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Marriages - 1890
The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, January 8, 1891; submitted by Jim Dezotall

Licensed To Wed
List of Marriages in Mille Lacs County During the Year 1890

Feb. 18. Lemuel S. Briggs to Maggie M. Blakney
Mch. 23. Jacob W. Sausser to Tillie A. Applegate
April 10. Herman F. Axt to Josephine N. Foss
April 12. Archibald Guthrie to Julia Malotte
April 27. Knute Gunnuldson to Annie C. Anderson
April 30. William Neely to Flora King
May 8. Owen B. Newton to Rossie B. Southard
June 9. Jacob Johnson to Christina Berglof
July 2. William T. Waldhoff to Kate Bracken
July 9. John Kennedy to Philomene Lemay
July 21. Marion Leach to Cora M. Flint
July 23. Willard D. Steadman to Nellie Howard
July 24. A. Fred Young to Alberdine Schilling
Aug. 13. Charles E. Newberg to Blanda Peterson
Oct. 1. Andrew Kennedy to Lottie M. Tolle
Oct. 14. Jason O. Carter to May Blaine
Oct. 19. George H. Wetsel to Emma C. Swanson
Nov. 25. Robert H. Steeves to Mrs. Jennie B. Cater
Nov. 25. Clement Blakney to Lillie A. Cater
Nov. 29. Jabez A. Luther to Talitha Bloomfield
Nov. 30. William Sawyer to Laura Morse
Dec. 6. Harry L. Anderson to Julia Blomberg
Dec. 18. John Johnson to Sarah B. Nelson
Dec. 25. Milton S. Rutherford to Carrie J. Newbert
Dec. 25. Sidney Jesmer to Mary J. Malotte
Dec. 25. Henry Robideau to Mary J. Malotte
Dec. 29. Nelson Robideau to Annie Grow
Dec. 31. Alexander Blair to Mary J. Grow

Marriages - 1891
The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, December 31, 1891; submitted by Jim Dezotall

Wed In 1891
List of Marriages in Mille Lacs County During the Year 1891

Jan. 1. Thomas F. Scheen to Cora T. Smith
Jan. 13. James R. Bullis to Mary J. Murphy
Jan. 22. August C. Simon to Nettie Morrill
Mar. 10. John M. cox to Hannah M. Bates
Mar. 24. Ole Oleson to Josephine C. Johnson
Mar. 31. Joseph Jesmer Sr. to Mrs. Rose Malotte
Apr. 11. Edward D. Claggett to Christine Erickson
Apr. 11. Marion E. Brumbaugh to Ella Hurley
Apr. 17. Isaac Wiren to Aurilla Dunton
Apr. 22. George E. Vance to Eudora Carter
May 11. Andrew Johnson to Elizabeth Johnson
May 18. Duncan H. McCuaig to Annie M. Orton
May 23. Lester Kempton to Annie M. Pitmon
June 6. Frank Wenburg to Mary Grow
June 18. Harry Dahlin to Carrie Oleson
June 27. Samuel W. Hulet to Nora Stanley
July 2. Joseph Robideau to Elizabeth Trickey
July 2. Clarence A. Lewis to Mary A. Panchot
July 15. Henry A. Norcross to Emma E. Kerr
Aug. 27. William M. Bouck to Lura A. Snow
Nov. 9. Thomas H. Caley to Mary I. Ward
Nov. 14. Manley I. Clark to Abbie F. Warren
Nov. 22. Fred E. McFarland to Mary L. Orton
Nov. 25. Edward J. Chesley to Fannie Vose
Nov. 26. Joseph A. Leathers to Myrtle Donnelly
Dec. 12. Frans A. Franzen to Annie Johnson
Dec. 15. Hiram C. Whittier to Mary A. Wood
Dec. 18. License issued to Isaac M. Heath to wed Ada M. Meeker

Marriages - 1892
The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, January 5, 1893; submitted by Jim Dezotall

Wed In 1892
The Following are the Names of Those Who Were Married in Mille Lacs County During the Year 1892

April 9th. John Anderson to Tena Carlson
April 12th. Lars Olson to Johanna Oslund
Mary 3rd. Louis L. Johnson to Hulda J. Waxberg
May 11th. William Schilling to Amanda Schilling
June 1st. Frank A. Hendrickson to Anna M. Gustrom
June 26th. Warren E. Vose to May L. Shaw
July 1st. Andrew Okerman to Christine Erickson
July 13th. Carl J. Ekman to Carrie A. Oss
August 6th. John H. Lewis to Mrs. Eliza H. Gay
August 15th. Herbert Huggins to Matilda A. Ayers
August 30th. Charles H. Berry to Lottie A. Patten
September 20th. Oren S. Rogers to Martha Nokes
September 20th. Swan S. Petterson to Eva M. Ross
September 21st. James E. Peters to Libbie Curtis
September 25th. Frank P. Clark to Sabri Chute
October 4th. George W. Freer to Minnie J. Erickson
October 6th. Emanuel G. Waldhoff to Eunice R. Jesmer
October 15. Louis M. Johnson to Betty Oleson
October 23rd. Peter J. Henschel to Otillie E. Hoeft
November 16th. Comfort Crook to Clara B. Bemis
November 19th. John Norlander to Mary Olson
November 24th. Elijah O. Dyson to Minnie M. Sausser
December 7th. John Lofgren to Anna Walinder
December 20th. Sylvester Harshman to Mary Shadiow
December 21st. William Klingbeil to Augusta Gerth
December 25th. Everett Southard to Maggie Sausser
December 25th. Lewis Henschel to Eda Anderson
December 25th. Albert Harmon to Augusta M. Hoeft.

Dudley - Pfremmer
Source: Montana, County Marriages (1865-1950) submitted by FoFG MZ

Groom: Jacob Augustus Dudley (born about 1845 in Chambersburg, Fountain County, Indiana
Parents: Marston Dudley & Eliza J. Hock
Bride: Clara Augusta Pfremmer (born about 1864 at Princeton, Mille Lacs County, Minnesota
Parents: Henry F. Perkins & Margaret L. Maddox
Married: 20 Oct. 1912 in Pierre, South Dakota

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