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OBITS: Sarah Cummins, Neilson Boy
MILITARY: WWI Casualties - collected and organized by Susan Duff-Erkel
NEWS-BUSINESS: First National Bank, J. H. McClentic, Isaac Westover, Deller & Gunz, Seth Soule, R. Griffith, J. H. Walker, N. P. Austin, R. Dunkleman, A. G. Lawyer, Johnson & Bro., James Truesdell
WILLS: Probate Notices-J. Adam Koebrick

PUBLIC OFFICIALS: News-W. D. Owen, Al Malcomson, John Frank
MILITARY: Soldiers-Anthony G. Gennakouri, Loren H. Woodle, Dave M. Wentzel, Olaf B. Damm
MILITARY: WWI Casualty News-Charles H. Earl, Olaf B. Dann, Adolf Svejkovsky
WILLS: Inheritance taxes-Crane, Cushing, Dunneth, Ellis, Finkelson, French, Gilligan, Griffith, Helmer, Henseng, Johnson, Lightly, Lund, Morse, Nelson, Peterson, Wright

OBITS: Senator Nolan-transcribed by Heather Holley
OBITS: B. L. Merril, Evans Child-submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-ANNIVERSARIES: Obediah Smith-submitted by Robin Line

JUNE 2017
Submitted by Robin Line:
OBITS: John Johnson, David D. Smith, Pierce Infant, Hill Twins, Mrs. Pat Kane, Beulah May Smart
MARRIAGES: Iverson-Olson
COURT: Ole Iverson Guardianship

MARCH 2017
OBITS: Edward Jardan
MILITARY: Korean and Vietnam War Casualties
DIRECTORIES: 1878 Gazetteer and Business Directory
PUBLIC OFFICIALS: 1878 County Officers
Submitted by Robin Line:
OBITS: B. N. Johnson
PEOPLE: W. H. Morris, E. Mathews and William Howe
MARRIAGES: Sterling-Patterson
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: Mrs. George Hay, Mrs. Houghton

Submitted by Robin Line:
OBITS: Frank Stanley, George Weatherby, Jacob Richard Hickok
NEWS-BUSINESS: Lobb & Conklin
NEWS-BITS: News from 1885
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Mrs. George P. Morse, Henry Buestrin
SCHOOLS: Miss Trigg and Addie Teeter

OBITS: Clara Beisecker, submitted by Kim Torp
Submitted by Robin Line:
BIO: W. J. Boynton, Alice A. Williams
BIRTHS: Morgan Boy, Decker Boy
NEWS-BUSINESS: Williams Hotel, T. H. Pridham
PEOPLE: S. F. Gibbons, J. A. Claesson, L. C. Griffith
MARRIAGES: Showers-Waye, Brown-Martin, Carroll-Murphy, Schottenbauer-Murphy
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1900-Population Increase
NEWS-FIRE: 1900-Paddelford's Store
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: John F. Rockwell, Edna Huser, Walter Ward, C. F. Woodle

JULY 2016
FAMILY: Feud between Day and Waller families - transcribed by the Alberti's
MARRIAGES: Voss-Kellner
OBITS: Mrs. I. G. Coffman, Mary Cook
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1869-Cheap Land
BIRTHS: Johnson Son
CHURCH: 1869 News-New Baptist Church
NEWS-CRIME: John Bacon and Russell Chase Arrested
NEWS-BUSINESSES: James Truesdell, P. Zeller, Benjamin Sammons
NEWS-VISIT: John Avery

OBITS: Nancy Clement, Frederick Allison, Mr. Wright, Schick Boy
NEWS-VISIT: Christian Alleman, Lynn Folger, J. C. Folger, Claude Scheckel, G. S. Pitts, Raymond Folger
FAMILY: Everingham Family Reunion
PEOPLE: Albert Holtdorf, James Dalton, M. C. Potter
NEWS-BUSINESS: George Swazey, Chase & Bacon, J. J. Hayes, J. B. Revord, Wentworth Hayes

OBITS: Deborah Hartley, Adelbert Heinmiller, Mrs. Main
PEOPLE: Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Winkel, Bertha Bahls, R. V. Wright, J. L. Clark, S. M. Laribee, A. B. DeLaRonde, H. A. Brown
BIRTHS: Bustad Triplets
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1936-Women hold all major Taopi offices; 1940-Women hold all Taopi offices
NEWS-SICK: Frank de Prema, Wentworth Hayes' Daughter, Martin Johnson
NEWS-CRIME: 1913-Bank Blown Up, Michael Koop (victim), O. M. Kerr (arrested), Louis Thompson (victim), 1925-Taopi Bank Robbery
CHURCH: 1869 Directory
NEWS-CALAMITIES: 1891-Fatal Railroad Accident

JULY 2015
SCHOOLS: 1906-Graduation, 1896-Dexter School Meeting
BIRTHS: Padelford Daughter, Harrison Son
PEOPLE: Forest Jones
WILLS: Esther M. Somers
COURT: Rufus L. Kimball
FAMILY: Otto Behend
CHURCH: 1916-Julia Simons

OBITS: William Page, Edward Varco, Seth S. Washburn
MARRIAGES: Smith-Schwartz, Fisch-Lewis

OBITS : Edwin W. Johnson
MARRIAGES: Sabin-Heydt

Apr. 2014: Bio: Hormel - transcribed by Nancy Overlander

Feb. 2014: Obits: Coclin, Mason, Williamson - transcribed by mb
Bios: Belden, Furlong, Johnson, Sweningsen - transcribed by Vicki Bryan
Community news for Adams, Blooming Prairie, Brownsdale, Dexter, Grand Meadow, Lansing, LeRoy, Moscow, Nevada, Racine, Rose Creek, Sargeant, Taopi - transcribed by mb

Feb. 2014: Bios: Belden, Furlong, Johnson, Sweningsen - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

July 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Apr. 2013: Early Mower Co. Marriage Licenses to 1884; Civil War Deaths - Soldiers from Mower Co..

Mar. 2013: Obit: Bostwick
Marriage Announcement: Elliott - Garish

Jan. 2013: Marriage: Allen-Moore

July 2012: Bio: Burnham

May 2012: Bio: Ames; Marriage: Bacon-Nickels

Apr. 2012: Bios: Frank, Morgan

Mar. 2012: Tornado (1928); Bios: Clement, Crane, Steenerson; Obits: Beemis, Boyd, Hovda, Johnson, Shields, Van Winkle, Wilhelm

Feb. 2012: Civil War History; WW2 Army Honor List; Bio: Kingsley; Mower Co. History (1911); 1st Settlers of Mower Co.

Jan 2012: Early history and county organization; Sick List news for WRIGHT

Previous Updates:
Obits for HALL, Andrew, Andrew Jr, & Samuel; News Item for INGMUNDSON; obits for BROWNING, BARRICK; Bio for Moses Armstrong; Partial Cemetery listings: Cedar City, Dexter, Frankford, Grand Meadow, Greenwood, Lansing, Oakwood, Pleasant Valley, Rose Creek, Salem, Tanner, Taopi, Udolpho, Waltham & Woodbury

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