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JUNE 2017
OBITS: Paul J. Kionka
MILITARY : Korean War Casualties
STATE HOSPITAL: Patients - John Willis, Thomas Cavanaugh
STATE HOSPITAL: Administrators - George Dryer, Dr. J. Hersey James, Dr. C. K. Bartlett, Rev. A. Kerr
STATE HOSPITAL: General News - 1881 Fire Investigation, 1884 Deaths
OBITS: Fred Hahn, Joseph Kaseforth submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Mr. Boettger submitted by Robin Line

MARCH 2017
DIRECTORIES: 1878 Gazetteer and Business Directory
PUBLIC OFFICIALS: 1878 County Officers
SIOUX UPRISING: 1912 Recollections
MILITARY : News of Rick Wiehr

MILITARY : Civil War Enlistments - Transcribed By Martin Wm. Johnson
OBITS: Mrs. William Dickmeyer - contributed by Robin Line
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Andreas Gleissner - contributed by Robin Line
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: Fred Heinecke, Carl Muenchow - contributed by Robin Line
NEWS-WEATHER: 1881-Tornado

OCTOBER 2016 - All contributed by Robin Line
OBITS: Mrs. (Rev.) J. H. Nelson
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Tony Weber, Swen Tanquist, Sheldon Abrahamson
NEWS-ASYLUM: Washington Sipes

OBITS: Miles Johnson, Emma Bergquist, Agnes Delger, N. N. Ostrom, John Gronholz, Hjalmar Lund, Ingvall Iverson, Rudolph Laingen, Enoch T. Johnson - submitted by Robin Line
OBITS: William Budde
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1932 65 MPH Passenger Bus - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: William Hacker, Joseph Matsch, submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-CRIME: 1923 Bank Robbery, submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-FIRE: 1932-Bergquist Lumber, submitted by Robin Line
SIOUX UPRISING: Defense of Fort Ridgely, Battles of Red Wood Ferry and Fort Ridgely

JULY 2016
OBITS: Nicholas Keltigan, Ida Bittner, Lillian Jacobs
BIOS: Jeremiah C. Donahower
MARRIAGES: Kozel-Albrecht
CHURCHES: News Item of Henry Strawsen
FAMILIES: Forbrook Family
NEWS-VISIT: Gerald Kath, T. E. Lange, Fred Arndt

NEWS-CRIME: Louis Lessing
SIOUX UPRISING: Recollections of Mrs. Ingar Holmquist
PEOPLE: Anna Fischer, G. W. Schlotman
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1866-No Unemployment
NEWS-FIRE: 1866-Moses Norman Fire
SCHOOLS: News - 1901-Football

NEWS-EXECUTIONS: Murder of Joseph Saurer by Andrew Roesch, articles covering the crime, apprehension, trial, verdict, sentence, execution.

SCHOOLS: 1879-Reward For Arrest
NEWS-PEOPLE: Freddie W. Van Patten, Jacob Gfeller

CHURCHES: History of Nicollet County Churches transcribed by Vicki Bryan
TOWNS: History of St. Peter transcribed by Cheryl Q. and Sue P. Carpenter
HISTORY: Medical Men and Societies transcribed by Joe Rose

Summer 2014: Hodge Family History - contributed by Deborah Less
Fraternal Socieites & Clubs (history) - transcribed by Larry Lakey

May 2014: Vietnam Casualties - transcribed by Curt Wiebusch
Bios: Johnson (2) - transcribed by Mary Saggio

March 2014: Township histories:
Belgrade, Bernadotte, Brighton, Courtland, Grandby, Lafayette - transcribed by Patricia Roma Stout
Village of Lafayette, Klossner, Lake Prairie, New Sweden, Nicollet - transcribed by Sandra Stutzman
Oshawa, Ridgeley, Traverse, West Newton - transcribed by Susan Geist
Green Lawn Cemetery (history) - transcribed by Denise Wagner
Military history - transcribed by Mary Saggio
Early Settlement - transcribed by Patricia Roma Stout
Bench & Bar - transcribed by Mary Kifer

Feb. 2014: Bios: Block, Davis, Quist, Peterson, Tomlinson - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Feb. 2014: Bios: Block, Davis, Quist, Peterson, Tomlinson - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Aug. 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Mar. 2013: Obits: Barnes, Bean, Block, Collins, Hicks, Krantz, Meyer, Poehler, Sackett, Stoever, Walter
Marriages: Adamson - Kienlen; Clobes - Stigelbauer; Evanson - Adamson; Morris - Wright;
Moyer - Rosine; Peterson - Johnson; Stromberg - Holcomb; Swanson - Blacklin

Jan. 2013: Obit: Roller

Sept. 2012: Marriage: Beecher-Treadwell

August 2012: Obit: Walle

July 2012: Bio: Brooks; Obits: Davis, Erickson, Weier

June 2012: Indian History: Indian Depredations in Iowa & Minnesota;
Obit: Patsche; Bios: Harty, Wallin

May 2012: Bios: Abbetmeyer, Andrews, Amundson, Atchison, Babcock, Bacon, Bangerter, Baumgartner

Apr. 2012: Eberhart, Eckstein, Evans, Fletcher, Freeman, Fritsche, Fritz, Funk, Geddes, Germo, Glotzbach, Huebner, Kaufer, McCleary, Searing, Stevenson, Swift, Washburn

Mar. 2012: Bios: Andrews, Clark, Comstock, Coughlan, Cray, Critchett, Habberstad, Hall, Hallstrom, Hammond, Hampl, Hanft, Harrington, Harrison, Hart, Haugdahl; Nicollet County History (1920) Marriage: Woehler-Bornemann

Feb. 2012: bios: Benson, Daniels, Davis, Dick, Donahower, Evon, McGill; obit: Johnson; Harkin Mill Fire

Jan 2012: Poor House history; AITON bio
Biography Article; WW2 Casualties, List of Cemeteries; Crime News Article - AMMON & MATHES; History of Bernadotte

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