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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

transcribed by Mamre Wilson
Name of Pensioner Post Office Cause for which Pensioned Monthly Rate Date of Original Allowance
Guffrey, Henry B. Bell Prairie dis. of heart  $8.00
Skimer, Abner B. Buckman g.s.w.r. shoulder  $4.00
Docker, John H. Buckman wd. left arm  $6.00
Bulton, Otis Buckman g.s.w.r. thigh $4.00 June, 1882
Smith, Charles W. Buckman g.s.w.r. thigh $4.00
Moore, John Buckman injury to abdomen $8.00
Thornberry, Edward Elm Dale wd. rt. thigh  $6.00
Sweeney, Stephen Gravelville dis. lungs  $2.00 June, 1880
Bates, Ephraim Green Prairie g.s.w. & loss of r. eye  $7.00
Hall, La Fayette Green Prairie chr. diarrhea  $4.00 Dec., 1882
Brundrett, Thos Green Prairie g.s.w. back $6.00
Neill, Richard Green Prairie chr. rheumatism  $4.00 Dec., 1880
Hall, Freeman Green Prairie g.s.w. right arm  $2.00 Jan., 1878
Dingman, Phoebe Little Falls mother $8.00
Buggs, Mehitable Little Falls mother $8.00
Manbeck, Jas. W. Little Falls g.s.w. left foot  $6.00
Hartman, Jno Little Falls loss left thigh  $24.00
Hill, Henry S. Little Falls g.s.w.r. arm & chr. diar  $4.00 Oct., 1880
Harrison, Harry Little Falls g.s.w. left shoulder  $8.00
Green, Jas. Little Falls injury to abdomen $10.00
Bryant, Morrell Little Falls g.s.w. left hand  $4.00 Dec., 1878
Averill, Flordis Little Falls g.s.w. left hip  $6.00 June, 1879
Lafont, Frank X. Little Falls sunstrike, dis. of brain  $4.00 June, 1880
Ward, Frank Little Falls ampt. left thigh  $24.00
Chounord, Louis Little Falls child $10.00
Bonduront, Cyrus S. Little Falls wd. right thigh & hip  $6.00
Camp, Abner W. Little Falls dis. of eyes  $2.00 Dec., 1881
Clark, John J. Little Falls g.s.w. left thigh  $6.00
Dingman, Schuyler Little Falls g.s.w., loss 3 fingers $12.00
Porter, Milo Little Falls inj. to side, breast, & back  $2.00
Taylor, Edward Little Falls g.s.w. left hip  $4.00
Gallaher, Russell C. Little Falls wd. left shoulder  $6.00
Myers, Peter Little Falls wd. of abdominal viscera  $2.00
Wetherill, Mary Ann Little Falls widow 1812 $8.00 Aug., 1879
Wyatt, Alanson Little Falls child $10.00
Murphy, Jas. Little Falls g.s.w. left shoulder & lung  $8.00
Taylor, Benj. Little Falls g.s.w. r. arm  $12.00
Scott, Martin Little Falls loss left index digit  $3.00
Stevens, Franklin J. Motley g.s.w.r. leg  $6.00
Barker, Orren W. Motley wd. r. forearm $18.00
Backus, Wm Motley wd. r. foot  $5.00
Hendrickson, Francis M. Motley g.s.w. left leg & hand  $8.00
Greenup, Stephen H. Motley inj. to back  $6.00
Compton, Andrew J. Motley wd. left should  $10.00
Francisco, Henry A. Motley chr. diar. & dis. of abd.vis. $8.00 Mar., 1882
Healey, George W.  North Prairie wd. of chest  $4.00
Harington, Abel D. Rich Prairie dis. of heart & hip  $14.00 Aug., 1878
Hennen, Nicholas Rich Prairie dis. of lungs  $4.00 Aug., 1881
Boyce, George W. Roylton g.s.w. left thigh $4.00 May, 1879
Adams, George M. Roylton g.s.w. r. shoulder  $8.00
Young, Robert B. Two Rivers bronchitis & debility  $15.00 Oct., 1880
Canfield, Aaron Two Rivers dis. of heart  $6.00 June, 1880

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