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MAY 2018
STATE HOSPITAL: General News - 1880-Our treatment of the insane, 1878-Charges of Cruelty, 1891-Possible Name Change, 1893-Training School for Nurses, 1895-Graduating Nurses, 1898-Average Cost, 1900-Lunatics En Route, 1900-Smallpox at St. Peter, 1900-Income, 1900-Fire, 1901-Senate Bills, 1902-Kachel Cause of Death, 1920-Insane Prisoners Moved to St. Peter, 1916-Facts about the State Hospital
STATE HOSPITAL: Employees/Administrators - 1902-Steward J. M. Rogers and Charles E. Tegner
STATE HOSPITAL: Patients - John M. Hitchler, Peter Elliott, Lafayette M. Simmonds, Mrs. J. G. Bauer, Anton Kachel, Robert Harlan, Jennie and Wilheim Stark, Charles Glapser, Jay Nedham, Charles McCarthy, Adolph Winquist, H. L. Erickson and Harry Cutter, Theresa Fiedler, Clara Berg
Submitted by Robin Line:
OBITS: Lars Ruda, Fred Witte, Mrs. Alfred Broe
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Editor Malmberg, H. L. Stopestad
PEOPLE: Hulda Steffer
BIRTHS: Leo Frank Goblirsch, Clarice Victoria Larson
NEWS-CRIME: Jackobson and Eckblad
MARRIAGES: Green-Abrahamson
OFFICIALS: News-Jacob Sommers
BIOS: C. Amundson

MARCH 2018
Submitted by Jason Alberti:
STATE HOSPITAL: Patients - Robert Harlin, Nellie Hazlett, Mrs. Oak, Archibald Honeyman,
STATE HOSPITAL: General News - 1888 Hospital Report, 1910-New Hospital
Submitted by Robin Line:
STATE HOSPITAL: Patients - Joseph Sooka, Frank McCool (2)
STATE HOSPITAL: General News - 1881-Summary
OBITS: Grausam Baby, Joseph Krosche
NEWS-VISITS: Albert Rockvam

OBITS: Mr. Vogel - submitted by Robin Line
CEMETERIES: Entire book of "Vets Buried in St. Peter and Vicinity", Compiled by Rosa C. Petersen, 1935; transcribed by Karen Seeman.
MILITARY : WWI Casualty News-George L. Strauch, W. F. Peterson, F. P. Jungers, William R. Witty
MILITARY : Soldiers-Frank P. Jungers, Francis D. Maxon, Gerbard W. Thilkren, Michael J. McClellan, L. A. Berger
WILLS: Inheritance Taxes-Lillyquist, Sackett, Swensen, Hessian, Fletcher, Trash, Secmaunn
OFFICIALS: News-Joseph Mason, W. H. Mueller, W. H. Rounseville

JUNE 2017
OBITS: Paul J. Kionka
MILITARY : Korean War Casualties
STATE HOSPITAL: Patients - John Willis, Thomas Cavanaugh
STATE HOSPITAL: Administrators - George Dryer, Dr. J. Hersey James, Dr. C. K. Bartlett, Rev. A. Kerr
STATE HOSPITAL: General News - 1881 Fire Investigation, 1884 Deaths
OBITS: Fred Hahn, Joseph Kaseforth submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Mr. Boettger submitted by Robin Line

MARCH 2017
DIRECTORIES: 1878 Gazetteer and Business Directory
PUBLIC OFFICIALS: 1878 County Officers
SIOUX UPRISING: 1912 Recollections
MILITARY : News of Rick Wiehr

MILITARY : Civil War Enlistments - Transcribed By Martin Wm. Johnson
OBITS: Mrs. William Dickmeyer - contributed by Robin Line
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Andreas Gleissner - contributed by Robin Line
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: Fred Heinecke, Carl Muenchow - contributed by Robin Line
NEWS-WEATHER: 1881-Tornado

OCTOBER 2016 - All contributed by Robin Line
OBITS: Mrs. (Rev.) J. H. Nelson
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Tony Weber, Swen Tanquist, Sheldon Abrahamson
NEWS-ASYLUM: Washington Sipes

