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Mrs. A. Bach
From the Duluth News-Tribune, dated January 17, 1907:

Leaves Seven Grown Children

Avoca, Minn., Jan. 16 – Mrs. A. Bach, aged 64 years, died today from a complication of paralysis and cold. She leaves seven grown children.

Contributed by Denise Hansen

Morris Bales
Source: Daily Illinois State Journal (Springfield, IL) February 19, 1891; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Bales.-Mr. Morris Bales, and old resident and highly respected citizen, died of typhoid pneumonia at 6 o'clock yesterday morning at the residence of his son, Mr. Charles W> Bales in this city. He was born in Virginia, Feb. 6, 1825, and had resided in this county for thirty years. He was a carpenter by trade, and an honest and upright man. He is survived by four daughters and three sons, viz: Mrs. R. J. Wilson, of Fulda, Minn.; Mrs. Geo. M. Constant, of Riverton, Ill.; Mrs. A. R. Case, of Venice, Ill.; Mrs. W. A. Eulass, of Indianapolis, Ind.; George C. Bales, of Joliet, Ill.; and Charles W. and Frank Bales, of Springfield.

There will be no funeral services. The funeral train will leave the Illinois Central depot at 8 a.m. to-morrow for Wolf Creek cemetery, and services will be held at the church there at 9:30 o'clock.
Note: See Mrs. Moses Bales Obit . . . Moses/Morris

Mrs. Moses Bales
Source: Daily Illinois State Journal (Springfield, IL) January 20, 1890; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Bales-Died, Jan. 17, at her home, 501 South College street, Mrs. Moses Bales, aged 62 years of cancer. Funeral 9 a.m., Jan. 20, at the residence.

Mrs. Bales was born in Madison county, Ohio, and had resided in Sangamon county since 1852. She was a member of the Methodist church for forty-seven years and possessed a lovely Christian character, being always prominently identified with the work of the church. She was a member of the Ladies' Soldiers' Aid Society during the war, and a member of the existing organization of the survivors of that society. She leaves a husband and seven children, Mrs. George W. Constant of Riverton; Mrs. Clinton Wilson of Fulda, Minn.; Mrs. Alonzo Cease of Venice, Ill.; Mrs. W. A. Enlass of Indianapolis, Ind.; Mr. George Bales of Gardner, Frank Bales of the American Express Company here and Charles W. Bales of this city. All the children are here. The remains will be taken on the Illinois Central to wolf Creek Cemetery for interment.
Note: See Morris Bales Obit . . . Moses/Morris

Clifford Earl Bathen
Source: Omaha World Herald (Omaha, NE) Wednesday, December 30, 1896; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Clifford Earl Bathen, aged 4 months died yesterday at the Christian home, from consumption. He was sent here from Fulda, Minn. Burial takes place at 2 o'clock this afternoon.

Bierdan Son
Source: Chicago Herald (Chicago, IL) Monday, June 15, 1891; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

A fourteen-year-old son of M. Bierdan, of Slayton, Minn., accidentally shot himself yesterday. He died in half an hour.

Jesse Case
Wenona (IL) -- Mrs. H. H. Whitney received word of the death of Mrs. Jesse Case at her home in Slayton, Minn. She has been very ill for some time and her death was not unexpected. Mrs. Case was a former resident of this city and has a host of friends here who sympathize with the bereaved family.

SOURCE: [Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, March 18 1915 - Submitted by Nancy Piper]

Alexander Coffitt
Source: Aberdeen American (Aberdeen, SD) Friday, May 3, 1907; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Minneapolis, Minn., May 3.- Take me back to Fulda and buy me a good coffin. - This is the message Alexander Coffitt, sixty years of age, a well to do resident of Fulda, Minn., - - ft when he cut his throat with a razor yesterday morning. He died within a few minutes after the keen blade has severed his jugular vein. Domestic troubles caused Coffitt to kill himself. He was possessed of property worth $12,000 at Fulda. His wife secured a divorce decree Wednesday and Coffitt went to Minneapolis to consult his brother. Arriving late in the evening Coffitt went to the home of E. P. Lindquist, for the night. He paced the floor until yesterday morning, when he cut his throat.

Thomas Connors
[Source: Saint Paul Globe (MN) Jan. 24, 1901, page 6] mkk

Stiffened Corpse of Thomas Connors, of Currie, Found by Searchers.

