frank Patterson to Flora Wedgwood

Fay Cravens to Amanda Plude

Homer Randall to Lydia Sawyer
O. A. Townsend to Mary Cosgrove
E. J. Carmody to Eliza Plant
J. F. McClellan to Cora Mallotte
H. L. Morrill to Lillian L. Abbott
A. G. Erickson to Christine Hanson
S. A. Crossman to Melinda Farrington

Hollis Pendleton to Easter Veal
George Henry to Eliza Pendleton
E. B. Anderson to Justina Holthus
Chas. S. Grow to Hattie Blair
Chas. T. jones to Nellies R. Tibbetts
E. Anderson to Annie Jorgenson

C. F. Reeck to Caroline Gust
C. E. Bemis to Clara A. Deuel
Frank A. Deuel to Agnes E. Foss
G. H. Newbert to J. Mildred Rines

Marriage Licenses - 1895
The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, January 2, 1896; submitted by Jim Dezotell

The List of Those Who Received the Lottery Tickets in 1895

For the year ending last Tuesday evening, the records in the clerk of district court's office shows that 45 marriage licenses were issued. November leads the months of the largest issues with nine while August brings up the rear without a single license. Below is the complete list:

Louise E. Jessmer to Rosa Mallotte
A. T. Tufty to Agnes E. McCuaig

O. O. Shute to Mary Anderson
William J. Thoma to Emma Heitmann

Otto Johnson to Carrie Dahl
Swan Johnson to Anna Christenson
E. G. Clinch to Grace E. Dunning
Edward U. Dorsey to Eva B. Curtis
Sam Rosin to Millie Roman
Anton Christenson to Helen Johnson

Alfred L. Ross to Adelia L. Henson
Peter M. Abrahamson to Mary J. Godfield
Charles Nokes to ida Henschel
Raymond Davis to Eveline L. Doherty
J. H. Ward to Margaret C. Doherty

Frederick Tuchtenhayen to Henrietta Drechsel
Frank Schilling to Hulda Manka

John M. Cox to Myra E. Chesley
Hans P. Peihl to Anna Peterson
Peter J. Anderson to Matilda Anderson

Andrew Thomson to Emma Nelson
Alvin G. Bemis to Elizabeth Vernon
John Norgren to Hilda Lindman
Louis Sawyer to Elizabeth B. Strang

H. C. Cooney to Mabel G. Bloomingdale
J. Louis Larson to Minnie Schilling
Percy M. Taylor to Della P. Russell
Axel E. Gustavson to Helma M. Anderson
John Blinderman to Rebecca Finstein

D. W. Claggett to Laura Brayton
Henry Dalchow to Minnie Kutzke
Olof Edling to Annie Johnson
Siemon Drogsma to Egnes Laughoud

Charles A. Oakes to Louisa H. Bach
Nels Nelson to Emma Jenson
John H. Hayes to Blanche L. Shute
Charles L. Burrows to Ailsey W. Clark
David Gustafson to Emma Nelson
Nels Lindblad to Carolina Anderson
Burton Jones to Susan Thomas
Charles B. Williams to Mary Erickson
William L. Maddy to Hattie A. DeShaw

James O. Baker to Amy Cosgrove
Fred C. Weslch to Margaret Clark
Mike Bonkowske to Hedwitch P. Hoeft

Marriage Licenses - 1896
The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, December 31, 1896; submitted by Jim Dezotell

Leap Year Victims
A List of Those Who Entered the Realm of Connubial Bliss During A.D. 1896
June, 'the Month of Roses' (and Weddings), Leads in Numbers, as It Always Has

Cupid cuts the same capers during a season of hard times as when 'times are flush' and the list of his captives in Mille Lacs county for the year can be found below. The list was furnished the Union by Clerk of Court Briggs and is as follows:

Clay VanAlstein to Lillie I. Wedgewood

Edward L. Anderson to Annie A. Anderson
John J. Quaid to Annie R. Lundberg
Sytze Heins to Annie Droogsma

