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An Illustrated History of Nobles County, Minnesota
by Arthur P. Rose, Northern History Publishing Company,
Worthington, Minnesota Publishers, 1908

Transcribed by Nancy Piper

Only Chapter I is currently online


CHAPTER I. Page 33-44
ABORIG1NAL DAYS-1834-1866.

In Primeval State-An Imagery-Inhabited by Wild Beasts-And Wilder Red Men- A Contrast-The Sioux-Tribal Divisions-The M'daywakantons-The Lower Sissetons Claimed Nobles County-Early Explorers-Nicollet Visits Nobles County- His Map- The Coteaus Des Prairies-"Okebene" Lake-Ocheyedan Hillock, or Mourning Ground-''Karanzi'' River-Surveyors Run Minnesota-Iowa Boundary Line-Nearby Settlements-Operations of Trappers-Jude Phillips and Brother-Effect of the Panic of 1857-Spirit Lake Massacre-Hostiles Retreat to Indian Lake-Southwestern Minnesota Depopulated-Incident of 1857-Boom Days-Paper Railroads-Original County Divisions-Nobles a Part of Dakota, Blue Earth and Brown-Creation of Nobles County-Colonel W. H. Nobles-The Boundaries-Provisions for Organization-Gretchtown. Named County Seat-Qrganization Postponed-Boundary Lines Surveyed-Settlers Return to Southwestern Minnesota-Census of 1860-Names of Inhabitants-Their Conditions-The Sioux War-The County Deserted-Soldiers Established on the Frontier-The Military Road-Its Course-Trappers Appear-Evidence of Early Occupation Disappear-Judge Woolstencroft's Letter-First Railroad Survey-The Land Grant-Close of an Era

CHAPTER II. Page 45-60

Obstacles Overcome-Frontier Line Recedes-First Settlers Arrive-The Graham Lakes Country-Stephen and Joseph Muck-Planting Com-Messrs. Woolstencroft, Drury, Rice and Barnett Arrive-Stake Claims-Build Shanties-other Settlers of 1867-Conditions Prevent Farming-Farmers Turn Trappers-Plentiful Small Game-Big Game-Bison-Elk-Deer-Township Lines Run-Mail Route Established-The First Post office-Settlers of 1868-First Birth-Andy Dillman Comes to Okabena-County Survey Completed-Indians Arrive And Create Stir-A- Scared Boy-Settlers on Indian Lake-Their Romantic Surroundings-Adventures in Blizzards-Three Perish-Indian Scare-Exciting Times-Company Formed-The Island Fortified-Cottonwood County Settlers Notified-No Indians-First Sunday School-Census of 1870-Arrivals of That Year-Talk of County Organization-Decision Reached-Governor Austin Appoints Commissioners-First Meeting-First Official Acts-Wandering County Seat-Organization Legalized-Court House Talk-Sad Death of Mrs. Palmer-Another Sunday School-:-Public Schools-Creation of Graham Lakes Township-Its Organization-The Name-Indian Lake Settlers Petition-Their Township Created-And Named-Settlers of 1871-First Financial Statement


A Remarkable Year-Birth of the Colony Idea-Miller, Humiston & Company-Visit Nobles County-Secure Control of Railroad Lands-Elaborate Plans-Thorough Advertising Campaign-Its Results-Hundreds Flock to Worthington-Their Character-The Temperance Feature-Fate of the Colony Company-An Appreciation of Professor Humiston -Hard Winter-State Relief-First Jurors--Railroad Begins Operations-Worthington-Sioux Falls Mail and Stage Route-Post offices Established-Dewald-Hebbard-Westside- Mail Route Operated by Daniel Shell-A Beautiful Country-Experiences of Colonists:-Roseate Prospects-Land Values-Worthington Township Organized- Petitioners-Bigelow Township-Hersey--Grant -Name Changed to Ransom-Its History-Fairview--Renamed Lorain-Dewald-Early Settlers There-Little Rock-Elk-Conferring the Name-Seward-First Assessment-Real Estate-Personal Property-Livestock-Townships Compared-License Voted Down-Proposed Change in Boundaries-Nobles Votes to Add Four Townships-But Rejects Proposition to Give Away Four-Vote by Precincts

