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[Source: Mower County Transcript (Austin, MN) July 15, 1869; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]

RESIGNED-Hon. Thomas Wilson, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of this State, has resigned to enter the arena of politics, and to recuperate. Hon. J. Gilfillan, of St. Paul, has been appointed by Gov. Marshall, to fill the vacancy.

[Source: Mower County Transcript (Austin, MN) September 30, 1869; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]

The Democracy of Minnesota held their Convention on Thursday and nominated the following ticket:
For Governor - George L. Otis, of Ramsey county,
Lieutenant Governor-J. A. Wisewell of Blue Earth.
Secretary of State-F. G. Flandeland, of Fillmore.
Auditor of State-Lewis A. Evans, of Stearns
Attorney General-Seagrave Smith, of Dakcotah.
State Treasurer-Caspar Babreich, of Brown.
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court-Chas. E. Flandrau, of Hennepin county.
Clerk of Supreme Court-W. T. Bonniwell, of McLeoud.

[Source: New Ulm Weekly Review (New Ulm MN), January 16, 1878, page 2] submitted by Robin Line
The twentieth legislature of the State of Minnesota assembled at St. Paul, Tuesday, January 8th, at 12 p.m., and organized by the election of the following officers:
Chas. Johnson, Secretary.
Ed. H. Folson, Asst. Sec.
C. R. McKenney, Enrolling Clerk.
M. Anderson, Sergeant-at-arms,
A. Langhoug, Asst. Sergeant-at-arms.
Speaker-Hon. C. A. Gilman.
Chief Clerk-M. D. Flower.
First Asst. Clerk-Robert Deakin.
Second Asst. Clerk-J. B. Hopkins.
Engrossing Clerk-J. G. McGrew.
Enrolling Clerk-G. E. McKibben.
Asst. Enrolling Clerk, H. B. Cory.
Sergeant-at-arms-A. Slotten.
Asst. Sergeant-at-arms-L. H. Dayton.
Chaplain-Rev. Chauncy Hob

[Source: Cleveland Leader (OH) Tuesday, March 24, 1896; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]
Several of Them Were Held Yesterday and "Instructions for McKinley" Was the General Result.

Crookston, Minn., March 23.-The Seventh district Republicans to-day re-nominated Frank M. Eddy for Congress and elected C. J. Gunderson, of Alexandria, and E. G. Valentine, of Wilkin, as delegates to St. Louis. They are for McKinley.

Aitken, Minn., March 23.-Morrison Nichols, of Duluth, and Thomas D. Anderson, of Little Falls, were to-day elected delegates to St. Louis from the Sixth Minnesota district. The resolutions declare for Senator Davis as first choice for President with McKinley second choice. C. F. Hendrix was endorsed as delegate-at-large.

Hastings, Minn., March 23.-The Third district has elected Messrs. Hubbard and Paine delegates to St. Louis. They are pledged to McKinley.

Mankato, Minn., March 23.-The Second Minnesota district convention to-day elected W. R. Edwards of Tracy, and W. H. Rowe, of Watonwan, delegates to St. Louis. They are instructed for McKinley.

Hastings, Minn., March 23.-The Third district Republican convention to-day adopted strong McKinley resolutions and before taking the ballot for delegates demanded an expression from all candidates. Ex-Governor Hubbard and T. M. Paine were chosen as delegates. All candidates announced themselves for McKinley.

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