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1878 Business Directory and Gazetteer

A station on the M. & St. P. Ry, in the southwestern corner of Mower county, about 20 miles from Austin, the county seat.

An incorporated village of about 700 souls in the northern central part of Mower county, 10 miles from Austin, the county seat, and 95 miles from St. Paul. It is also a statin of the S. M. Ry. Has a church each of Congregationalists, Christians and Baptists, and a graded school. Contains a steam flouring mill, 4 hotels and a dozen or more supply stores. The mechanic arts and professions are also well represented. Exports principally of the cereals. Express, American. Telegraph, Western Union. Mail twice daily. Steven Ives, postmaster.

Anderson R, hotel propr.
Bacon B F, General Store.
Britts A J, livery stable.
Britts D A, physician.
Brown A D, flour mill.
Brown H A, Lumber and Grain.
Brown H S, Hotel Propr.
Bull T P, blacksmith.
Cargill & Van, grain dealers.
Casey & Heising, saloon.
Clopp H A, butcher.
Dahle T K, hardware.
Ellsworth L J, general store.
Glover R, coal and wood.
Graves J B, contractor.
Hansen Ole, blacksmith.
Harris H, hotel propr.
Hayes George, hotel propr.
Haynes P H, railroad and express agent.
Hunt A J, lawyer.
Ives Stephen, carpenter.
Jepson Jens, wagonmaker.
Lawrence & Bolion, general store.
Lynch Charles, blacksmith.
McKennett Bros, blacksmiths.
Barsh & Hunt, groceries and drugs.
Matthews W H, feed mill.
Priest J N, general store.
Ralph George E, Saloon.
Sanborn J E, agricultural implements.
Sleeper & Sons, Groceries and Drugs.
Stimson E J, harnessmaker.
Swift A, carpenter.
Thatcher J A, painter.
Thatcher I C, grain dealer.
Weiser & Shorlt, collection agents.

An incorporated village of 200 inhabitants, in the township of the same name, near the center of Mower county, 15 miles by wagon road and 18 miles by rail from Austin, the county seat and 115 miles to St. Paul. It is a station on the S. M. Ry. Has a Congregational church and district schools, 2 hotels and a variety of stores and well supplied with mechanics. First settled in 1873. American Express company has an agency here, and the village is in telegraphic communicatin with the rest of mankind. Mail twice daily. L. M. Gaskill, postmaster.

Barry J, wood dealer.
Buck George W, general store.
Chamberlin M D, hotel propr.
Converse A N, lumber, grain and butcher.
Dewey A H, blacksmith.
Dudfield H, blacksmith.
Dudfield H & E, hardware.
Gaskill J L, agricultural impts.
Hartwell G W, grain dealer.
Havens W W, Carriage and Wagonmakers.
King Samuel, grain dealer.
King Bros, general store.
Loomis & Converse, grain dealers.
Mapes E, General Store.
Nichols M H, harnessmaker.
Pearce Charles H, railroad and express agent.
Pearce G D, general store.
Pettit S C, lumber mnfr.
Pettit C S & Co, druggists.
Steppe Wm, furniture.
Stewarat Alexander, grain dealer.
Swan Robert, hotel propr.
Vermylia David, tinner.
Vermylia Joseph, blacksmith.
Vermylia Bros, hardware.

In the southeastern part of Mower county, 3 miles north of Rose Creek Station.

A station on the C., M. & St P. Ry., in the township of the same name, in the northwestern part of Mower county, 6 miles from Austin, the county seat, and 98 from St. Paul. It is also located on Cedar creek, which furnishes power for driving mills at this point. Contains a hotel, several stores, a Methodist Episcopal church and public school. Is a well settled neighborhood, and has a surplus of wheat for shipment. Settled in 1856. Express, American. Telegraph, Northwestern. Mail, twice daily. W. B. Vaughan, postmaster.

Barklov Rev C T, (Methodist).
Bartlett & McIntyre, General Store.
Chapman G H, pump mnfr.
Emstus A, flour mill.
Foote L A, express and railroad agent.
Fuller Bros, Blacksmiths.
Madfield C, hotel propr.
Robinson J E, justice of the peace.
Vaughan P D, general store, coal and lumber dealer.
Vaughan W B, General Store.
White W H, lumber dealer.

An incorporated village of 250 souls, a station on the Austin & Mason City branch of the M. & St. P. Ry., in the township of Lyle, southwestern corner of Mower county, 12 miles from Austin, the county seat, and 112 from St. Paul. Cedar river in the neighborhood, furnishes power for operating 2 mills. First settled in 1870. Exports, wheat. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, American and United States. Mail thrice daily. Thomas Irgens, postmaster.

Chase C L, flouring mill.
Ellison S, blacksmith.
Gerbie Wm, hotel propr.
Halvorson Bros, general store.
Hanson T, saddlery.
Hedemark B D, boot and shoemaker.
Irgens Thomas, General Store.
Jerabek Frank, express and railroad agent.
Johnson Bros, druggists.
Knutson P., hardware.
McLaughlin T, grain dealer.
Myhre J O, general store.
Reinshmit John, Blacksmith.
Scarf R H, druggist.
Sherman L W, lumber dealer and grain buyer.
Stanley Wm, justice of the peace.

In the northwestern corner of Mower county. Lansing, on the C., M. & St. P. Ry., is about 5 miles distant.

In the northeastern part of Mower county. Brownsdale, the nearest railroad station, lies 1 mile south.

In the southwestern part of Mower county, 5 miles southwest of Adams station.

Source: Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1878. Submitted by Mary Kay Krogman.

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