CHAPTER IV Page 71-80

Days of Adversity-Professor Humiston's Charities-A Severe Winter-The Terrible Blizzard of January 7-Samuel Small, Mrs. John Blixt, John Weston and Taylor Perish- Weston's Ghost-School Children Imprisoned-Joe Poot's Experience-Other Adventures-District Court Established-Jurors-First Grasshopper Invasion-Relief Work-Wilson Township Organized-Petitioners-Name Changed to Akin-To Summit Lake-Hebbard Township Created-Petitioners-Name Changed to New Haven-Later to Olney-Grand Prairie Organized--Petitioners- Selection of Name-Wandering Life of County Seat-Located at Worthington- Stephen Miller Fathers the Bill-The Act-Provision for Permanent Location- Hersey Becomes a Candidate-Second Bill Provides for Vote on Question-County Offices Moved to Worthington-Buildings Rented-Railroad Company Donates Court House Square-Contest Between Worthington and Hersey-Former Wins Easily-Vote by Townships-Tax Levy-School Conditions-Social Conditions

CHAPTER V. Page 81-90

Large Acreage Sown-Fine Growing Weather-Ravages of Young Hoppers-First Invasion-Commissioners Appropriate Money for Relief-County Paper Sold-Flour and Pork Apportioned-Distributing Agents-Second Invasion-Fields Swept Bare-Discouraging Sight-Grasshopper Stories-Third Invasion-The Harvest-Average Yields-Auditor Bear's Estimate--Losses-A Prophesy-Rigid Economy-Hay for Fuel-Potatoes for Food-Preparing for Winter-Soliciting Aid- J. C. Clark Raises $1,800-Solicitation for Private Account-Mass Meeting-Adopts Resolution Stating Conditions-Three Hundred Destitute Families-Appeal to Governor-"No More Bonds"-Formal Appeal for Help-Clothing Worn to Rags-Bed Clothes of Prairie Hay-No Improvidence-:Must Have Help--State Aid Received -Tax Paying Time Extended-Statement by Treasurer- Why Not Desert County -Tax Levy-Reduced-Assessment-Schools in 1874--New Mail Route-Post offices-Matter of Taxes-State Furnishes Seed Wheat-e-Its Distribution-Anxious Days-Grasshoppers on the Wing-Again Attack the Crops-Hersey, Graham Lakes and Seward Suffer Most-A Degenerate Breed-Census of 1875-Ascsscd Valuation - First District Court-Cases Tried-.Jurors

CHAPTER VI. Page 91-104
THE GRASSHOPPER SCOURGE (Continued)-1876-1879.

Railroad Rumors-Southern Minnesota to Extend-Settlers Enthusiastic-$40,000 Subsidy Voted-Vote by Precincts--Project Fails-Sioux Falls Wants Railroad--President Drake Favors Worthington for Terminus-So Does Sioux Falls-Nobles Asked to Aid-Company Incorporated-Survey Made-Construction-Lively Times-First Train--Founding of Adrian- Miller Station -Grasshoppers Again-Myriads Appear-Crops Disappear-Partial Wheat Crop---Damaged Set back--Relief Measures-"The Indians Are Coming"-Refugees Flock to Worthington-Camp on Public Square-Great Excitement-No Indians--Origin of the Scare-Scouting Party---Its Members-Lieutenant Plott's Report-Settlement in West End-Westside Township Organized---Petitioners-First Town Meeting--Court House Erected -Thurber & Chandler, Builders-Hoppers Scarce in l877-Small Acreage-Weed Grown Fields-Seed Grain Appropriation-Adrian Catholic Colony-Bishop Ireland Visits Adrian Country-Decides to Locate Colony-Contract With Railroad. Company-Father Knauf Arrives-Coming of First Colonists-Lands Sold--Rush in Spring of I878-Land, Land, Land-Grasshoppers-Partial Crop Failure-Organization Willmont Townshlp-Derivation of Name-Southern Minnesota Extends-Heron Lake-Pipestone Branch-Railroad War--Kinbrae and Dundee Founded- Last of the Grasshoppers-Organization Afton Township-Squabble Over Name-Plethora of Petitions--Name Changed to Bloom-Leota Organized-Petitioners-Named for Indian Maiden-Seney's Operations-Rushmore Founded--Activity in West End-Railroad Lands Bought-Improvements by Adrian Colony-Good Times Coming

