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Anna Fischer
New Ulm Review (New Ulm, MN) Apr. 27, 1892 transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
MINNESOTA. Sheriff Block came up from St. Peter on Monday to take Mrs. Anna Fischer of Lafayette to St. Peter where she will be examined as to her sanity. This is the woman whose children all died last year from diphtheria.

Jacob Gfeller
Source: The St. Cloud Journal (St. Cloud, MN) September 10, 1868; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

A man named Jacob Gfeller left his home in Courtland township on the 29th ult., and has not been heard of since. $25 will be paid for any news concerning him; address Henry Patche, Courtland, Minn.

Nels Johnson
Source: Winthrop News (MN) April 26, 1923, page 6; submitted by Robin Line.
Nels Johnson of Bernadotte furnished an attraction for Lafayette people recently when he had on exhibition a freak pig. The animal had eight legs, four ears, two eyes, a double lower jaw, two tongues, one stomach, one heart, one set of lungs, four kidneys and three nostrils. Four of the eight-legs were located in the rear of the animal and were of the same size. Two of the four front legs were small. The four ears were far below normal size. The pig was dead.

G. W. Schlotman
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, MN) Thursday, October 20, 1910; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Wentworth, S. D.-The Wentworth Enterprise has been sold to G. W. Schlotman of Courtland, Minn. The Chester Journal has been sold to C. H. Owens.

Hulda Steffer
Source: The Lafayette Ledger (Lafayette, MN) May 7,1910, page 4, rll
Hulda Steffer of Arlington is assisting at Brockob's store a few days this week.

Freddie W. Van Patten
Source: The Northern Pacific Farmer (Wadena, MN) August 4, 1881; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Freddie W. Van Patten, son of A. S. Van Patten, left his home in Cambia, Blue Earth Co., Minn., on the 22nd of last June, and has not been heard from since the day he left. He was seventeen years old, about five feet eight inches high, blue eyes and dark brown hair. All search and inquiry, so far, have been in vain. Any information leading to his discovery would be very thankfully received by his distressed parents. Address A. S. Van Patten, Courtland, Nicollet Co., Minn.

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