OBITS: Miles Johnson, Emma Bergquist, Agnes Delger, N. N. Ostrom, John Gronholz, Hjalmar Lund, Ingvall Iverson, Rudolph Laingen, Enoch T. Johnson - submitted by Robin Line
OBITS: William Budde
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1932 65 MPH Passenger Bus - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: William Hacker, Joseph Matsch, submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-CRIME: 1923 Bank Robbery, submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-FIRE: 1932-Bergquist Lumber, submitted by Robin Line
SIOUX UPRISING: Defense of Fort Ridgely, Battles of Red Wood Ferry and Fort Ridgely

JULY 2016
OBITS: Nicholas Keltigan, Ida Bittner, Lillian Jacobs
BIOS: Jeremiah C. Donahower
MARRIAGES: Kozel-Albrecht
CHURCHES: News Item of Henry Strawsen
FAMILIES: Forbrook Family
NEWS-VISIT: Gerald Kath, T. E. Lange, Fred Arndt

NEWS-CRIME: Louis Lessing
SIOUX UPRISING: Recollections of Mrs. Ingar Holmquist
PEOPLE: Anna Fischer, G. W. Schlotman
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1866-No Unemployment
NEWS-FIRE: 1866-Moses Norman Fire
SCHOOLS: News - 1901-Football

NEWS-EXECUTIONS: Murder of Joseph Saurer by Andrew Roesch, articles covering the crime, apprehension, trial, verdict, sentence, execution.

SCHOOLS: 1879-Reward For Arrest
NEWS-PEOPLE: Freddie W. Van Patten, Jacob Gfeller

CHURCHES: History of Nicollet County Churches transcribed by Vicki Bryan
TOWNS: History of St. Peter transcribed by Cheryl Q. and Sue P. Carpenter
HISTORY: Medical Men and Societies transcribed by Joe Rose

Summer 2014: Hodge Family History - contributed by Deborah Less
Fraternal Socieites & Clubs (history) - transcribed by Larry Lakey

May 2014: Vietnam Casualties - transcribed by Curt Wiebusch
Bios: Johnson (2) - transcribed by Mary Saggio

March 2014: Township histories:
Belgrade, Bernadotte, Brighton, Courtland, Grandby, Lafayette - transcribed by Patricia Roma Stout
Village of Lafayette, Klossner, Lake Prairie, New Sweden, Nicollet - transcribed by Sandra Stutzman
Oshawa, Ridgeley, Traverse, West Newton - transcribed by Susan Geist
Green Lawn Cemetery (history) - transcribed by Denise Wagner
Military history - transcribed by Mary Saggio
Early Settlement - transcribed by Patricia Roma Stout
Bench & Bar - transcribed by Mary Kifer

Feb. 2014: Bios: Block, Davis, Quist, Peterson, Tomlinson - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Feb. 2014: Bios: Block, Davis, Quist, Peterson, Tomlinson - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Aug. 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Mar. 2013: Obits: Barnes, Bean, Block, Collins, Hicks, Krantz, Meyer, Poehler, Sackett, Stoever, Walter
Marriages: Adamson - Kienlen; Clobes - Stigelbauer; Evanson - Adamson; Morris - Wright;
Moyer - Rosine; Peterson - Johnson; Stromberg - Holcomb; Swanson - Blacklin

Jan. 2013: Obit: Roller

Sept. 2012: Marriage: Beecher-Treadwell

August 2012: Obit: Walle

July 2012: Bio: Brooks; Obits: Davis, Erickson, Weier

June 2012: Indian History: Indian Depredations in Iowa & Minnesota;
Obit: Patsche; Bios: Harty, Wallin

May 2012: Bios: Abbetmeyer, Andrews, Amundson, Atchison, Babcock, Bacon, Bangerter, Baumgartner

Apr. 2012: Eberhart, Eckstein, Evans, Fletcher, Freeman, Fritsche, Fritz, Funk, Geddes, Germo, Glotzbach, Huebner, Kaufer, McCleary, Searing, Stevenson, Swift, Washburn

Mar. 2012: Bios: Andrews, Clark, Comstock, Coughlan, Cray, Critchett, Habberstad, Hall, Hallstrom, Hammond, Hampl, Hanft, Harrington, Harrison, Hart, Haugdahl; Nicollet County History (1920) Marriage: Woehler-Bornemann

Feb. 2012: bios: Benson, Daniels, Davis, Dick, Donahower, Evon, McGill; obit: Johnson; Harkin Mill Fire

Jan 2012: Poor House history; AITON bio
Biography Article; WW2 Casualties, List of Cemeteries; Crime News Article - AMMON & MATHES; History of Bernadotte

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