CHAPTER VII. Page 105-114

Reconstruction-Dawn of a Brighter Day-Adrian Colony Active-The 1880 Crop- Census of 1880-Lismore Township Organized--The Name-Signers to Petition-The Long Winter-An October Blizzard-Railroads Blockaded-Snow Boats-Out of Fuel-Schools Close-Burning Grain-First Train in Six Weeks-Blockaded Again-April 13, Thermometer Zero-Roads Opened-First Freight Train in Eleven Weeks-Floods Stop Traffic-Burlington Road Makes Proposition-Subsidy Voted-Road Built-Last Spike Driven-Round Lake Founded-A Bumper Crop---The Park Proposition-Plan to Sell Part of Court House Block--Strong Opposition-Scheme Defeated-County Seat Contest-Adrian to the Front-Exciting Days-Legislature Petitioned-But Fails to Respond--Larkin Township Organized-Petitioners-Selecting the Name-Fraud Charged-Tornado-Cora Graf Killed- Property Destroyed-Burlington Extends-And Founds Ellsworth-A Year of -Jubilee-Diversified Farming Begin-Exports of 1884-Real Estate Values Soar-Census of 1885-County Seat Removal Talk-Big Crops-Another Rail road-Blizzard of 1888-Three Perish--Hail Storm-Census of 1890-Plan to Divide the County-Rushmore Sees a Conspiracy-And Protests-Plan Defeated

CHAPTER VIII. Page 115-122

Panic of 1893-Dull Times-Plans for New Court House-And Jail Work Begun-Opposition-Temporary Injunction-Commissioners Win in Supreme Court-476 Residents Remonstrate-Contract Let-Corner Stone Laid-Building Accepted-County Seat Removal Again an Issue-Census of 1895-Prosperous Period-Land Values Increase-Spanish American War-Nobles County Furnishes Company- Mustered In-Typhoid Fever Epidemic-Three Deaths-Camps Ramsey, Snelling, Meade, McKenzie-Mustered Out-Roster. of Company-Losses-Burlington Road Extends-Wilmont and Reading Founded-Lismore Started-Census of 1900-Disastrous Year 1903-Destructive Hail Storm-Big Losses-Stories of the Storm-The Floods-Okabena Overflows-Streets Traveled in Boats-Kanaranzi on a Rampage-Sweeps Everything Before It-Fury of the Little Rock-Freight Wreck -Record of Precipitation-An Records Broken-Crop Failure-Dull Times-Census of 1905-By Precincts-Native and Minnesota Born-Foreign Born-Countries of Birth-Good Crops of 1906 and 1907-Prosperous Times In 1908

CHAPTER IX. Page 123-130

Governor Austin Appoints First County Commissioners-The Missing Records-Other Officers Named-First County Convention-The Bolt-Violence Narrowly Averted at First Election-The Result-Auditor Harris Refuses to Canvass the Vote-Early Day Members of the Legislature-Difficulty Getting Officers to Serve-Election of 1871-One Democrat in the County-List of Voters-Changed Conditions in 1872-Voters of That Year-Polling Places-Election Officers-County Overwhelmingly Republican-Legislature History-Opposition to Republican Party in 1873-Republican Ticket Wins-Politics Dull in 1874-Democrats Put Up a Ticket-It Meets Defeat

