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BIOS: Lorain Mason, Peter Peterson
OBITS: Frank J. Haberman, Thomas Connors
MILITARY: WWI Casualties - collected and organized by Susan Duff-Erkel
MARRIAGES: County Records 1873-1875
SIOUX UPRISING: Memories-1895-Reunion of Massacre Survivors
NEWS-ILLNESS: Earl Johnson

MAY 2018
OBITS: John O'Malley, Edith Salsbrand
OBITS: Mrs. William (Mariah) Homuth, transcribed by J. Alberti
MILITARY: WWI Casualty News-Erwin March
PEOPLE: O. T. Moe, Herbert Allen, Herbert Allen
COURT: E. L. Senn
BIRTHS: Helen Pearl Parrett
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: Frank E. McKee, K. M. Borgen Family

PUBLIC OFFICIALS: Rosters-1895 Fire Wardens
PUBLIC OFFICIALS: News-W. H. Bottoms, John C. Haumesser, P. Blaine
MILITARY: WWI Casualty News-Herman T. Ascher, Ezra Barrows, Isadore Zeiner
MILITARY: Soldiers-William M. Davis, W. J. Bloom, G. W. Behr
OBITS: James Taylor - Submitted by Robin Line
WILLS: Inheritance Tax-Coburn, Fahlen, Hjemstad, Johnson, Lyman, Maustrem, Omberson, Puhl, Ruppert, Schroeder, Schroll, Schulz, Siemer, Smith (2), Swanson, Tripp, Valentine

JUNE 2017
OBITS: Sarah Worden, Charles Henry Jones
OBITS: William Greenfield submitted by Robin Line
COURT: Miner vs. Hassing
BIO: Henry F. Pfeifer

MARCH 2017
NEWS-CRIME: Berry, Sullivan victim
NEWS-MILITARY: William Davis, Leroy E. Davis
OBITS: Neil McDiarmid, Annie L. Swindell
MILITARY: Korean and Vietnam War Casualties
DIRECTORIES: 1878 Gazetteer and Business Directory
PUBLIC OFFICIALS: 1878 County Officers

JULY 2016
BIO: Benjamin Woolstencroft
OBITS: Walsh Boy, Clifford Bathen, Haberman Twin Daughter
SIOUX UPRISING: List of Victims and Survivors
PEOPLE: Haberman Twin Daughter Missing
MARRIAGES: Davis-Condon
NEWS-SICK: Mrs. L. Schiltz
NEWS-CLUBS: 1883-G.A.R. Post Organized
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1896-Three Month Old Orphan
CHURCHES: 1884-Rev Wilkinson

OBITS: Mary Ann Herrig, Bertha Hancock, Gerd Gerdes
MARRIAGES: Posten-Bush, Wilson-Coburn
SIOUX UPRISING: Massacre Recalled- W. Everett
NEWS-VISIT: Peter Herrig, Mort Goins
NEWS-CRIME: W. B. Stine, 1901-Bank Safe Blown Open

HISTORY: The 1862 Dakota War, The Shetek Massacre, articles including - Edgar Bentley - The Duley Family - The Eastlick Family - The Everett Family - Charles D. Hatch - The Hurd Family - The Koch Family - The Ireland Family - The Myers Family - The Smith Family - John Voight - The Wright Family
NEWS-VISIT: Leona Wilson, Luella Bush

JULY 2015
FAMILIES: Bothwell Family
HISTORY: Geographical Naming History
SCHOOLS: Superintendent Moorhead
WILLS & PROBATE: James Westripp

OBITS: Charles Lee, Alexander Coffitt, Monica Downey
NEWS-PEOPLE: Henry Tamman, Dungan Children, C. F. Coburn, Christ Klinge, Blanche Coburn
CHURCH NEWS: 1910-Frank Foster Deposed, 1910-Church Burns

OBITS : Louis Kellog, Bierdan Son, Mrs. Moses Bales, Morris Bales
NEWS-STORM : 1881 Storm

February 2014:
Births - submitted by Tam

July 2013
1883 Pensioners on the Roll

November 2012
Marriage Announcement: Bush-Postin (1899)

April 2012
Biography; Nicolai Field

March 2012
Murray County Death Index 1908-1915
Biography: Clarence Dinehart
Death Notices: Chris Erickson (1917), Mrs A. Bach (1907), Mrs William Donnelly (1887), James Mair (1875)
Marriage Announcment: Tellinghast-Heig (1909)

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