Benj. F. Hatcher to Addie Kimball
C. B. Walker to Barbara B. Snow
Frank H. Claggett to Mary Carlson

Fred W. Warner to Alfredie Beden
John H. Grow to Mary E. Burke
John M. Claggett to Amanda Olson

John E. Taylor to Rose Smalling
Herman Shjal to Joanna Mattas
August Anderson to Lizzie Petterson

Nels M. Nelson to Julia L. Thompson
Geo. A. young to Mary Anderson
Henry A. Panchott to Ollie Latterall
Almon D. Folsom to Lizzie C. Dorman
John P. Nelson to Annie Sundin
James W. Pitmon to Mollie Burdin
Louis C. Opshall to Mary Hanson

Alfred Robinson to Martha E. Gay
Henry Orsen to Sarah Lindquist
Herman F. Mardgrof to Chirstina M. Eichhorn

John Smith to Mary H. Danefelzer
Abraham Abrahamson to Annie T. Jenson
George A. Sprague to Ida Falber
John W. Hayy to Cora B. Anderson

Arthur C. McIntyre to Annie Manders

Dennis Beaushene to Rose Plant
Ira W. Deuel to Albertina G. Foss
Raleigh M. Pope to Cora Howard

Albin Peterson to Amelia M. Anderson
Louis Youngberg to Mary Nystrom
Casper Brynteson to Johanna Nelson
Sidney P. Brown to Lettie A. Brown
Ira A. Bullis to Clara S. Holthus

Axel Oman to Alma A. Odstrom
Jacob J. Ash to Mary Dewey
Carl J. Dalstrom to Augusta Johnson
Swan Samson to Mary Anderson

Marriage Licenses - 1897
The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, December 30, 1897; submitted by Jim Dezotell

Matted And Married
Cupid Captured Half a Hundred Couple During the Year Just Coming To A Close
November, Contrary to the Usual Order of Things, Has the Largest Number of Weddings.

The following is the list of marriage licenses issued by Clerk of Court L. S. Briggs for the year 1897:

C. M. Harter Josephine Erickson
A. L. Snow Amanda Whiteman
August Benson Hannah Orbeck
Henry Paul Annie Bengston

Amos M. Smith Pearl Johnson
Joseph VanCourt Enola A. Poole
Charles Moore Annie M. Requiam
Charles E. Sausser Lutie M. Bullis
Warren L. Carter Elnora Kisler
Albert King Lillie Price

Louis Johnson Christina Swanson
Emory S. Sook Mabel E. Miller

Bert J. Smith Hilda Orquist
S. B. Northway Maggie Nyenhuis
S. A. Miller Ada Malkeson
Hugh J. Taylor Minnie Johnson
Charles A. Grow Florence Sanson
Simon Brennan Annie Carmody

W. H. Westherbee Joana Campbell

Valentine Sausser Nettie Shaw
Frank Reem Etta Swaim
Alfred W. Shell Mary T. Wallace
Rufus P. English Susan Kight
Martin O. Forkrud Nettie Lilliard

William A. Poole Harriet Merchant
Gustav Gustavson Martha Sodesstrom
S. L. Hamilton Elizabeth Whittemore

James F. Warren Mae C. Orton
Myron H. Harris Mamie Dunning
Albert H. Towle Amarilla Cone
August Oslund Hannah G. Ohman
John S. Anderson Emma Miller


Alfred Anderson Hilda Swan
Allen Blaine Mary C. Wilson

Ole Peterson Josephine Lundberg
Dorlon E. Rankin Emma L. Perkins
Andrew H. Stay Raynhild Lysdal

Frank H. Robideau Martha H. Grow
B. E. Larson Annie Nelson
Edward Anderson Tillie Solberg
Phillip Devlin Charlotte Brayton
Andrew J. Johnson Augusta Larson
John H. Cullen Anna Mahoney
Charles M. Murray Daisy L. Loring