CHAPTER X. Page 131-140

Passing of Pioneer Ways - Prohibitionists Enter Politics-Election of 1875-Big Vote in 1876-Hayes Carries County-Republican Split in 1877-Peculiar Conditions that Year-Result in Giving Democrats a Few Offices-Only- One Ticket in 1878-Exciting Contests of 1879-Republicans Bolt and Fuse With Democrats-Republican Ticket Defeated-Spectacular Contests for Sheriff, Auditor and Treasurer-Tie for Sheriff-Dramatic Scene When Lots are Drawn-Court Decides Two Contests-Garfield Gets Majority in 1880-Republican County Ticket Elected- Democrats and "Anti-Ring" Republicans Combine in 1881-Crushing Defeat of Republican Ticket-Little Interest in 1882-Fusion Forces Name Part of Ticket in 1883-And Elect It-Blaine Carries County in 1884-New Element Enters Politics-Antagonism Between East and West Ends-Big Vote of 1886-Republicans Elect Majority of Ticket

CHAPTER XI. Pages 141-152

Vote Increases-Passing of the Independents-Election of 1888-Alliance Party Complicates Matters in 1890-Democrats and Republicans Break Even-Birth of Peoples Party-Its Part in Politics-Australian Ballot Employed in 1892-Harrison Carries County-Result Locally-Fusion in 1894-Republicans Win-Fusion Forces Take Three Offices in 1896-McKinley Gets Majority-Death of Peoples Party-John Lind Carries the County in 1898-Republican County Ticket Elected-Record Breaking Vote of 1900-McKinley Again Carries County-Three Offices for Democrats-Primary Election Law-Revolutionizes County Politics-Primary of 1902-Nearly Clean Sweep for Republicans-Interesting Primary of 1904-Roosevelt's Record Breaking Majority-Republicans Win in County-Primary of 1906-Democrats Carry County for Governor and Congressman-Primary of 1908- Summary 141

CHAPTER XII. Page 153-164

Location-Elevation- Population-A Bower of Beauty-First White Men Visit the Site-Infrequent Visits by Trappers- Andy Dillman's Sod Shanty-O. J. Hoffman's Dug Out-First Building of Wood-Railroad Construction-Original Town-site Abandoned-The Town Platted-Original Owners-Additions-National Colony Assumes Control-Professor Humiston and Doctor Miller Visit the Site-The Town Named-Incidents Connected with the Selection of the Name-The Historic Worthington Family-Regrets that "Okabena" Was Not Selected-A Hoax-Start of the First Building-Ceremonies When the First Nail is Driven-Business Houses Opened in 1871-The Worthington Hotel-Post office Established-Post-masters-Winter of 1871-72-Rush in the Spring-Impressions Upon Early Day Visitors-The Town in August, 1872 -Building Improvements That Year-s-Miller Hall-s-Worthington Township Organized-The Temperance Feature-Petitions-License Refused

CHAPTER XIII. Page 165-176

Promises Fulfilled- Worthington Becomes Important Trading Point-1873 Opens Auspiciously-Okabena Flouring Mills-Their Importance- Incorporation-Provisions of Charter-Liquor Selling Prohibited-First Election-Those Who Voted-Charter Adopted:-"First Officers-First Acts of Council-s-Worthington Becomes County Seat-Grasshopper Days-In 1874-The Land Office-Election of 1874-Voters That Year-Census of 1875-Big Business-Election of 1875-Building Record for 1876-Election That Year-Big Vote in 1877-Immigration in 1878-The Town Lively-First Brick Block-Miller Hall Burns-Elections of 1878 and 1879o-Census of 1880-A Comparison-Election of 1880-Wrangling Over Temperance Question-Two Parties Born-Exciting Election of 1881-Prosperous Times in 1882-A New Railroad-"The Elgin of Minnesota"-Annual Election-Boom Times in 1883-Board of Trade-New Buildings-Repeal of Temperance Clause in Charter-Under Local Option-License Carries in 1883-And Again Next Year-Population in 1885-License Carries-Improvements in 1886-Exports and Imports-Elections of 1886 and 1887-''Dry'' in 1888-Likewise in 1889

CHAPTER XIV. Page 177-186
WORTHINGTON -1890-1908.

