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Herbert Allen
[Source: East Oregonian (Eugene, OR) Aug. 28, 1909] mkk
Seattle, Aug. 28. - "Lead me to an oasis in the land of pop and lemonade," is the comment which Herbert Allen of Lake WIlson, Minn., recorded under the head of "remarks" in the register book of one of the state buildings at the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposition.

The fact that there are no intoxicating liquors sold on the exposition grounds, has provoked many remarks in the registers of the various buildings from thirsty sightseers who hail from places where the prohibition ban is unknown.

The state law which requires that no intoxicants be sold within two miles of the state university, makes it a crime to sell it on the exposition grounds, which are on the south end of the university campus.

This has its advantage which more than makes up for the inconvenience to certain individuals, as there have been no brawls or crimes on the grounds.

Blanche Coburn
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, MN) Saturday, May 16, 1896; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Blanche, the pretty 12-year-old daughter of Lameil Coburn of Fulda, Minn., eloped with Rock Wilson, aged 28, believed to be a deserter from the regular army.

C. F. Coburn
Source: Daily Illinois State Journal (Springfield, IL) Wednesday, August 20, 1913; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

MURRAY COUNTY, MINN.-I desire to sell 1,200 acres, 5 farms, belonging to the Coburn estate. Improved. Well located. Reasonable terms and prices. C. F. Coburn, Agt., Fulda, Minn.

Dungan Children
Source: Evening Times (Grand Forks, ND) Thursday, May 23, 1912; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Ellendale, N. D., May 22.-Frank Dungan, who shot and killed James Cole at Fullerton, N. D., May 4, hung himself in his cell last night. It is supposed he was insane. His wife was committed to the insane asylum March 1 and died there April 2. Two children were taken to relatives at Fulda, Minn.

Dungan hanged himself with short pieces of rope and his suspenders. When found his feet touched the floor. He had fastened the cell door from the inside so help could not reach him. The prisoner in the next cell heard go sound during the night.

Haberman Daughter
Source: Grand Forks Daily Herald (Grand Forks, ND) Tuesday, August 30, 1892; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

The 3-Year-Old Child of a Farmer Near Fulda, Minn., Cannot Be found.

A Hundred Men Search for Hours for the Little One Without Avail.
FULDA, Minn., Aug. 29.-During the evening a farmer named Haberman, who lives about one mile out of town came in and informed the people that one of his twin girls, about 3 years old, was lost somewhere on the prairie. The child went to the road which ran near the house and with her sister wandered along the highway from the house about a quarter of a mile and out of sight of her parents. A short time after, the sister of the little girl who is lost returned and said "Julia had gone after candy." The parents went in search, but could not find any trace of the child, but hunted nearly all day before they alarmed the town people. Search was made until dark by a few, but about 10 men went out at daybreak and the search has been continued by hundreds of people all day long. Every foot of the prairies for miles around has been carefully examined and searched without avail. No trace or clue of the missing child has as yet been found and night has again come and all have gone home and abandoned the search. The opinion is now quite general that the child has been abducted.

Christ Klinge
Source: Minneapolis Journal (Minneapolis, MN) Tuesday, November 24, 1896; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Special to The Journal.
Fulda, Minn., Nov. 24.-The house of Christ Klinge, a farmer, burned last night and is a total loss. The family had narrow escapes from death.

O. T. Moe
[Source: The Hillsboro Argus (Hillsboro, OR) May 12, 1904] mkk
W. O. Moe, of Main street, this city, has received word, through a Slayton, Minn., newspaper, that his father, O. T. Moe, now in his 85th year, has just grown six, new well formed teeth, besides gaining his second sight. Physicians say that this is one of the most remarkable cases in the annals of medical jurisprudence. The old gentleman is hale and heart and can yet run a creditable footrace against his grandsons. Sixty years ago this sprightly octogenarian was champion sprinter and standing broad jumper of Norway - and Norway is full of men who can "go some."

Henry Tamman
Source: Minneapolis Journal (Minneapolis, MN) Tuesday, May 12, 1896; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

A Family of Five Injured at Fulda, Minn.

Special to The Journal.
Fulda, Minn., May 12.-During a rain and wind last night, the house of Henry Tamman was blown over. All the family, consisting of five persons, were hurt more or less, but all will recover.

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