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Former Minnesota Soldiers
Living in Iowa 

Minnesota List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Living in Iowa From Minnesota 
By William L. Alexander 1886 
Transcribed by Tammy Clark 

Name Rank Regiment  Company Present Post-office Address
Aberdeen, Wm Sergeant Fifth Infantry H Reels
Ambler, R.C. Captain Tenth Infantry A New Albin
Anderson, D.B. Chaplain Eighth Infantry Western College
Andrews, Oliver Sergeant First Heavy Artillery D Rockwell
Aslayson, H Private Eleventh Infantry D Bristol
Baker, Chas Private Fifth Infantry B Fulton
Bakke, Ole Peterson Private Eleventh Infantry K Forest City
Baldwin, George W Corporal Ninth Infantry C Cherokee
Baldwin, German Private Ninth Infantry C Otranto
Ballon, Henry C Private Tenth Infantry F Kingsley
Ballow, E.L. Private Sixth Infantry I Cedar Falls
Bandy, Minor Private Second Cavalry A Kossuth
Barber, Geo. A Private Brackett's Independent Battalion B Pacific Junction
Barnes, Jas. H Private Brackett's Independent Battalion B Monona
Barnett, James Private First Infantry I McGregor
Barnhart, Benj. F Private Third Infantry I Lime Springs
Barnhouse, Riley Private Second Infantry Jesup
Barr, A.J. Private Fifteenth Infantry C Webster City
Batcheler, Alfred Private Second Infantry I Lyons
Bayless, F.D. Private Second Infantry C Elkader
Beckman, Samule Private Second Infantry I Ida Grove
Benedict, H.S. Private First Infantry H Luverne
Benson, Wm Private Second Infantry A Cresco
Benthall, J.M. Private Tenth Infantry C Quasqueton
Bentley, M.L. Private First Heavy Artillery D Boone
Best, B Private First Infantry K Traer
Billings, M.E. Sergeant First Infantry L Waverly
Bingham, J.G. Private First Infantry H Britt
Birdsell, James Corporal First Heavy Artillery C Frankville
Bishop, John F Lieutenant Fifth Infantry B Sheldon
Black, A Hospital Steward Tenth Infantry Kingsley
Blackburn, John Sergeant Seventh Infantry E Cresco
Blakeslee, A.C. Private Second Cavalry B Fonda
Blodgett, M Private Eleventh Infantry H Greeley
Blood, H Private First Battery Richfield
Bloxham, Daniel Private Third Battery Clarion
Boardman, Chas Private First Infantry K Wood
Bond, F.M. Private Eleventh Infantry E Montour
Bottleson, Ole Private Brackett's Independent Battalion B Forest City
Boysen, Henry Private First Infantry K Dysart
Bracklesburg, Fred Private Fourth Infantry H Keokuk
Breakey, James Private First Infantry E Greeley
Briggs, Edwin Private Sixth Infantry K Lynnville
Brooks, Geo. W Private First Heavy Artillery B Shellsburg
Brown, John H Corporal Sixth Infantry K Le Mars
Brown, Thos. T Private First Infantry B Britt
Buffridge, Andrew Private Fifth Infantry B Freeport
Burbank, John L Private Second Cavalry Carnforth
Burnette, Eugene Private Brackett's Independent Battalion B Dayton
Burns, W.R. Private Second Infantry E Redfield
Burr, John D Sergeant Second Infantry K Greenfield
Calkins, John Private Eleventh Cavalry H New Providence
Callender, George Private Tenth Infantry I Nashua
Campbell, Geo. L Private First Cavalry I Clear Lake
Canfield, Luther Private Eleventh Infantry K Sheldon
Carey, John W Private Fourth Infantry H Altoona
Carpenter, F.A. Private Eleventh Infantry D Vinton
Carpenter, S.W. Sergeant Second Infantry D Dale City
Carter, Moses Private Third Infantry G Clarinda
Castellow, J.T. Corporal Eleventh Infantry G Shenandoah
Casterton, James Private Second Infantry C Canton
Chandler, E.G. Hospital First Cavalry E Cambridge
Chapin, James Private Third Cavalry C Sheridan Center
Chipman, Horace A Musician First Infantry C Gilmore City
Chipman, Lafayette Private First Heavy Artillery C Gilmore City
Clark, C.P. Private First Infantry F Humboldt
Clark, Pinney Private Second Cavalry L Unique
Clupack, Frank Private Fifth Infantry B Plymouth
Colwell, A.N. Private Second Cavalry B Fontanelle
Comstock, W.S. Private Third Battery Clarion
Coon, Henry Private First Infantry I Estherville
Corey, E.G. Corporal Second Infantry G Northwood