Steady Growth-Census of 1890-Licellse Again in Vogue-Water Works Plant Installed-Election of 1891-Prosperous Days-Building Record-License Wins Again in 1892-The Panic-Its Effect--Election of 1893-Two Fires-Officers Elected in 1894-Big Gain in Population-Electric Lighting System-Temperance Wave in 1895-A Cyclone-Return to License in 1896-Elections of 1897, 1898 and 1899-A Prosperous Decade-Census of 1900-- Big Vote of 1901-The Citizens' Movement- Three Years of Dullness-The Flood-Worthington "Dry" at the Time-Goes "Wet" in 1904-Census of 1905-o-Clean Sweep for License in 1905 and 1906- "Dry" in 1907-"Wet" by One Vote in 1908-The Contest 177

CHAPTER XV. Page 187-198

Public School-The First School-Early Day Teachers-The Attendance-Worthington Seminary-Its Promoters-Its Failure-Petition for Independent District-Formed -First Directors-e-First School Building-Bonds Issued-Robinson Gets Contract-The Hexagonal Building-Railroad Company Donates Land-High School Organized-Alumni Association-List of Graduates-New School House-Present Condition of Schools-Fire Department-Early Day Protection-Cisterns-Bucket Brigades-Fire House-Department Organized-Charter Members-The Tournaments-New Fire Station-Officers-Militia Company-Recruited-Mustered In-Officers-Enlisted Men-e-State Bank of Worthington-Elihu Smith Starts First Bank-Thomas Parsons-George D. Dayton-s-Becomes State Bank-Later History-Worthington National Bank-As Nobles County Bank-Founded by Thompson & Day-Evans & Lynd Secure Control-Reorganized as National Bank-Citizens National Bank-Founded by C. T. Tupper-Changes in Management-First National Bank-Farmers and Citizens Bank--First County Fair-Association Organized-"Bull and Pumpkin" Story-Grounds Leased-Officers-Worthington District Fair Association-- Its 'Operations-Chautauqua Association-Organization-Officers-The Chautauquas-Commercial Club-Carnegie Library-The Directors-Bath House Association-Bands-Gun Club-Worthington Hospital

CHAPTER XVI. Page 199-210

"City 'of Churches" - Ten Organizations-Colony Christian, Union-Union Plan Adopted -First Religious Service-Church Organized-Born in a Saloon Building-Union Plan Fails-Three Churches Founded-Union Congregational-Charter Members-House of Worship Erected-Destroyed by Fire-The New Church-Pastors-Sunday School Superintendents-Methodist Church-Rev. Crever-First Trustees-Many Places of Worship-Early Struggles-First Church Edifice-The New One-Later- Church., History-Pastors-Presbyterian Church-Charter Members-Elders-Trustees-.First Church Building-Pastors-The New Edifice-Sunday School Superintendents-Swedish Lutheran Church-First Members-Incorporated-Church Building- Pastors- Parsonage-Episcopal Church-Rev. Gunn-Church Building-Difficulties Overcome-Catholic Church-First Steps-Building Erected-Incorporated-Evangelical Association- Members- Trustees-Church and Manse-Pastors-Baptist Church-Initial Steps-Organization-Members-Council of Recognition-Incorporated- Trustees-Building-Pastors-Swedish Mission Church- Members-Church and Parsonage-Pastors-Christian Church-Lodges-Grand Army Post-Mustered In-First Officers-Later Officers-Largest in Minnesota-c-Disbanded- Reorganization-Charter Members-Relief Corps-First in Minnesota-Charter Members-First Officers-The Masons-Blue Lodge Organized-Certificate-Charter Members-First Officers-Chapter Organized-Its Prosperous Condition-Eastern Star-Workmen-Degree of Honor-Knights of Pythias-Modern Woodmen-Royal Neighbor's-Odd Fellows-Maceabees-Yeomen

