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In Morrison county, 12 miles north from Little Falls, the county seat, and 9 miles from Rice, a station on the N P R R. Semi-weekly mail. Edward S. Arnold, postmaster.

Buckman C B, justice of the peace.
Keino August, blacksmith.
Sand John, shoemaker.
Wringer Peter, shoemaker.

In Culdrum township, central western part of Morrison county, twelve miles from Little Falls, the county seat and nearest railroad station, and 120 from St. Paul. The shipping products of the place consist of beef, pork and butter. First settled in 1865. Stage communication with Long Prairie and Little Falls twice a week. John Workman, postmaster.

In the wesstern part of Morrison county, 12 miles from Little Falls, the county seat. Belleville is the nearest railroad station, but the freighting business is usually done with St. Cloud, 28 miles off. Also on the north branch of Two rivers, which drives a saw mill in the neighborhood. COntains a Lutheran and a Catholic church and district school. Mail, semi-weekly. Harol Oleson, postmaster.

Gunderson Canue, storekeeper.
Stewart Robert, constable.
Vineka - , agt for Sauk Centre Fanning Mills.
Vining C H, justice of the peace.

A small settlement near the center of Morrison county, 15 miles east of Little Falls, the county seat.

The center of a farming neighborhood in the township of the same name in the central western part of Morrison county, 9 miles from Little Falls, the county seat and most convenient railroad point. Wheat and game birds are the exports. Congregational church and common school. Semi-weekly mail. Martin Hall, postmaster.

In the township of Swan River, western part of Morrison county, 7 miles from Little Falls, the county seat and nearest railroad station, and 110 from St. Paul. Ledoux is also located on Swan river, where water power might be made available. The place has 30 or 40 settlers, who began to locate in 1857. Stage to Little Falls and Long Prairie weekly. F. X. Ledoux, postmaster.

A village of 350 inhabitants on the Brainerd branch of the St. P. & P. R. R., in the central part of Morrison county, of which it is the seat, 110 miles from St. Paul. Also on the Mississippi river where an undeveloped water power might be made available. Exports, wheat. Contains a church each of Congregationalists, Epoiscopalians and Catholics, and a graded school. A weekly newspaper, the Transcript, is published here. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, American. Stage to Long Prairie and Rich Prairie. Mail, daily by rail. N. Richardson, postmaster.

Breadfield Henry, tinsmith.
Breadfield Wm, shoemaker.
BUtler Wm, general store.
Clark A J, attorney.
Conen John, harnessmaker.
Gravel & Gould, Flour and Feed.
Gurnon A, physician.
Hamlin Lewis, blacksmith.
Honde Leon, general store.
Lafond M, general store.
McCooley Samuel, wagonmaker.
Medved Peter, general store.
Rhodes, Spencer & Witzer, druggists.
Richardson N, Lawyer and Real Estate Agent.
Rosenkrans Rev D W.
Simmons J O, physician.
Smith E S, lawyer.
Stivers H C, Pub Little Falls Transcript.
Tingel E D, lawyer.
Vasaly L, hotel propr.
White H L, lumber mnfr.

A postoffice and depot on the N. P. R. R. in the northwest corner of Morrison county, an on Crow Ring river. It is distant by rail from Little Falls 60 miles, and from St. Paul 159. Was first settled in 1872. The population now being about 90. Shipments, wheat and lumber. It has a district school, but no churches. Stages to Long Prairie and Sauk Centre weekly. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, United States. Mail, daily. Wm. Johnson, postmaster.

Hawkins H, express and railroad agent.
Johnson Wm, Hotel Propr.
Morrison H B, steam saw mill.
Schaffer F A, general store.

In Two Rivers Township, southwestern part of Morrison county, 13 miles from Little Falls, the county seat, and 100 from St. Paul. Rice is the most convenient railroad station. The locality, also, of a fine water power, which is utilized by three grist ans saw mills, and contains several church societies and good common schools. Exports, grain. Stage to St. Cloud and mil semi-weekly. Charles Berens, postmaster.

Burgraff John, saw and grist mill.
Geissel George, General Store and Hotel Propr.
Holmes Daniel, saw mill.
Kennly Rev T, (Baptist)
Nagel Rev. Franz E, (Catholic)
Selmoft Rev T, (German Lutheran).
Schedler Peter, blacksmith.
Tuttle Charles, saw mill.
Young Bros, Grist Mill.

In the southwestern part of Morrison county. Little Falls, the county seat, is six miles northeast.

In the southeastern corner of Morrison county, 15 miles from Little Falls, the county seat, and 90 from St. Paul, Rice's Station, the nearest railroad point, is 15 miles distant. Skunk river, at this point, affords power to drive a flouring and a saw mill. The place was settled in 1863, and is in the midst of a thriving farming district of about 1,000 people. Has a Catholic church and German and American schools. Wheat is the principal article of exportation Stage to Little Falls weekly. George R. Whitney, postmaster.

Berg & Kasper, propr flouring and lumber mill.
Blake & Bentfield, merchants.
Vining Christian, hotel propr.
Vining C, physician.
Whitney George R, merchant.

A small incorporated village a few miles southwest of the center of Morrison county, 3 miles from Little Falls, which is the county seat and nearest railroad station, and 100 miles from St. Paul. Daily mail. John Shanks, postmaster.

In the township of the same name, southwestern part of Morrison county, 13 miles from Little Falls, the county seat, and 95 miles from St. Paul. Belleview and Sauk Rapids are the most convnient railroad stations. An abundant water power at this point runs a flouring mill and two saw mills. Churches, two Catholic, one Lutheran, and one Union. Shipments, wheat, oaats, and potatoes. Stage to St. Cloud semi-weekly. Mrs. C. M. Tuttle, postmistress.

Geisel George, general store.
Gunderson F, general store.
Holding Randolph, general store.
Pierce H, saw mill.
Tuttle C A, miller.
Young Thomas, physician and surgeon.
Young Bros, saw mill.

Source: Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1878.

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