Cox, J.R. Private First Heavy Artillery B Sac City
Crawford, Frank Private First Battery Anita
Cray, Jacob Private Fourth Infantry F Exira
Cressy, Roger W Private Third Infantry B Hebron
Cross, Robert H Private Third Infantry G Newton
Cummings, W.L. Private Eleventh Infantry C Jefferson
Curren, James W Private Tenth Infantry A Glidden
Cutsinger, James Corporal Tenth Infantry B Oldfield
Demo, Abraham Private Hatches' Independent Battalion C National
Denton, M.S. Private Eleventh Infantry C Clayton
Dockendorf, Peter Private Second Infantry F North Washington
Donaldson, Wayne Private Fourth Infantry I Postville
Drummond, John T Private Seventh Infantry E Florencevill
Duncauson, J.A. Private Eleventh Infantry I Woodbine
Durbee, Chester Private First Battalion B Keokuk
Eastman, A Private Sixth Infantry F Sioux Rapids
Eddy, H.D. Corporal Eleventh Infantry K New Hartford
Eddy, Orland (also Major H.A.) Captain Fifth Infantry G Ames
Edson, John Private Tenth Infantry E Britt
Eiserman, S Private Tenth Infantry A Iowa Falls
Ellingson, Hittel Private First Battalion H Highlandville
Ellis, Scott Private First Cavalry A McGregor
Ellison, John H Private Eleventh Infantry H Fredericksburg
Ellison, Joseph Corporal Second Infantry B Fredericksburg
Emens, W.B. Corporal Eighth Infantry E Walnut
Emmerson, James Private Sixth Infantry C Magnolia
Faatz, F.L. Private Ninth Infantry E Hampton
Fabrick, L.N. Private First Battery Cedar Falls
Fallon, Hammond Private First Infantry L Logan
Farnsworth, E.F. Private First Heavy Artillery C Storm Lake
Faucher, C.W. Sergeant Twenty-fifth Infantry K Anita
Fenerod, Frank Private First Infantry I Knoxville
Field, W. Private Third Battery Clarion
Finch, I.K. Private First Heavy Artillery B Boyen
Finch, L.B. Private Seventh Infantry E Leon
Fitch, Henry Private Second Cavalry B Derby
Follett, Fred Corporal Fourth Infantry D Iowa Lake
Foster, A Private Second Infantry F Alden
Foster, Charles Sergeant Miscellaneous F Lucky Valley
Fox, Orris Private Eighth Infantry A Clarion
Frazee, John Private First Infantry H Dana
Freeman, Geo Private Fifth Infantry G Springville
Freeman, James D Sergeant Eighth Infantry D Clear Lake
French, James H Private First Infantry I Waterloo
Fry, Wm. Private First Heavy Artillery D Jamison
Fuller, C.R. Private First Infantry A Manning
Gallman, J.J. Private First Infantry A Waverly
Gard, S.S. Private First Infantry C Anamosa
Gates, G.B. Private First Heavy Artillery D Chariton
Gates, Thos Private Fourth Infantry K Lime Springs
Gere, T.P. Adjutant Fifth Cavalry Sioux City
Gibson, Franics Wagoner First Infantry G Dow City
Gilerist, Joseph Private Tenth Infantry H Le Mars
Glanville, A.E. Sergeant Tenth Infantry F Cedar Falls
Glass, Robert Private First Heavy Artillery B Mason City
Goddard, L.S. Private First Battery Harlan
Goodrich, Frederick Private Third Battery De Witt
Graham, Henry Private Second Cavalry A Rossville
Graham, W.H. Private Second Cavalry A Volney
Granger, C.H. Private Brackett's Independent Battalion B Sumner
Grant, E.C. Private First Battery Livingston
Gray, W.H. Quartermaster Sergeant (alos Private in Co. C) Seventh Infantry Eagle Grove
Greenleaf, Moses Captain Ninth Infantry I Galesburg
Gripman, Wm. H Private First Heavy Artillery D Decorah
Gripman, Wm. H Private Third Infantry I Decorah
Groves, I.W. Private First Infantry I Monticello
Guptill, Truman Corporal Seventh Infantry E Eldorado
Hackett, H.L. Private Tweltfh Infantry B Strawberry Point
Hackett, Harrison Private Third Infantry G Ida Grove
Hallett, Martimer Sergeant First Infantry M Sioux Rapids
Hallman, Emanuel Private Fifth Infantry D Freeport
Hamlin, John Private Third Infantry B Wheeler
Hammond, Harry Private Eleventh Infantry K Le Mars
Hammond, Joseph T Private Ninth Infantry C Sergeant Bluff
Hanson, Erick Private First Infantry I Keusett
Hanson, Hans Private First Infantry I Keusett
Harmon, R.J. Private First Infantry H Davis City