CHAPTER XVII. Page 211-220

Location-Its Attractive Site-Settlers in West End-Railroad is Coming-Selecting the Site-Surveyed-The Dedication-Additions-The Name-e-Mistakes as to Origin -George H. Carr Erects First Building-And Opens Store-Other Enterprises of 1876-Post office Established-Postmasters-Bright Prospects-First School-First Church Services-New Enterprises in 1817-Business Directory of 1878-Prosper6us '. Times-Census of 1880-Incorporatio,n-Charter Granted-First Election-Officers 1881 to 1908-Adrian's Big Trade Territory-Improvements in Early Eighties-Liveliest Town in the County-Flouring Mill Burns-Building Boom in 1891-Panic of 1893-Census Figures-Loss of Trade Territory-Quiet Times-Assessed Valuations-Conditions in 1908-First School-Held in an Attic-The Teacher-First School House-District Formed-Officers-The New Building-Public and Parochial Schools-City Hall-Water Works-Electric Lights-Fire Department--National Bank of Adrian-Adrian State Bank-First National Bank-Bt. Adrian's Catholic Church-Its History-Fine Church Edifice-Methodist Church-Norwegian Lutheran Church-Peoples Church..-Fraternal Orders

CHAPTER XVIII. Page 221-236

Nobles' Third Town-Rich Trade Territory-The Site-Settlement of Grand Prairie-"Uncle" Stillwell-His Prediction-Selecting the Site-Platted-Additions-The Name-Prospects-Bale of Lots-Rush to the Site-First Building--Henry Torrance Opens First Store-Business Houses of 1884-The Depot-First Lady Resident-Post office Established-Postmasters-Lively Times-Selected as a Division Point-Census of 1886-Petition for Incorporation-Petitioners-Incorporation Carries-officers Chosen-Political History-On a Normal Basis-Census of 1890-Cyclone-Brings Disaster- Fire-City Hall-Population in 1895-In 1900-Prosperous Years-Building Operations-City Hall Burns-New City Hall-Water Works-Electric Lights-Census of 1905-Fire Department-German State Bank-First National Bank-St. Mary's' Catholic Church-Organization-Church Building-Pastors-Parochial School-Congregational Church-Charter Members-Building-Pastors-Methodist Church-Its History-German Presbyterian Church-Knights of Pythias Lodge-Workmen-Degree of Honor-Foresters-M:odem Woodmen-Royal Neighbors

CHAPTER XIX. Page 237-246

Wilmont-Fourth in Size-Location-Trade Territory-Site Selected-Platted-Additions-The Name-First Train-Rush to the Site-First Resident-Prophesies-First Business Houses-A Town in a Day-First Lady Residents-Prosperous Times-Incorporation- Petitioners-Village Officers-After One year- Population-First School-District Formed-Fire Department-Water Works-Churches-Lodges -Brewster-Location-A Substantial Village-Old Town of Hersey-Station Established-Depot and Cottage-Platted-Additions-W. R. Bennett is Agent-Founding the Town-First Business Men-The Post office-Grasshoppers Bring Disaster-Retrogression-Change in Name-Origin of "Brewster"-Prosperous Days-Petition for Incorporation-Petitioners-Granted-Officers-Steady Growth-Population-Water Works Troubles-Drainage System-The Park-Schools - Churches-Lodges, .237

CHAPTER XX. Page 247-258

Round Lake-The Sixth Town-The Old Post office-Site Selected-Platted-Was First Indian Lake-Name Changed-Section House and Depot-E. A. Tripp Conies as Agent- Post office-First Business Houses-Slow Growth-Replotted-Additions-The Awakening-Petitioners Ask for Incorporation-Municipal Life-Political History-Building Boom-Smallpox Epidemic-Population-Cyclone-8chool-Church-Rushmore-Its Trade Territory-Business Houses-As Miller Stati6n-A Quiescent Period-George I. Seney's Operations-S, M. Rushmore and Associates Arrive-And Found the Town-First Buildings-Pioneer Business Men-Name Changed to Rushmore-Post office-Platting-Additions-Directory of 1879-Flouring Mill-Slow Growth-8uceeeded by 'Prosperous Times-Incorporated-Petitioners- Village Officers-Prosperous Decade- Population-The Schools-Churches- Bigelow-.An Old Town-Location-s-The First Building-S. O. Morse Becomes First Resident- Platted-The Name-Firsto Business Houses-Cheese Factory-Slow Growth-c-Booms in 1892-Activity During Nineties-Petition-Incorporated- Political History-Population-The First Church-Woodmen Lodge

