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https:- - 1884 - - REV. WILKINSON
Source: The Saint Paul Globe (MN) August 23, 1884; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

FULDA, Minn., Aug. 18. - Our pastor, Rev. Wilkinson, who is ever on the alert for the instruction and pleasure of his people, secured a reading from Miss Helen Mar Bennett last Thursday evening. Owing to not being well advertising the audience was small, but those who heard her unite in saying it was a treat.

https:- - 1910 - - CHURCH FIRE
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, MN) Tuesday, November 22, 1910; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Northwest Briefs.
Fulda, Minn.-Fire which is thought to have started from an overheated furnace completely destroyed the Catholic church here last night. The loss will be $10,000, only part of which is covered by insurance.

https:- - 1910 - - PASTOR DEPOSED
Source: Aberdeen Daily News (Aberdeen, SD) Thursday, December 1, 1910; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Presbytery of Sioux Falls, Convicts Rev. Mr. Foster of Fulda, Minn.

Sioux Falls, Dec. 1.-Found guilty of gross immorality and suspended from ministerial rights and privileges in the decision as the results of a church trial held in Sioux Falls by the presbytery of the Sioux Falls District.

The defendant is Rev. Frank Leighton Foster, for a time pastor of the Federated Free Baptist and Congregational churches at Valley Springs, near Sioux Falls, but who is now at Fulda, Minn.

Foster's request to ordination after he had said he already was ordained was responsible for the investigation of the charges brought against him.

Fulda, where Mr. Foster made his headquarters while having two others field, is within the boundaries of the Sioux Falls presbytery, and this is why the church trial took place in Sioux Falls. The moderator of the meeting was Rev. Mr. Horton of Valley Springs while Rev. A. C. McCauley of Bridgewater was scribe. Rev. Mr. Bates of Salem acted as prosecutor, with Rev. F. L. Barackman of Sioux Falls looking after the interests of the accused clergyman. Some of the charges against the deposed was that he married his wife in New York state and eloped with another woman; other charges were before the committee and received consideration. Following his disappearance and that of the woman from a little town in the empire state, the church, with which was then connected expelled him from its membership. This was in the summer of 1906.

In addition to suspending Foster from all rights and privileges of the ministry, the decision forbids him to preach and commands him to leave Fulda, Minn., at once. The presbytery ruled that during the next twelve months, should he wish to do so, he will be allowed to resent to the presbytery any evidence he may secure to disprove the charges of which he has been found guilty.

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