Hart, Melvin Private Eighth Infantry K Spencer
Hartley, Thos Corporal Seventh Infantry D Charles City
Hartshorn, A Private Fourth Infantry B Bancroft
Hartshorn, S.P. Private Third Infantry C Algona
Hartwell, Norman Private Sixth Infantry K Algona
Hatch, H.P. Private Fourth Infantry B Whitemore
Hedge, Wm. Private Second Cavalry L La Porte City
Hedifant, Robert Private Brackett's Independent Battalion D Fort Dodge
Henderson, George W Corporal Ninth Infantry C Osage
Hendren, Geo. W Private Third Infantry G Algona
Henry, John L First Lieut. and Q.M. Second Infantry A Bird Island, Minn (Moved from Sheldon, Iowa)
Herrington, Wm Private Second Cavalry C Panora
Hertey, Patrick Private First Infantry D Emmetsburg
Hife, Geo. Corporal Sixth Cavalry B Hubbard
Hilyer, J.C. Private Brackett's Independent Battalion D Paullina
Holland, H.P. Corporal Second Infantry A Lake Mills
Holliday, George Private Sixth Infantry C Ida Grove
Holliday, John O Private Second Infantry B Ida Grove
Hopkins, Urlah Private Fifth Infantry A Estherville
Howard, Silas Private Second Battery Villisca
Howe, A Corporal Second Infantry K Fort Dodge
Howe, Lafayette Private First Infantry E Fredericksburg
Hoyt, C.S. Private Third Infantry B Cottage
Huffy, John Private Thirty-third Infantry F Postville
Hulbert, C.E. Private Tenth Infantry B Le Mars
Hunt, A.M. Private Seventh Infantry F Nashua
Huntly, T.D. Corporal Fifth Infantry B Correctionville
Hutchinson, Leforest Private Fourth Infantry K Lake Mills
Ingraham, JOhn Private First Infantry F Lake Mills
Ives, A.A. Private Second Cavalry F Dysart
Jay, Aaron Private Sixth Infantry A Bristow
Johnson, C.W. Private Tenth Infantry F Corwith
Johnson, Edward L Private Eighth Infantry A Lake Mills
Johnson, J.A. Corporal Ninth Infantry H Spaulding
Johnson, Peter H Private Seventh Infantry C Forest City
Johnson, R.M. Private Second Battery Tabor
Johnston, A.J. Corporal Sixth Infantry F Mt. Ayr
Jones, L.G. Corporal Second Cavalry C Allerton
Joseph, N.S. Private Fifth Infantry B Mapleton
Kahlstadt, Fred Private Second Battery Rockford
katsch, Wm Private First Infantry H Elkport
Keeney, Denton Private Hatches' Independent Battalion D Am
Keeney, T.B. Private Third Infantry G Ames
Kelley, Geo. W Corporal Fourth Infantry C Algona
Kenerson, Horace Private Second Cavalry B Adel
Kinney, W.S. Sergeant Sixth Infantry F Modale
Kitchel, P.A. Private Second Infantry B Clyde
Kivel, R.N. Private Second Infantry F Greene
Kivell, Richard Private Second Infantry F Rockford
Knapp, Augustus Sergeant Fifth Infantry A Osage
Knight, James Private First Heavy Artillery D Baldwin
Kounzelman, John Corporal Fifth Infantry F Frankville
Lambert, Geo Private Twenty-second Infantry I Greene
Lansing, Geo Sergeant Fifth Infantry G Brayton
Lansing, Wm Private Second Cavalry C Brayton
Larson, W Corporal First Heavy Artillery L Lake Mills
Lawson, Alexander Private Second Infantry F Upper Grove
Layman, Isaac Private Second Infantry I Le Roy, Minn
Lea, J. Private Brackett's Independent Battalion D Glidden
Leach, Wm. B First Lieut. and Adjutant First Infantry Cedar Rapids
Lee, Aaron Private First Infantry C Thayer
Lee, G.M. Private Sixth Infantry G Murray
Lee, W.S. Private Fourth Infantry A Corning
Leibold, Peter Private Fourth Infantry G Festina
Leonard, Philip H Private Fourth Infantry H Lawler
Lloyd, Laoni Private Brackett's Independent Battalion D Nevinville
Lobenstein, Wm Private Tweltfh Infantry I Cedar Rapids
Lombard, N.E. Private First Heavy Artillery K Logan
Lovejoy, Levi Private Second Infantry A Atlantic
Lunt, W.A. Private Ninth Infantry A Clearfield
Mackey, james Private Second Infantry D Mason City
Maxwell, Austin Sergeant Second Cavalry A Rock Rapids
McCarthy, D.F. Captain Tenth Infantry H St. Ansgar
McCord, R.C. Lieutenant Eleventh Infantry I Marshalltown
McCumber, R.B. Private Ninth Infantry C Clear Lake
McMillan, Arthur Private Miscellaneous Cresco
Meed, D.W. Private Second Infantry A Burk
Melvin, Joseph  Private Second Infantry E Lansing