CHAPTER XXI. Page 259-272

Dundee- Enterprises- As Warren Station--Surveyed- Founded- Post office- First Store -Slow Growth- Incorporated-Political History-Population-Lismore- Youngest Town-Rich Territory-Railroad Arrives-Selecting the Site-Farmers Donate $800 -The Name-Platted- First Business Houses-Post office-Incorporated- Elections-Kinbrae-Location-In Early Days-Founded as Airlie-Later DeForest-Dundee. Improvement Company-First Enterprises-Platting-Post office-Quiet Times-Fire-Named Kinbrae- Boom Days-Replatted-Incorporated-Village Officers--:- The Decline-Reeding-Centrally Located-Business Houses-c-Site Selected- Named- . The Start-First Buildings-Post office-Postmasters-Townsite Surveyed-Telephone 0 Company-Bank-St. Kilian-A Church Town-Building the Church-John Mock Starts Store-Post office-Business Houses-Bright .Prospects-Railroad Misses Town.-Retrogression-Church History- Leota-Founded by Hol1anders- Business Houses-Churches-Post office-Town site-Org-Smallest Town-Many. Names-As Sioux Falls. Junction-N. A.Call"7"His Operations-Station Established-Named Org-Boom of' 1899-Post office-Trent

CHAPTER XXII Page 273-286

Over Thirty Newspapers 'Established-Nine Now in Existence-Part Played by the Colony Journal-Founding the Western Advance-Changed' to Worthington Advance -Estimate of A. P. Mlller-Changes in Ownership-The Daily Advance-The Advance-Herald-Claim Shanty Vindicator-Literary Triumph-Romantic History of the Worthington Journal-Adrian Advertiser--.;Adrian Guardian-Its Veteran Editor-s-Worthington Record-Minnesota Home-Ellsworth News-Worthington Globe-Its Many Editors-Adrian Citizen-Nobles County Democrat-Outlives Its Rivals-State Line Sentinel-Nobles County Independent-Minnesota Allahanda-Rushmore Gazette-Kinbrae Herald-Worthington Herald- Rushmore Times-Minnesota Signal-Round Lake Waves-Rushmore Magnet-Round Lake Graphic-Dundee Advocate-Rushmore Enterprise-Brewster Beacon-Brewster Tribune- Wilmont Initiator-Wilmont Tribune-Ellsworth Herald-Lismore Leader

CHAPTER XXIII. Page 287-293

Location-Boundaries-Area-Surface-Soil-Grand Prairie Plain-Geological History-Glacial. Epoch-The Ridge Forms Watershed-Elevations-Grallam Lakes-Okabena--Qcheyda-Indian-Summit-Creeks-Chanipepadan-Kanaranzi-Little Rock-Oeheyedan-Okabena-Elk-Jack-An Agriculural County - Products-Average Yields-Live Stocks-Numbers and yalue-Dairying-Creameries and Their Output-Manufacturing-Banks-Schools-Churches-Railroads- Telephone Lines-Assessed Valuation-Prices of Land-Compared With Dakota and Canada-Proximity to Markets-Prospects-Wanted More Settlers


The Dreaded Prairie Fire-What it Was-Methods of Fighting-The Fire of 1875-Origin- Damage-Prosecution-"The Wild Girl"- Her Accomplishments- Worthington's First Saloon-Big Sale of Rainwater-Battle of Stony Point-Finding of Old Gun-Causes a Dream-Story Results-The Diagonal Road-Its Building-Early Day Importance-Petition for Abandonment-A Mirage-Produces a Fairy Land-The First Circus-Barnum & Baily Draw Crowds-An Old Stove-Its Story-Early Day Trials-An Illustration-The First Democrat-Michael Maguire-The Father of Democracy-Incident of the Sixties-John Freeman Drowns

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