FULDA, Minn., Jan. 23. - In this county, near Currie, Thomas Connors was found dead on Sunday afternoon last. He went to Currie on the 15th inst. from home, having walked into town, a distance of about seven miles, and, as his family supposed that he was visiting some friends in the vicinity of Currie, they did not expect anything was wrong until Saturday, the 19th inst., when a search was instituted, and the body was found frozen stiff on the following day, and had neither cap, shoes or overcoat on, those articles of clothing having all been found at different places and at some distance from the body. From those facts and other circumstances there can be no doubt but he wandered around a great deal over the fields and meadows, and, as a result of the same, when he began to get cold and discovered that he had lost his way, his mind became disarranged so that he so removed his garments and clothing and froze to death within so short a distance of town. The last time he was seen in town was the night of the 15th inst., when he started for home on foot in the dark and during a severe northwest wind that was bitter and cold. No one ever saw him alive after he so left town. The coroner viewed the body on Sunday night, and decided that an inquest was unnecessary. The deceased was about sixty years of age and leaves a widow and quite a large family, most of them are grown up. He was one of the old citizens of the county, being among the earliest settlers.

Mrs. William Donnelly
From the Western Appeal St. Paul, Minnesota, dated August 6, 1887
Mrs. William Donnelly was killed by lightening on the 29th, 4 miles from Currie, Murray county.

Contributed by Denise Hansen

Monica Downey
Source: Grand Forks Daily Herald (Grand Forks, ND) Tuesday, December 11, 1906; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Miss Monica Downey, Cousin of Mrs. J. C. Sherlock,
Died Very Suddenly At Her Home At Fulda.

One of the saddest deaths that has occurred in this section f the state for some time past was that of Miss Monica Downey, aged 19 years who died very suddenly last week at the home of her parents at Fulda, Minn. The deceased was a first cousin of Mr. J. C. Sherlock of this city. The deceased was a young lady of exemplary character and was highly esteemed by all who knew her. Her death was very sudden. She was taken ill while watching a game on the school grounds, and three days later she had received the final summons. The funeral was held last Wednesday, mass being said by Rev. Father Bartholomew at the Catholic church at Fulda. Mr. Daniel Downey, father of the deceased is known to nearly all of the old settlers around East Grand Forks and Grand Forks

Chris Erickson
From the Duluth News-Tribune, dated August 23, 1917:

First Minnesota Boy Soldier to Die in France Is Buried at Slayton

Slayton, Aug. 22 - The body of Chris Erickson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arne Erickson of this city, first of Gen. J.J. Pershing's force in France to lose his life, has arrived here for burial. He enlisted in the infantry at Mankato, April 27, and died of diphtheria.

Contributed by Denise Hansen

Gerd Gerdes
Source: Grand Forks Daily Herald (Grand Forks, ND) Thursday, April 14, 1904; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Fulda, Minn., April 13.-The body of Gerd Gerdes, a resident of this place and an agent for the Day Land company, was found today in a snow drift near the railroad track, a few miles from Andover, S. D. Gerdes left home last Monday on a trip to South Dakota for his agency. It is believed that he was blown from the coach platform by the storm while attempting to pass from one coach to another.

William Greenfield
Source: New Ulm Review (MN) Sept. 28, 1892, page 2; submitted by Robin Line
William Greenfield of Chandler, while on a load of hay was killed by lightning.

Haberman Twin Daughter
Source: Aberdeen Daily News (Aberdeen, ND) Saturday, October 29, 1892; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

The body of the 3 year-old child of Frank Haberman, that was lost Aug. 27, at Fulda, Minn., was found in a slough not far from the residence of the parents. The remains were in a good condition.

Frank J. Haberman
[Source: Bowbells Tribune (ND) Oct. 19, 1900] mkk
Fulda, Minn., Oct. 17. - Frank J. Haberman, a young farmer, was killed by being thrown off a load of lumber while on his way home from town.

Bertha Hancock
Source: The Saint Paul Globe (MN) August 30, 1888; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

A Young Woman Fatally Burned While Preparing a Meal.
Special to the Globe.
FULDA, Minn., Aug. 29.-A frightful accident befell Miss Bertha Hancock while preparing breakfast this morning. Her clothes caught fire and she was burned to a crisp. She lived but a few hours after the accident. Her mother was in the house at the time of the accident and she was terribly burned about her hands in her frantic efforts to extinguish the flames. Miss Hancock was eighteen years old, a member of the M. E. church of this place and was a young lady highly esteemed by all who knew her.

Mary Ann Herrig
The Alton Democrat (IA) March 10, 1933, transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]


Death Calls Alton Mother - Mrs. M. Herrig

Mrs. Matt Herrig, a resident of this community since 1890 died at her home in Alton Friday night at nine o'clock. She was confined to bed for six weeks before her passing and for several years had not been in good health. Mrs. Herrig was 63 years of age.