Messenbrink, Henry Private Second Infantry F Preston
Miller, Frederick Private Third Infantry D Woodward
Molberg, Erick Private Second Infantry E Elon
Moore, Geo Private Hatches' Independent Battalion A Dubuque
Moore, Wm. Lieutenant Sixth Infantry B McGregor
Moran, Wm. Private Second Cavalry C Wapsie
Morgan, J.W. Private Second Cavalry L Marshalltown
Mosher, L.J. Private First Infantry G New Sharon
Mott, M.C. Private Seventh Infantry A Homer
Mount, Humphry Private Ninth Infantry D Soldier
Myers, F.R. Private Fourth Infantry E Amish
Neil, H. Private Fourth Infantry A Sibley
Nelson, Peter Private First Infantry F Estherville
Neslon, Oliver Private Seventh Infantry E Lake Mills
Newell, John Private First Infantry G Pattersonville
Newell, Wm. Private Eleventh Infantry I Sutherland
Newton, M.J. Private Third Infantry C Winterset
Nichols C.E. Private Third Infantry K Giard
Norelius, A Private Third Infantry D Kiron
Norman, James R Private First Heavy Artillery E Rowley
Orbley, K Private First Cavalry F Cedar Falls
Otterman, Thos Private First Cavalry A Toledo
Paddock, b Private Third Infantry H Griswold
Palmerton, John Private Second Cavalry B Le Roy
Parmley, T.H. Private Eleventh Infantry K Defiance
Parrott, A Corporal Fourth Infantry A Randalia
Patch, A.J. First Lieut. and Adjutant Seventh Infantry Dubuque
Payne, John Private Eighth Infantry C Beloit
Pearcy, J.T. Private Seventh Cavalry K Dallas Center
Peckham, M.L. Corporal Second Infantry B Humboldt
Peterson, Peter Private Seventh Infantry G Forest City
Pfremmer, Michael Corporal Fifth Infantry B Boonesboro
Piner, R.M. Sergeant First Heavy Artillery G Clearfield
Pinney, J.S. Private First Battalion G Hampton
Plummer, Geo. M Private Hatches' Independent Battalion C Chester
Powell, John Private First Heavy Artillery H Tipton
Powers, Caleb Private Fourth Infantry K stacyville
Pressler, S.W. Private First Heavy Artillery K Duncombe
Prest, Jas. N Private Third Infantry G Des Moines
Preston, Smith Private First Infantry C Sioux City
Priest, Daniel H Second Lieutenant First Infantry L Cresco
Prigsley, Wyman Private First Infantry G Boonesboro
Purcell, Daniel Private Seventh Infantry F Burlington
Quinn, Bernard Musician Sixth Infantry H Cascade
Racker, Thaddeus Private First Heavy Artillery K Cresco
Radlke, Wm Private Fourth Infantry A Magnolia
Rathbun, Colphus Private Fifth Infantry B Kingsley
Reimers, Reimer Private First Battery Eldora
Rhames, Thos Private Second Cavalry B St. Ansgar
Rice, J Private Sixth Infantry C Murray
Richardson, G.W. Corporal Seventh Infantry C Clear Lake
Robinson, Heber Private Fifth Infantry B Waukon
Robinson, J.L. Private First Heavy Artillery F Sibley
Robinson, Thos. B Private Fourth Infantry D Algona
Rosenberg, Don Private Fourth Infantry C Calmar
Ruckle, John Private Eleventh Infantry C Kellerton
Russell, A.J. Private Eighth Infantry C Maquoketa
Russell, Josiah Private Second Infantry H Dunlap
Ryan, Thomas Private Fourth Infantry H Sheldon
Sackett, F.A. Private Fifth Infantry A Council Bluffs
Saddler, Geo Private First Infantry H Little Port
Salisbury, Russell Private First Battery Paullina
Samberg, P.M. Private Third Infantry D boone
Sanderson, B Private Third Infantry B Grinnell
Sanderson, Wm. N Private First Heavy Artillery H Farragut
Sargent, Joseph L Private Hatches' Independent Battalion I Correctionville
Sawyer, Harry Corporal Seventh Infantry I Burlington
Schutz, S.H. Private Fourth Infantry K Sibley
Scofield, T.L. Assistant Surgeon Second Infantry Charles City
Sears, Sacket Private First Infantry I Atlantic
Shaffer, Henry Private Third Infantry A Clermont
Shaw, F Corporal Fourth Infantry F Northwood
Shepard, F.L. Private Eighth Infantry G Atlantic
Sherfey, Niles M Private First Infantry I Sweetland
Sheriff, James Private Eleventh Infantry K Eagle Grove
Shook, R.W. Private Ninth Infantry C Eagle Grove
Simmons, Andrew Corporal Sixth Infantry H Denison
Sisson, Melville Private Sixth Infantry K Los Angeles, Cal.
