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Source: Oregonian (Portland, OR) Monday, June 10, 1918; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

One of the most interesting phases of the report of the General Educational Board, founded by John D. Rockefeller to "promote education in the United State," is the survey of the "teacherage" experiment, begun recently in Minnesota. A "teacherage," it is necessary to explain, represents an effort to solve the problem of housing teachers in the rural districts. It is sometimes also called a "manse." The General Education Board encouraged the idea, and by way of putting it to the test furnished $10,500 of the $22,700 which has been invested in three buildings and their grounds. Minnesota was chosen as the scene of the experiment because in that state the consolidated rural school is particularly well established.

The teacherage at Alberta, Minn., is typical of others. It stands on the school grounds. It contains a large domestic science laboratory, a practice dining-room, a self-contained department for the principal and his family, and an apartment for the teachers, five in number. The teachers live co-operatively. The instructor in domestic science has charge, assisted by a member of the domestic science class, who receives suitable wages for her work. The School Board devotes the rent to the payment of running expenses and the creation of an amortization fund. The principal pays $240 a year, and the teachers $7 a month each.

The teacherage is the successor to the now unsatisfactory system of "boarding around," but that system served a high purpose in its own day. It was indeed, the only thing that could have been done in some districts, remotely situated and poverty stricken in everything except determination to educate their children. It was not always pleasant for the teacher, although undoubtedly it had its spiritual compensations, but it certainly was better than no school, and now that the custom is fading we can look back upon it with pride as a landmark in our educational history. The new institution elevates the standard of living for rural teachers; it gives them homes of their own and far more privacy than they used to have, and it may have the effect of discouraging the exodus of teachers from the country districts to the cities. It is part of the movement, quite general throughout the country, to give rural teaching a definite standing as a profession, and to make it permanent, rather than an incidental experience in the teacher's career. The report of the Rockefeller board that the Minnesota teachers were well satisfied after a six months' trial is encouraging if not conclusive, and further reports will be awaited with interest by teachers everywhere.

List of Students at the Teachers' Training school in Bemidji
July 20, 1916

Alice Butler, Beltrami; Esther McGhee, Beltrami; Edith Anderson, Beltrami; Josephine Grehler, Koochiching; Calla Moore; Hubbard; Ruth Jennings, Beltraml; Ruth Norris, Morrison; Margie Murphy, Beltrami; Amanda Homme, Beltrami; Clara Norboe, Beltrami; Elaine Boyd, Beltrami; Grace Parker, Beltrami; Esther Tanberg, Itasca; Esther Engstrom, St. Louis; Patrina Ruskjer, Beltrami; Mrs. Fannie Dade, Crow Wing; Berniece Monahan, Morrison; Lucy Monahan, Morrison; Edna Wright, Beltrami; Nell Knox, Beltrami; Barbara Rafterty, Beltrami; Ethel Colby, Cass; Rose Kelly, Aitkin; Hilda Heppel, Itasca; Margaret Stewart, Cass; Ruth Wentworth, Beltrami; Martha Senske, Beltrami; Mary Warner, Cass; Florence Dunkle, Cass; Vivian Ralya, Cass; Vera Devald, Crow Wing; Esther Johnson, Hubbard; Mable Nyhus, Hubbard; Clarice Coleman, Hubbard; Sylvia Skinner, Beltrami; Josephine Clark, Beltrami; Gertrude Huntosh, Beltrami; Alice Brennon, Beltrami; Gladys Peterson, Beltrami; Emma Jenson, Hubbard; Jennie Oase, Hubbard; Amanda Dahl, Itasca; Ella Hall Beltrami; Hannah Jelle, Beltrami; Margaret Strand, Hubbard; Laola Metzer, Cass; Ethel Emery, Cass; Lenora Ryan, Hubbard; Nora Grotte, Beltrami; Esther Larson, Beltrami; Anna Larson, Beltrami; Hilma Johnson, Beltrami; Maria Larson, Beltrami; Pearlette Wheeler, Beltrami; Corine Pollock, Crow Wing; Christa Wallace, Beltrami; Gertrude Grotte, Beltrami; Hilda Swartengren, Morrison; Alfrida Pedersen, Cass; Hazel Lind, Cass; Ida Olson, Hubbard; Carrol Norman, Hubbard; Elsie Luense, Beltrami; Amanda Liljegren, Beltrami; Dorris Abbott, Todd; Leone Chase, Beltrami, Kathryn Easton, Cass; Aria Dobbdal, Hubbard; Marie Dybvig, Hubbard; Hazel Somers, Itasca; Gladys McNaughton, St. Louis; Bertha Durand, Itasca; Leland Seaman, Itasca; Erick Dahlberg, Itasca; Theodore Layer, Cass; Mary McCarren, Beltrami; Francis Herling, Beltrami; Edith Obert, Itasca; Alma Sanders, Itasca; Harriet Frizelle, Beltrami; Eliza Boobar, Hubbard; Gertrude Rice, Beltrami; Clara Gordon, Clearwater; Blaine Canfield, Koochiching; Utie Martin, Beltrami; Lottie Madson, Beltrami; Daisy Sullivan, Beltrami; Elvira Stomberg, Beltrami; Ore Neely, Beltrami; Edna Buckland, Beltrami; Ella Larson, Clearwater; Dorothy Nangle, Beltrami; Izetta Fisher, Beltrami; Alice Smith Beltrami; Ada Smith, Beltrami; Lucy Brooks, Beltrami; Jane Hayner, Beltrami; Margaret Anderson, Beltrami; Zenda Bell, Beltrami; Bertha Webster, Beltrami; Lillis Powers, Beltrami; Earle Rhodes, Becker; Margaret Peterson, Beltrami; Alice Dadie, Beltrami; Edythe Bjorge, Becker; Elizabeth Erickson, Beltrami; Elsie Jennings, Beltrami; Agnes Back, Beltrami; Mavis Phillip, Beltrami; Leroy Matson, Beltrami; Kate Hines, Beltrami; Ella Freeman.
[The Bemidji Daily Pioneer.(Bemidji, Minn.), July 20, 1916 - KT - Sub by FoFG]

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