John R. Bridge Josie Simpson
Charles M. Kisler Edith Gustafson
Arthur L. Tourtillotte Dora F. Bach
Otis F. Beden Reine M. Miller
Millard F. Howard Abbie Annis
Otto Haggberg Wealthy Skeate

Marriage Licenses - 1898
The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, January 5, 1899; submitted by Jim Dezotell

The Pranks of Cupid as Recorded in the Office of the Clerk of the District Court
November Scored Higher Than the Month of Roses, Having Nine Weddings to Its Credit

Last Saturday ended the year in the clerk of court's office and this week, through the kindness of the clerk, L. S. Briggs, the Union is enabled to give its readers a list of licenses issued in 1898:

William Kaliher Eugenie Jesmer
Bendick Ellefson Margaret Jenson
John A. Tschoepl Maud A. Larson
John Jacobson Augusta Johnson
Henry C. Cooney Frankie A. Spaulding

Daniel I. Harshman Dillemas Goulet
Virgil Hatcher Sylvia James

Leslie A. Rearick Mary E. Stowell
Frederick Vedders Alice Hubers
Frank Daigle Clara Tupper
George A. Orton Edith Warren
Egbert H. Cone Lucy J. Deuel
John E. Walley Etta Tyler

Jonas Modin Carolina Lindblad
Burdette Bates Lillie Haskell
Charles Wagner Eldora Shute

Edward H. Menshall Hattie Bill
Charles O. Haskell Maggie Nelson
Fred K. Ross Marie L. Dolliver
August J. Meyer Bertha M. Mallon
Joseph F. Rood Harriet A. Harper
Andrew Jackson Bertha Peterson

John Trickey Hilda M. Rudquist
H. Bert Jesmer Julia A. Nyquist
Kenneth McLean Jessie Meeker
Benjamin Soule Sophia A. Ross
Theodore W. Thompson Elsie Rusness

William Busiman Victoria Goulet
Guy Ewing Annie Kerrick
Axel Kasperson Anna Peterson
Rollin Feenendahl Mattie E. Schute
Charles L. Anderson Nettie G. Haskin
Merritt M. Ring Mae E. Mitchell

Edward C. Julin Mary P. Steeves
Daniel McFarlane Lillian H. Hotchkiss

Frank Schrofe Lucy Bassett
Frans Ost Ingeborg Person
George W. Haddow Alice M. McMinn
Ingus Sjostrem Herta K. Rydell
Frank G. Lund Lida Bushane
Peter W. Jackson Jennie Bratt

Steven J. Kimball Cora A. Smith
Charles E. Gardiner Lottie Miller
John R. Wood Jennie Grant
Fred A. Kottka Mary M. Niesen
George W. Pratt Stella Berthiaune
George A. Schweinfurth Laura E. Wigstrom

Otto W. Henschel Bertha Balfanz
John Ross Effie Blaine
John P. Campbell Stella Rines
Adolphus E. Grow Edith A. Ross
Albert L. Christopherson Lennie R. Jenson
Ed A. Lungren Laura Polsfus
C. E. Erickson Tillie M. Sjostrom
Peter Peterson Alette Johnson
Henry G. Schmidt Ada Bockoven

Peter J. Franklin Christina C. Lind
Gust Stark Hulda O. Lindquist
Albert Kuhfield Emma Gurth
John R. Robideau Mary E. Flynn

Marriage Licenses - 1899
The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, January 11, 1900; submitted by Jim Dezotell

Licensed To Wed
The following is the list of those who have received permission from the district court of this county to enter the holy state of matrimony during the years 1899, as shown by the records in the office of L. S. Briggs, clerk of the district court:

January -
John W. McClure Martha M. Orton
John G. Wallace Nellie Blaine
James Frazier Annie L. Abbett
Chas. F. McBride Annie Kitzhoefer
Chas. S. Carter Nellie C. Bradley
Thos. A. Armstrong Emma Marquardt
Thomas Horan Lillie May Hudson

