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Source: GNIS

Feature name Latitude Longitude Other Information
Calvary Cemetery 455929N 0942040W  
Camp Ripley Mounds 461120N 0942240W  
Covenant Church Cemetery 454828N 0943420W  
Crow Wing River Cemetery 461800N 0942315W  
Cushing Union Cemetery 460827N 0943430W  
Danish Lutheran Church Cemetery 455002N 0942859W  
Ed Cash Cemetery 455300N 0942850W  
Fish Lake Cemetery 460340N 0942330W  
Franciscan Sisters Convent Cemetery 455750N 0942145W  
Franzen Family Cemetery 461905N 0942635W  
Free Evangelical Church Cemetery 455002N 0942859W  
Freedhem Cemetery 460342N 0941231W  
Gethsemane Cemetery 454823N 0943417W  
Green Prairie Cemetery 460608N 0942108W  
Holy Cross Cemetery 460651N 0940227W  
Holy Cross Church Cemetery 454759N 0942103W  
Holy Family Church Cemetery 460156N 0942015W  
Holy Trinity Cemetery 455008N 0941755W  
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery 460204N 0942604W  
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery 455900N 0935300W  
Kay Burial Ground 455530N 0942510W  
Lakeview Cemetery 460751N 0935333W  
Lightner Baby Grave 461300N 0942510W  
Lone Pine Cemetery 455112N 0935809W  
Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery 460424N 0941945W  
Mission Covenant Cemetery 455918N 0943326W  
Mrs Albert Schultz Grave 461750N 0942510W  
Oakland Cemetery 455754N 0942100W  
Old Darling Mission Cemetery 460142N 0942502W  
Our Lady of Lourdes Cemetery 455836N 0942514W  
Parker Cemetery 460507N 0943107W  
Parker Township Cemetery 460258N 0943534W  
Parker-Bethany Cemetery 460115N 0943318W  
Pine Tree Cemetery 460230N 0935842W  
Pioneer Cemetery 455140N 0942040W  
Prosser Farm Site Cemetery 461620N 0942055W  
Rail Prairie Union Cemetery 461506N 0942948W  
Randall Cemetery 460528N 0943053W  
Rosenlund Cemetery 460743N 0943050W  
Royalton Cemetery 454922N 0941700W  
Sacred Heart Cemetery 455652N 0943150W  
Sacred Heart Cemetery East 455718N 0943136W  
Sacred Heart of Jesus Polish National Catholic Cemetery 455730N 0942100W  
Saint Adalberts Cemetery 455730N 0942054W  
Saint Edward's Church Cemetery 455002N 0942859W  
Saint James Cemetery 460459N 0942937W  
Saint John Nepomucene Catholic Cemetery 460220N 0940332W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 455206N 0940650W  
Saint John's Cemetery 455008N 0935627W  
Saint John's Lutheran Church 455604N 0943408W  
Saint Joseph's Catholic Cemetery 455850N 0940601W  
Saint Joseph's Cemetery 455018N 0935757W  
Saint Mary Cemetery 454736N 0942705W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 454807N 0943323W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 455743N 0942059W  
Saint Mary's Polish National Catholic Cemetery 460635N 0940452W  
Saint Michael's Cemetery 455347N 0940535W  
Saint Peter Cemetery 455538N 0943808W  
Saint Rita Cemetery 460009N 0935336W  
Saint Stanislaus Cemetery 454910N 0942448W  
Saint Stanislaus Church Cemetery 455515N 0942757W  
Scandia Valley Cemetery 461253N 0943223W  
Spring Brook Cemetery 455544N 0943807W  
Stroming Grave Site 461302N 0942512W  
Swanville Saint Peter Cemetery 455750N 0943709W  
Swedish Mission Cemetery 455208N 0943454W  
Twin Lakes Cemetery 455910N 0942950W  
Union Cemetery 455113N 0940555W  
Upsala Cemetery 454721N 0943419W  

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