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James and Mamie Holborn
Source: Aberdeen Daily News (Aberdeen, SD) Tuesday, October 22, 1895; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Mrs. Holborn so Characterizes Her Husband-Welcome to His Divorce.

Mrs. Mamie Holborn, of Little Falls, Minn., whose husband, James Holborn, has returned to his old stamping grounds in Dickey county, N. D., for the purpose of commencing an action for a divorce, has been heard from. She denies the truth of the statements made in the newspaper reports sent from Redwood Falls, and claims they are instigated by her husband, partly for revenge because she left him, and for the purpose of prejudicing her suit for alimony. She declares Holborn is an inhuman monster who has treated her most brutally, and she is well satisfied to let him secure a divorce without opposition. She did not originally intend suing for alimony, but decided to do so on the earnest recommendations of her friends who are acquainted with both herself and Holborn and their domestic troubles. Since a resident of Little Falls, Mrs. Holborn is said to have conducted herself in a manner above suspicion.

Fred and Mary Ann Wissbrod
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, MN) Friday, July 18, 1913; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

(News Tribune Special.)

LITTLE FALLS, Minn., July 17.-A somewhat unusual suit was started in the district court this morning. The action is brought by Mary Ann Wissbrod against her husband Fred Wissbrod. The complaint alleges that Mrs. Wissbrod, who is 70 years of age, left home in 1906, and it is understood that he is now in Canada. He left a farm of 272 acres in the town of Erhards Grove and the suit is brought by Mrs. Wissbrod to secure a court decree, placing the title solely in her name, in order that she may be able to handle the land or dispose of it as she sees fit without securing her husbands signature to the deeds.

The law provides that: "Whenever a married man shall be deserted by his wife, or a married woman by her husband for the space of one year, or whenever he or she would, for any cause, be entitled to a divorce, or whenever he or she has a husband or wife that has been insane for 10 years, and upon the hearing thereof shall be found incurably insane, the party so deserted or whose spouse may be insane as the case may be, may bring action to alien, sell and convey the same without the consent of the party deserting. "

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