March -
Halfdan Nielsen Bertha Fayland
Axel Rudquist Annie M. Alexandvison

April -
Ray E. Sutton Jane M. Orton
John Olson Emile Ax
Jemins C. Hanson Annie Peihl
Ertman Millbrandt Clara Zieberth
Wm. Richards Hattie A. Armstrong
Elmer McKay Clara Zirn
Archie C. Cone Margaret Wilson

May -
Nathan L. Osman Annie M. Revoir
Fredinand Flory Jennie Degerils
Louis Paul Mary M. Plumondore
Alfred Hokanson Clary Flygare
Remmert VanMill Martha Hogan
Victor Lasell Annie Dahlin
E. E. Woodard Linnie A. Pinkham
John G. McKay Gertrude Burrows
Ole Haglund August Backlund

June -
Louis Hoppe Christine C. Ferchmin
Burr Shute Mary L. Horsman
Wm. G. Veal Sarah B. Grant
J. Albert Allen Della Ross
John E. Newton Harriet Kately
Bert A. Mitchell Cora Crandall
Axel Johnson Christine Swedburg

August -
Louis Anderson Annie Erikson
D. H. Cooper Margaret Howard

September -
Fred F. Reem Addie M. Grant
Chas. W. McFarland Claribel Hatcher
Adolphus G. Orton Emily Henry
Fred Morey Ellen Kight

October -
Chas. G. Johnson Emma Erickson
Samuel Bobo Sylvina Scribner
Ole O. Sand Martha M. Bolland
W. H. Dupont Nora E. Wilkes

November -
O. E. Lindquist Alice Elstrom
Olander Person Lena Bergman
Ulyssess S. Robbins Ethel M. Stone
M. S. Kniffin Grace M. Livens
John Nelson Hilda Anderson
John A. Larson Carrie Gunderson
Mark L. Morse Julia A. Lafontisee
James D. Wilkes Elvira A. Hammil

December -
O. H. Bjerksett Ingeborg Anderson
A. W. VanWormer Harriet Archibald
Michael Kapka Matilda Sehlee
J. S. Anderson Serena M. Petterson
Peter Larson Lydia Pinkham
F. M. Smith Lillie M. Phillips

Marriage Licenses - 1900
The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, January 3, 1901; submitted by Jim Dezotell

Sir Cupid's Caprices
The Names of Those Who Were Licensed to Wed During the Year Just Closed
December Was the Banner Month of the Year - There Were Seventy-two Blushing Brides

Through the kindness of L. S. Briggs, the accommodating clerk of the district court, the Union is able to publish the list of marriage licenses issued during the past year.

Below are the names of the happy people:

Erick Kalen Mally Lord
Roy W. Hissam Lulu M. Aldridge
John H. Hubers Johanna Hubers

Edward Dodd Minnie Ellison
Albert W. Kelly Abbie Varney
Peter Strom Christina Pearson
Jonas J. Skause Helma S. Engstrom

John VanPatten Della G. Campbell
Tor Hassing Alice Smalling
Gust J. Ross Laura Anderson
Adolph S. Holm Maude Craig

George E. Rice Emma Steadman
Frank A. Guyette Elizabeth Applegate
Peter Sehlin Bertina Anderson
Sidney J. DeShaw Vina M. Dunken
Lars J. Sjolund Hilda Anderson
John Fisher Annie F. Reeckwaldt

Erick Hogberg Minnie Berglof
Wm. Peterson Ranghill S. Johnson
Albert Bjorklund Emma Blomberg

Thos. D. Kerrick Jr. Sarah Panchot
Jefferson Hunt Harriet Poole
Per M. Erickson Klora Noren
Dockey J. Wilkes Jr. Carrie E. Curtiss
Chas. Dusell Ida Kerrick
George E. Pitmon Daisy E. Farrington
Nels J. Wanned Annie Jensen