Slagle, P.L. Lieutenant Eleventh Infantry D Algona
Smith, John Private Fifth Infantry C Lake Mills
Smith, S.V. Private Sixth Infantry K Lehigh
Smith, Wm Private Seventh Infantry F Washington
Snell, Geo Private Eighth Infantry C Council Bluffs
Snyder, Jacob Private Tenth Infantry F Osage
Soderstrom, Peter Private Third Infantry D Pilot Mound
Springer, Alf Corporal Fourth Infantry H Maquoketa
Springer, Daniel Private Fourth Infantry H Monticello
Statton, Willard Private Fourth Infantry F Smithland
Steer, R.A. Sergeant Second Cavalry A Ross 
Stevens, L.G. Private First Heavy Artillery B Mason City
Stevens, P Private Fourth Infantry F Randalia
Stevens, W.A. Private Seventh Infantry E Emmetsburg
Stone, Charles T Private First Battery Winterset
Strang, D.M. Sergeant Fifth Infantry A Fontanelle
Summers, Jun Private Ninth Infantry D Algona
Swan, J.H. Lieutenant Third Infantry I Sioux City
Sweringer, A.T. Private Ninth Infantry F West Union
Tatro, B.F. Private Second Infantry A Frankville
Thomas, Amos  Corporal Eleventh Infantry K Clear Lake
Thompson, S Lieutenant Second Cavalry H Silver City
Thurber, J.S. Private Second Infantry I Gilmore City
Tibbetts, O.C. Sergeant Seventh Infantry K Fenton
Trigg, J.S. Private Tenth Infantry E Charles City
Trout, Richard Captain Ninth Infantry B Creston
Tupper, J.A. Private Sixth Infantry F Hawthorn
Tupper, N.W. Private Sixth Infantry F Hawthorn
Tusler, A.A. Private Hatches' Independent Battalion A Milford
Vale, John Private Second Infantry H Davenport
Vigren, C.P (enlisted under name of Carl Peterson) Private First Infantry B Hampton
Vrooman, Charles B Private Tenth Infantry B Centerville
Waite, Daniel Private First Infantry E Nashua
Waldorph, M Private Third Infantry A Montezuma
Ward, Lawrence Private Second Infantry F Ash Grove
Ward, Levi Corporal Seventh Infantry B Vincennes
Warren, F.L. Private Fourth Infantry A Perry
Watson, Wm. N Private Seventh Infantry A Iowa Falls
Webber, Nicholas Private Eleventh Infantry D Spencer
Weever, Phil P Private Second Infantry D Bellevue
Wells, Ed. S Saddler Second Cavalry B Estherville
Wesley, Wilber W Private Fourth Infantry D Sioux City
Weston, Wm. J Private First Battery Anita
White, A.B. Private Second Infantry K Sioux City
Whitlock, L.B. Corporal Seventh Infantry D Mt. Etna
Whitney, B.F. Private Second Battery Eldon
Whitney, Chas Farrier Second Cavalry B Fonda
Wilber, Ames E Private Second Cavalry C Downsville
Williams, J Private Third Infantry C Lehigh
Wilson, F.E. Private First Battery Sterling
Wilson, Orson A Private Second Cavalry A Delhi
Wiltgen, John J Private Second Infantry G St. Joseph
Wilverding, Michael Private Fifth Infantry E Westphalia
Winder, Peter Private First Infantry E St. Lucas
Winegar, Daniel H Private Eleventh Infantry I Lime Springs
Wood, Harvey Private Second Cavalry K Spirit Lake
Wooden, Wm. Private Tenth Infantry F McGregor
Wylie, Benj Private First Heavy Artillery L Madrid
Wylie, John Private First Heavy Artillery E Madrid
Young, Lewis Private Ninth Infantry D Council Bluffs

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