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Dakota War
Outline of Events


Source: Willmar Tribune (MN) August 21, 1912; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

JULY 18, 1862-Over 5,000 Indians at Yellow Medicine agency without food supplies waiting for Government money and issue of supplies.

AUG. 4, 1862-Indians make demonstration at Yellow Medicine Agency, and take 30 sacks of flour before being scared away from wharehouses by soldiers and cannon.

AUG. 10, 1862-Provisions issued to Indians at Agency before money arrived and military retires to Fort Riegely.

AUG. 17-Indian Massacre begun. Indians kill five whites at Acton.

AUG. 18-Inquest at Acton by Judge Smith, 60 persons attending.

AUG. 18-At twilight Chief Little Crow agrees with Chief Little Six that war must begin.

AUG. 18-General massacre begins at Lower Agency in early morning, continuing all day, hundreds of settlers being killed throughout Minnesota Valley.

AUG. 18-New Ulm attacked in afternoon by marauding bands. Continue on 19th.

AUG. 18-Capt. Marsh and 23 men of Co. B, Fifth Minn., killed by Sioux in ambush at Redwood Ferry on Minnesota River.

AUG. 18, 1862-$71,000 of gold coin in kegs, for Indian annuities arrive at Fort Ridgely, two months late.

AUG. 19-Little Crow with 320 warriors attack Fort Ridgley. 200 leave him to continue plunder of settlements.

AUG. 20-Berger Thorson killed in cabin in what is now First Ward of Willmar.

AUG. 20-Band of Indians massacre 13 members of Broberg and Lundborg families at West Lake.

AUG. 20-Fort Ridgely attacked.

AUG. 21-Attack on Erickson's cabin on Eagle Lake Creek. Foot and Erickson wounded, Charlie Carlson and father killed.

AUG. 21-Nest Lake settlers attacked east of Diamond Lake. S. H. Backlund and Andreas Lorentson killed.

AUG. 21-Olson family massacred at Sletten's farm. Lars Endreson and son killed at Solomon Lake. Johannes Iverson killed at Crook Lake.

AUG. 23-New Ulm attacked by 650 warriors.

AUG. 27-Advance Col. Sibley's relief expedition reaches Fort Ridgley.

AUG. 30-Indians make raid on Fort Abercrombie and stampeded much stock.

SEPT. 2-Battle of Birch Coulie fought-24 killed and 60 wounded.

SEPT. 3-Battle at Acton fought between Capt. Strout's command and Little Crow's party of warriors.

SEPT. 3, 1862-Fort Abercrombie attacked.

SEPT. 4-Indians attack Forest City, capturing 60 horses and burning several buildings. White men safe in stockade.

SEPT. 4-Little Crow burned and plundered Hutchinson, while 160 armed white men were in stockade.

SEPT. 6-Attack on Fort Abercrombie renewed.

SEPT. 13-Threshers at Paynesville attacked by Indians.

SEPT. 22-Olson at Lake Ripley killed.

SEPT. 23-Battle at Wood Lake breaks organized Indian resistance in Minnesota.

SEPT. 24-241 white prisoners recovered at Camp Release.

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