Wm. D. Eklund Hulda C. Peterson
John P. Selander Mary M. Brace
John B. Abail Nettie M. Austin
Wm. Bergstrom Mina Wahlgren

John B. Newton Carrie I. Miller
Everett H. Hall Bessie L. Cady
Nels E. Johnson Cora M. Atkinson

Carl L. Siebert Amanda Ramus
Edward Westerburg Mabel Pearson
Emil Johnson Annie Graves
John B. Buckard Emma Heruth
Robert E. Lambert Ethel M. Tibbetts
Benj. C. Birdsall Nellie M. Perry
Herbert W. Whitney Flora B. Brown

Joseph Bergeron Mary H. Vernon
Nathan E. Kaliher Nettie Kronstrom
Lohn W. McFarland Nellie E. Ayers
Louis Dejarlais Selina Burke
Peter Decker Emma B. Walker
Thomas Dejarlais Emma Anderson
J. Collier Cobb Laura L. Wilson

Albert E. Snow Ida Bundemier
Wm. H. Roemer Elizabeth A. Mayhan
Herman Kasperson Emma Klingberg
Joseph H. Dewey Addie Hokanson
Harry F. Pratt Cora Malkson
John W. Zimpel Minerva E. Grow
Ernest Rippon Eva E. Gile
Nels J. Sederquist Mary Anderson
John W. Gates Emma Lundgren
Clarence R. Sanford Luella I. Cilley

Dan C. Mirick Clara M. Drescher
Matthew Trickey Mary Bressett
Roscoe L. Cramb Fannie Moore
Anfin Johnson Elizabeth Simonson
George E. McClure Anna Aldridge
Levin Jernbom Elin L. Lundgren
Nels M. Peterson Ida Holmberg
Frank Blair Mary Paul
Chas. J. Bergquist Annie M. Negard
Ole Dahl Annie Larson
Louis Darholt Selma Thurnell
Wm. Schmidt Pearl Snow
Joames H. Stickles Catharine Bolster
Charles Pearson Anna Wickstrom

Source: The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) - Thursday, June 27, 1901; transcribed by Jim Dezotell

Marriage licenses have been issued during the week to Otto Luke and Agnes Abartz and Joseph Mossman and Mae M. Sadley.

Marriage Licenses (Jan. 1900 - June 1900)
Source: The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) - Thursday, July 4, 1901; transcribed by Jim Dezotell

Broke the Record
The New Century Has Bought Brisk Business to the Clerk of Court
The Past Six Months Has Broken the Records of Previous Similar Terms

Forty-two licenses have been issued in this county during the first six months of the new century, a record that has not been equaled during any previous half year. Mille Lacs county is growing rapidly and this growth is making itself felt in this line as in all others. The list of happy couple will be found below:

W. H. Hatcher ... Nora M. Foley
E. H. Anderson ... Helen M. Moris
J. F. Drew ... Mabel M. Shaw
Ara E. Townsend ... Ellen Grenelke
Fred Anderson ... Jennie Lind
Adelbert Edmison ... Hattie A. Pintz

C. J. Orton ... Mae Rider
Carl Johnson ... Emily Elerson

Louis P. Malotte ... Zenny Plumadore
Wm. P. Wamberg ... Lura H. Albrecht
Andrew Moline ... Gullie M. Bengtson
Jerrard Stratting ... Alice Timmer
J. F. Koepke ... Otillie Lamprecht
August Larson ... Bertina Olson
W. B. McClure ... Floy M. Bemis
Henry Currington ... Ida Dandberg

Wm. Paul ... Annie Malotte
L. N, Grow ... Geneveria A. Steeves
Charles Hill ... Alma Anderson
Johannes Pluimer ... Henrietta McIntyre
Richard Pitmon ... Rosella Marsh
C. A. Guild ... Belle E. Bates
C. F. Berglund ... Mary Ploog
Alphonso Howard ... Bertha Anderson
W. O. Orton ... Rachael I. Ayers