Mary Ann Koob was born May 3, 1868 in Dubuque county, Iowa. She was married at St. Donatus on October 23, 1889, to Mr. Matt. Herrig. To this union seven children were born of whom three died in infancy. The four children living are Mrs. Mary Harens and Mike Herrig, Alton; Mrs. Ernest Heying (Anna), Crookston, Nebraska; Mrs. Al. Jonas (Martha), Ashton. Besides her husband and children, she is survived by eight grandchildren, and by one brother, Henry Koob, of Iona, Minn.

On March 20, 1890 Mr. and Mrs. Herrig moved to Alton and settled on a farm east of town, where they lived until 33 years ago. At that time they bought a farm northeast of Alton, making their home there for twenty-seven years. Six years ago they retired from farm life and bought a comfortable home in Alton where they have since lived. Always devoted to her family, Mrs. Herrig nevertheless was one who found time for many neighborly acts of kindness, and she was loved by all who knew her.

Mr. Herrig is confined to bed with illness and was unable to attend the funeral.

Funeral services at nine o'clock Tuesday morning were at St. Mary's Catholic church of which Mrs. Herrig was a faithful member, and were in charge of Very Rev. M. A. Schemmel. Over one hundred relatives and a large throng of friends attended the services. Among relatives here from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Muenster, Mrs. John Muenster, of Dubuque; Messrs. George Herrig, John Herrig, Nick Herrig and son Raymond, of St. Donatus, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Herrig and family, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Herrig and son Hubert, daughter Celia; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Koob, Mr. Martin Koob, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ehlringer, all of Iona, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Heying Crookston, Nebraska; Mr. and Mrs. Al Jonas, Ashton; Mr. Charles Solinger, Sioux Falls, S. D.; Mr. and Mrs. Jake Shares and daughters, Ida and Dorothhy, Miss Mary Herrig, of Waterloo; Mrs. Peter Nemmers, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Wiltgen and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Reuter, Mrs. Margaret Tentinger, Mr. and Mrs. John Nemmers and family, LeMars; Mrs. Bert De Much, son and daughter, Woodstock, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Mat Huss, Fairmont, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. John Mueller, Mr. and Mrs. John Theis, Mr. John Seifert, Mr. John Koob, Hawarden; Mr. and Mrs. Will Klein, Mr. and Mrs. John Becker, John, Al and Emma Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. John Gloden, Hospers; Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Plathe, Granville; Messrs. and Desdames Mike Harens and Barney Koob were Granville friends here, besides many other friends from neighboring towns.

Other callers on Sunday were Mrs. Ben Arning, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Umhoefer, Mrs. Jake Wagner, Ashton; Mrs. J. Graufler, Mr. Alex Nemmers of Le Mars; Mr. and Mrs. Pete Gaul, Miss Rose Fischbach, Miss Rose Nemmers, Mr. Henry Goebel and Miss Anna, Mr. Ted Kelin, Mrs. Tony Schuver, of Granville; Misses Margaret Koob ande Juliette Mueller, Hawarden,.

Mrs. William Homuth
[Source: New Ulm review, March 6, 1907. Transcribed by J. Alberti.]

Captive of Chief White Lodge Passes Away at Mankato.

Mrs. William Homuth, a woman with a remarkable life history, died at her home in Mankato on Friday of cancer of the liver.

Mrs. Homuth had a thrilling experience during the Lake Shetek massacre in August, 1862. She was then living with Andrew Koch, her first husband, who was killed on the 20th day of that month.

After her husband had been shot and her home destroyed, Mrs. Koch was compelled by the Indians to get up the oxen and hitch them to a wagon and drive them into the Indian country. In this way she traveled ten days. She was the captive of White Lodge, an ugly chief of one of the upper bands. The old chief threatened to shoot her if she did not drive on, and making a virtue of necessity she reluctantly obeyed.

Soon after she was required to carry the chief's gun. Watching her opportunity she destroyed the explosive quality of the cap and dampened the powder tube, leaving the gun apparently all right. Soon after she again refused to go any further in that direction, and again White Lodge threatened her with death. She bared her bosom and dared him to fire. He aimed his gun at her breast and essayed to fire, but the gun refused to take part in the work of death.

The superstitious savage, supposing that she bore a charmed life, lowered his gun and asked which way she wished to go. She pointed toward the settlements, and in that direction the teams were turned. They reached the neighborhood of the upper agency ten days after leaving Lake Shetek, and about the time of the arrival of the troops under Col. Sibley in the vicinity of Wood Lake and Yellow Medicine. White Lodge did not like the looks of things around Wood Lake and left, moving off in an opposite direction for greater safety. Mrs. Koch was finally rescued at Camp Release after wading or swimming the Minnesota river ten times in company with a friendly squaw.

