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Vets Buried in St. Peter and Vicinity
(details included)

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Other Information
Anderson Family Cemetery 442239N 0940302W  
Belgrade Cemetery 441332N 0940152W  
Belgrade Swedish Cemetery 441230N 0940310W  
Bernadotte Lutheran Cemetery 442719N 0941810W  
Brighton Cemetery 442014N 0941804W  
Calvary Cemetery 441947N 0935816WVeteran Burials
Church of Holy Communion Cemetery St. Peter  Veteran Burials
Courtland Cemetery 441630N 0941953W  
Cullen Trading Post Cemetery 442100N 0940600W  
Episcopal Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Evangelical Cemetery 441643N 0942214W  
Fechner Farm Cemetery 441542N 0942035W  
Fort Ridgely State Cemetery 442704N 0944346W  
First Lutheran Cemetery Oshawa  Veteran Burials
Gleason Private Cemetery 442000N 0941320W  
Green Hill Cemetery St. Peter  Veteran Burials
Green Lawn Cemetery 442203N 0935845W Veteran Burials
Greenwood Cemetery 442353N 0941348W  
Hebron Cemetery 441242N 0941027W  
Kern's Cemetery 441102N 0940629W  
Loffelmacher Private Cemetery 442540N 0943850W  
Methodist Cemetery 442448N 0940642W  
Methodist Episcopal Cemetery Norseland  Veteran Burials
Middle Lake Catholic Cemetery 442025N 0940744W Veteran Burials
Nicollet Cemetery 441711N 0941125W  
Nicollet County Poor Farm Cemetery 442003N 0941435W  
Norseland Cemetery 442423N 0940623W  
Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery Norseland  Veteran Burials
Resurrection Cemetery 441848N 0935919W  
Saint George Catholic Cemetery 442317N 0943155W  
Saint Gregory Cemetery 442700N 0942353W  
Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Church 441505N 0941506W  
Saint John's Lutheran Cemetery 442702N 0943821W  
Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery 442052N 0941558W  
Saint Michael Cemetery 441555N 0940533W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 441529N 0941122W  
Salem Methodist Cemetery 442156N 0942552W  
Sauer Cemetery 442635N 0940415W Veteran Burials
Scandian Grove Cemetery 442435N 0940644W  
Scandian Grove Cemetery 442500N 0940733W  
Swan Lake Lutheran Cemetery442055N 0941759W 
Swedish Lutheran CemeteryLake Prairie  Veteran Burials
Trinity Cemetery 441447N 0941311W  
West Newton Cemetery 442447N 0943420W  
Williams Cemetery 441310N 0941240W  
Wood Hill Cemetery 442024N 0935808W  
Woodlawn Cemetery 441810N 0935845WVeteran Burials
Zimmerman Private Cemetery 441543N 0942000W  
Zion Cemetery 441459N 0941143W  
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church 442159N 0942100W  

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