F. A. Humble ... Lizzie Simpson
A. E. Wiseman ... Myrtle M. Smith
H. J. Bullis ... Cora Lamoreaux
A. P. Eneroth ... Lena Forsland
J. A. Carrington ... Alverna Sykes
F. W. Holm ... Blanche M. Newton

F. C. Bruggeman ... Altha E. Stearns
M. J. Dahl ... Annie Tonstad
E. E. Ward ... Anabel Shults
G. Arnhold ... Elizabeth Stietz
O. H. Luke ... Agnes A. Barts
J. F. Petterson ... Mary Carleton
G. W. Malkson ... Lena Drescher
J. W. Mossman ... Mae M. Sadley
Jessie I. Youmans ... Alzade Northway
Nels Hanson ... Mary Norquist

Wright - Snow
Source: The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) - Thursday, July 11, 1901; transcribed by Jim Dezotell

A marriage license was issued last week to Albert B. Wright and Mary E. Snow.

Marriage Licenses - May 1904
Gardner - Elmer; Hill - Johnson; Morse - Berglund
Source: The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) - Thursday, May 5, 1904; submitted by Jim Dezotell

On Monday the clerk of court issued three marriage licenses as follows: Isaac D. Morse of the town of Princeton and Miss Inger C. Berglund of Bogus Brook; Henry R. Hill of Pierce county, Wisconsin and Miss Nellie Johnson of Milaca; Elmer Gardner and Miss Viola Elmer of Milaca. The last two couple were married at Milaca by Rev. Olin.

Marriage Licenses - 1906
The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, January 3, 1907; submitted by Jim Dezotall

Forty-Four Married
Clerk of Court's Register Shows This Number for Year 1906

During the year 1906 forty-four licenses were issued by Robert H. King, clerk of court of Mille Lacs county, and a returned from the officiating clergyman or justice in each instance shows that the marriage ceremonies were performed. A list of those united follows:

February - George Hunt to Mattie Poole, John W. Ackerman to Sylvia R. Taft, Otto E. Milbrath to Anna K. Wilhelm, Hiram J. Harrington to Anna Schmidt, Frank H. Goulding to Grace G. Morehouse.

March - George E. Tomlinson to Laura Ellenbaum, David Johnson to Georgia Mudgett, Joseph C. Olson to Emma Jasperson, Jefferson Hunt to Louisa Cook, Otto Kuhrke to Mary Miller.

April - August Neumann to Marie Schlee, Ira G. Stanley to Grace M. Byers, Oscar C. Anderson to Mary Skretting.

June - Wallace B. Pratt to Mary Etta Corcoran, Aaron Bengtson to Amelia Holm, Sam Nelson to Mary Nelson, August Carlson to Mary Olson, Omer E. Tincher to Mattie A. Giltner, Manny Wicklander to Annie Pauline Noraus, Archie W. Whitcomb to Edith A. Miller, Oscar Erickson to Cora Christopherson.

July - Olof Lofsgren to Maria Johnson.

August - George R. Biddick to Etta Slaback, Gustav Nagel to Alvina Zarnow, Malcolm McKinnon to Pearl Whitney

September - Lynn Edward Livingston to Mary Eldora Parker, William H. Thielen to Gertrude M. Brands, Ernest Keen to Lydia Seefeldt.

October - Archie Chisholm to Ella M. Johnson, John Nadeau to Josie Boe, Simon Noordan to Elvira Hammill, Fred H. Mohr to Ida Marion Newman, Gustav G. Manke to Minnie Lemke, Harry W. Saxon to Ida Trabant.

November - Gordon S. young to Amanda Bandemer, Frank G. Magnuson to Anna Johnson, Frank Mathers to Gertrude A. Anderson, Harvey L. Robideau to Alma Olson, John H. Arnhold to Ida E. Minks, Henry M. Avery to Lulu E. Neumann, Gust Wahlquist to Lillian Borg.