Charles Henry Jones
Source: Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) September 22, 1917; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Funeral of Charles Henry Jones, 75, Will Be Held Today.
Charles Henry Jones, brother of Lieutenant Colonel Samuel R. Jones, of the quartermaster's department, Portland, died Thursday at the family residence at Courtney station, at the age of 75 years. The funeral will be held today at 2 o'clock at the Portland Crematorium. The funeral is to be conducted by J. P. Finley & Son.

Mr. Jones has been a resident of Oregon for about five years. Prior to coming west he lived for 20 years at LeMars, Ia., where for some time he was Justice of the Peace. He was state commander of the Grand Army of the Republic in Iowa. He was born in Tamaqua, Penn., in 1842.

Mr. Jones is survived by his widow, Mary A. Jones, and the following sons: Sheldon S., Dr. Marion J., H. Kersey Dunham Jones, all of Portland; J. W. Jones, of Fulda, Minn., and Rowland Jones, of Gettysburg, S. D.

Louis Kellogg
Source: Chicago Herald (Chicago, IL) Monday, June 15, 1891; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Louis Kellogg fell to the bottom of an eighty-foot well near Fulda, Minn., yesterday and was instantly killed.

Charles Lee
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, MN) Saturday, November 18, 1893; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

FULDA, Minn., Nov. 17.-Charles Lee was killed by the cars three miles west of town. He was drunk and was lying on the track.

James Mair
From the Minnesotan-Herald, dated March 6, 1875
A sad affair happened in the town of Currie, Murray county, in the death of a townsman, James Mair, who died on the 14th inst., from the effects of some corrosive sublimate he had taken through a mistake nine days previous.  Medical aid was promptly on hand when he took it, and for a few days his recovery was hopeful, but the poison seemed to have got into his system, and he gradually failed until his death.  Besides his many friends, he leaves a wife and five children to mourn his loss.

Contributed by Denise Hansen.

Rev. Neil McDiarmid
Source: The Worthington Advance (MN) June 20, 1889; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

The Rev. Neil McDiarmid, formerly a Presbyterian minister of Fulda, Minn., died in Minneapolis on the 6th inst. His disease was cancer. His age 55 years. He was very highly respected.

John O'Malley
[Source: Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) January 4, 1921] mkk
O'MALLEY - At 1704 East 8th st South, Dec, 27, 1920, John O'Malley, aged 82 years, husband of Ann O'Malley, who died 19 years ago, beloved father of Mrs. Matt Gisen, Melrose, Minn., Mrs. Ed Malloy of Curry, Minn., Mrs. Charles Taylor of Amarett, Minn., Mrs. A. M. Holley of Los Angeles, Cal., Mrs. Ray Crandall of Los Angeles, Cal., Mrs. George Hare of Fargo, North Dakota, Mrs. Nick Barger of Lacrosse, Wis. Friends may view the remains at the parlors of Walter C. Kenworthy; funeral services at St. Agatha Catholic church, cor. 15th and Miller, 9 A. M., Tuesday, Jan. 4, 1921. R. W. Gable & Co. in charge.

Edith Salsbrand
[Source: Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) Sept. 25, 1914] mkk
SALLSBRAND - The remains of the late Edith Salsbrand, aged 29 years, will be forwarded to Lake Wilson, Minn., this morning (Friday) by the Pearson Undertaking Co., for interment.

Harriet Snyder
Died: Mrs Harriet Snyder, wife of Michael Snyder deceased, died Saturday, August 13th 1904, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. A. Wilson of this city. Mrs. Snyder was 76 years, 9 months and 17 days old. She was born in New York State, came to Minnesota and this section some thirty years ago and has resided in Fulda over twelve years. She leaves seven sons and two daughters to mourn her loss, they are Delos, Philo, A.C., Abe, Geo., Jas., and John E., and Mrs. Alex Woolstencroft and Mrs J.A, Wilson. Grandma Snyder had many good friends and lived a useful life. She was well up to Wednesday and had visited her friends during the day, in the evening she was taken sick and her death followed Saturday. The funeral was held Monday, Rev, J. A. Saunders preaching the funeral sermon at the M.E. church. The remains were laid at rest in the Seward cemetery (Nobles County), by the side of her husband. The Free Press sympathizes with the bereaved family and relatives.
[Fulda Free Press - Submitted by Gary Boomgaarden]

