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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Vicki Bryan

No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner Post office address Cause for which pensioned Monthly rate Date of original allowance
  Roberts, Leavitt S. Adrian loss part 1st & 2nd fing, r hand $4.00 Feb. 1881
  Orkney, Jas. A. Adrian loss r. leg $18.00 March 1886
25,035 Kelly, Patrick Adrian chr. diarr $4.00  
118,450 Noonan, Thos. Adrian g.s.w. l. shld $4.00  
64,266 Gray, Edward Adrian loss r. leg $18.00 Sept. 1866
105,397 Rutherford, John Adrian injury to abdomen $4.00 Sept. 1862
  Log, Owney Adrian partial blindness $24.00  
  Flowers, James T. Adrian inj. l. shld. $8.00 Aug. 1882
  Hosmer, Alozo D. Adrian g.s.w. breast & leg $5.33 1/3  
  Barnard, William G. Adrian g.s.w. l. arm, shld & thigh $6.00 June 1880
  Young, Mancer W. Adrian minor of $10.00  
  Scott, John Bigelow g.s.w. l. leg $6.00  
  Walden, Isaac N. Bigelow inj. spine $15.00  
  Yahn, William Bigelow g.s.w. r. thigh $12.00 May 1880
  Hesseboth, Erland W. DeForest g.s.w. r. shld $4.00 Dec. 1880
  Lindquist, Frederick Dundee injury to abdomen $8.00  
  Grono, William Hershey chr. diarr. &c. $10.00 Feb. 1880
  Fitch, John J. Hershey w. l. leg & thigh $18.00  
  Dow, Charles W. W. Rushmore g.s.w. head $15.00  
  Dougherty, Robt. Rushmore g.s.w. r. leg $14.00  
  Long, Lionel C. Westside dis. of heart &c. $4.00  
  John, Benj. F. Worthington partial paralysis $4.00 Jan. 1882
  Allen, Abner W. Worthington frac. l. thigh $6.00  
  Fogo, David Worthington chr. bronchitis $8.00 Oct. 1880
  Forbes, Amos Worthington dis. l. hip &c. $18.00 May 1878
  Grinager, Mons Worthington w. l. leg   $15.00  
  Keasy, Thomas Worthington chr. rheum. $8.00 Oct. 1880
  Fellows, Milton Worthington inj. back &c. $8.00 Oct. 1880
  Newkirk, Ira B. Worthington g.s.w. l. forefinger $10.00  
  Husselton, Augustus S. Worthington shl. con. r. hip $6.00 Jan. 1882
  Hecock, Chas. L. Worthington rheum &c. $8.00 Dec. 1880
  Clark, Reuben Worthington g.s.w. head $4.00 Feb. 1866
143,802 Levi, Turner M. Worthington g.s.w. l. thigh $6.00 Feb. 1877
  Millington, John Worthington bed sores both hips $8.00  
  Buchan, Andrew Worthington heart dis. $12.00  
  Burham, Alfred W. Worthington g.s.w. through breast $8.00  
  Miller, Monroe L. Worthington dis. spine $16.00  
  Brown, Champlin Worthington dis. breast & lungs $8.00 Oct. 1880
  Madison, William Worthington chr. diarr &c. $6.00 Feb. 1882
  Miller, Stephen Worthington inj. spine $30.00  
103,879 Upstrom, John Worthington chr. rheum. $6.00  
  Twitchell, Morton S. Worthington inj. spine $4.00  
  Terrance, Andrew Worthington inj. l. knee $4.00 June 1880
  Ditty, William Worthington g.s.w. throat &c. $12.00 June 1881
  Sanger, Jacob Worthington g.s.w. r. leg & l. foot $6.00  
219,760 Bingham, Jonathan J. Worthington g.s.w. l. foot $2.00 Oct. 1882
  Ross, George M. Worthington g.s.w. l. arm & hip $6.00  
  Bullick, George I. Worthington w. r. shld $15.00  
  Vosburgh, Richard Worthington g.s.w. r. hand $5.00  
  Bloom, Frederick Worthington injury to abdomen $18.00  
  Brant, George W. Worthington g.s.w. l. thigh $12.00  
  Whitney, Chester C. Worthington g.s.w. r. arm $2.00  
  Darling, John A. Worthington chr. diarr. &c. $4.00 Aug. 1881
41,048 Thurber, Benjamin F. Worthington g.s.w. rt. knee, dis. of abd. vis. $14.25 Nov. 1864

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