December - Evert Corwin to Edith Kariger, James A. Young to Meda Pearl Fullwiler, John W. McMinn to Carrie Edmundson.

Marriage Licenses - 1907
The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, January 2, 1908; submitted by Jim Dezotall

Marriage Licenses
Clerk of Court King reports the issuance of the following marriage permits:

December 26 - J. C. Gooley and Miss Anna Anderson, both of Milaca. Marriage ceremony preformed by Rev. Andrew Gillies in Minneapolis on December 28.

December 28 - Charles L. Northway and Miss Nellie Griffin, both of Foreston. Grover Schnortz and Miss Margaret E. Corcoran, both of Foreston.

Marriage Licenses - 1909
The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, December 30, 1909; submitted by Jim Dezotall

Fifty-four Marriages
Clerk of Court's Register Shows This Number for the Year 1909

During the year fifty-four marriage licenses were issued by Robt. H. King, clerk of the district court. In 1908 fifty-five licenses were issued by Mr. King and in 1907 the total was seventy-tree. The names of those furnished with marriage licenses for 1909 are as follows:

January - Adon E. Whitney and Marie Frances Lenertz, Matthew Gau and Jennie Bergman, John D. Timmer and Cynthia Blaker.

February - Elmer E. Tollefson and Christina Haralson, Ernest H. Sellhorn and Lillian Wetter, Thomas H. Hoskins and Elsie Britton.

March - Albert C. Rydell and Ida Johnson, James H. Hunter and Saraphene Graves, Albert J. Anderson and Mary S. Eckland.

April - John Eggen and Ida M. Engstrom, Herman Hass and Myrtle Larson, Albin Petrin and Florence McAloney, Peter M. Peterson and Albertina Anderson, John Balfanz and Amanda Reibe, Geo. A. Allen and Carrie E. Callender, Thos. J. Kaliher and Mary R. O'Reilly, Gordon Shepard and Arabella A. Grant.

May - Oscar E. Stark and Blanche M. Byers, Olof Anderson and Maria Peterson, Frank A. Axell and Anna V. Swanson, Robert Hoskins and Emma A. Linn, John a. Anderson and Emma C. Erickson.

June - Olof A. Benson and Hulda C. Nylen, Wm. Balfanz and Myrtle Nichols, Carl Lindberg and Elina Hoglund, Wm. C. Doane and Essie P. Wilkers, John N. Holmberg and Selma Lindquist, Lloyd K. Boyn and Lydia J. Schram.

July - Albert Haralson and Adelia Hartman, Engel Johnson and Ida Onstad, Chas. Norberg and Christina Burpe, Oren Love and Pearl M. Simpson.

August - Wm. L. Buck and Mary Tipton, Richard E. Blackburn and Avis A. Robinson, N. A. Anderson and Augusta Anderson, Otto E. Johnson and Amelia Radeke.

September - Evert Vugteven and Frona Blaker.

October - Wm. H. Dannemann and Bertha M. Reissig, Lamont A. Sibley and Inga Iverson, Kennedy Thomas and Lillian Kaliher, Burdette Bates and Minna C. Ellingwood, W. Stromberg and Ella M. Sanders, Chancy A. Hoskins and Charlotte Chesley, Raleigh F. Thompson and Mabel E. Warren, Henry Elgren and Lena Olson, Richard O. Guderian and Louise Kanitz.

November - Noah Sanford and Zelma O. Anderson, Peter E. Shoberg and Lucy D. Chase, Gust E. Anderson and Bergette Uglem, Charley Alickson and Annie Johnson, Bert V. Brodeen and Ether S. Olson, Max P. Mierke and Isabell Larson.

December - Henry J. Schmidt and Ada A. Jaenicke, Alvah G. Phelps and Susie Onstad.

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