Died: Mrs A C Snyder, of this place, died Tuesday evening, June 14th, 1904. Mrs. Snyder was sickly more or less all winter and lastly was attacked with typhoid fever, which, with other complications caused her death. She was 48 years old and has resided in Fulda and vicinity for many years. She is a sister of Judge B.W. Woolstencroft, of Slayton and Jack Woolstencroft, editor of the Heron Lake Times. She leaves a husband and eight children, six daughters and two sons, who mourn the loss of an industrious and good mother. Besides these she also leaves a large circle of relatives. The funeral will be held today and the remains will be laid to rest in the Seward cemetery (Nobles County). Rev. Saunders conducts services at the M.E. church. The Free Press joins in sympathizing friends in extending their sympathy to the bereaved family.
"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven"
[Fulda Free Press - Submitted by Gary Boomgaarden]

Annie Swindell
Source: The New York Times (NY) February 20, 1889; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Fulda, Minn., Feb. 19. - The facts of the life and death of Annie L. Swindell, the teacher in the Donaldson District, are somewhat mysterious. Miss Swindell was engaged last fall as a nurse by Mrs. McCready of Slayton. While at Slayton she was engaged to teach a five-months' term of school in this district and entered upon her duties Nov. 12, 1888.

Miss Swindell was of medium height, with gray hair, which she kept well dyed. She was always well dressed and wore a gold watch and chain. She spoke frequently of having lived in Baltimore and other Eastern cities. Recently she spoke of having lose some property. This seemed to worry her. Alluding to this she remarked that she would probably have to end her days in the poorhouse, as her relatives had misued her and she would be unable to support herself. She was apparently about 50 years old.

She received a large mail, but nothing could be found to establish the identity of her relatives. Friday she returned from school and complained of a pain in her head and eyes, took to her bed, rapidly grew worse, and died Monday morning.

James Taylor
Source: New Ulm Review (New Ulm, MN) October 12, 1892, page 7; submitted by Robin Line

Passed Away.
Slayton, Minn., Special, Oct. 10.-James Taylor, a prominent pioneer of this place, died today, aged seventy-six.

Mrs. Nicholas Vos 1955
Chandler. Minnesota Special
Funeral services for Mrs. Cornelia Vos. 92 will be 1:20 p.m. Wednesday at Chandler Reformed Church. Burial will be in the Hillside Cemetery. Edgerton, Minnesota.
Mrs. Vos died Sunday afternoon after suffering a stroke three weeks ago. A son. Walter of Los .Angles and a daughter-in-law, Mrs. Roy Vos of Worthington, Minnesota were killed in an automobile accident recently near Fulda, Minnesota while on their way to visit Mrs. Vos after her stroke. Another son, Roy Vos of Worthington. was critically injured in the same accident. Mrs. Vos was born in Oregon Territory, April 17. 1863 and moved io Pella. Iowa as a child. She was married to Nick Vos at Pella. February 22. 1892 and lived at Middlcburg, Hospers, Sioux City, and Alton, Iowa and Edgerton, Minnesota before moving to Chandler vicinity.
Survivors include three daughters, Mrs. Nell Grandia and Mrs. Lydia Schuld both of Edgerton and Mrs.Kate Zvvant of Chandler: five sons: Leonard and Roy of Worthington, John of Akeiey, Minnesota, Clarence of Lamberton, Minnesota and Charles of Edgerton. 42 grandchildren, 98 great-grandchildren and 16 great-great-grandchildren.

Walsh Boy
Source: Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH) Monday, January 16, 1888; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

St. Paul, Minn., January 15.-Special dispatches to-night report the following deaths by freezing in addition to the list of sixty-three published this morning:

. . . near Fulda, Minn., the twelve-year-old son of John Walsh . . .

B. W. Woolensraft
From the Duluth News-Tribune, dated October 24, 1908 - B.W. Woolensraft, judge of probate for Murray county and a candidate for re-election, died at Slayton the other day. He had been a county officer of Murray county for 38 years.

Contributed by Denise Hansen

Sarah Worden
Source: Morning Oregonian (Portland, OR) September 28, 1922; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

WORDEN - In this city, September 26, Sarah Worden, aged 85 years; mother of Thomas Worden of Fulda, Minn., Miles of St. Paul, Minn.; William and Mrs. Jeannett Williams of Los Angeles, Cal., and Mrs. Hattie Fossler of Portland. Funeral services will be conducted in the mortuary chapel of A. D. Denworthy & Co., 5802-4 92d st. S. E., in Lents, Thursday, September 28, at 2:30 P. M. Interment Mt. Scott Park cemetery.

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