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County Information
Founded February 17, 1881
Named in honor of the large number of Norwegians, or Normans, who settled in this county.
County Seat: Ada

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Cities and Towns
Ada, Borup, Gary, Halstad, Hendrum, Perley, Shelly, Twin Valley

Lockhart, Hadler, Syre

Anthony, Bear Park, Flom, Fossum, Good Hope, Green Meadow, Halstad, Hegne, Hendrum, Home Lake, Lake Ida, Lee, Lockhart, Mary, McDonaldsville, Pleasant View, Rockwell, Shelly, Spring Creek, Strand, Sundal, Waukon, Wild Rice, Winchester

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BIOS: Submitted by Robin Line: A. O. Anderson, Ole T. Anderson
MILITARY: WWI Bios - David Odden, Maurice Odegaard, Martin Herman Oien, Roy A. Olson, Albert Olson, Bennie Calmer Olson, Ingolf Olson, Marcus Elias Olson, Theodore Olson, Walter Olson, Albert Omdal, Alvin Oscar Opgrand, Edwin Paulson, Selmer Arthur Paulson, John O. Peterson, Francis Peterson, Lawrence John Peterson, Oscar Arent, Peterson, Peter Albert Quam, Selmer Rage, Richard C. Ramon, Edward John Redland, Henry S. Reitan, Floyd Willard Renner, Frank Reipe, Opie Sermer Rindahl, Olaf G. Wick, Gustav Pederson, Fred W. Wells, Albert A. Wegner, Arthur Berner Sirjord, Albert Schroeder, Glen Woods, Herman N. Bergh, Walter John Nygaard, George Herbert Nelson, Alfred Nygaard, Oscar Norby, Charles Herman Meyer, Ray Monteith, Adolph Stenseth, Walter W. Schultz, Leo Earl Loobey, Arthur L. Loobey, Peter J. Nelson, Adolph Wilhelm Aune, George E. Ashbach, Conrad Engen, Harry Alfred Benson, Obert Dahl, Rector Erickson, Albert Andrew Fuller, Thomas Dans, Oliver T. Dukeleth, Adolph Germolus, Carl R. Gilbertson, Adolph Lee, Emil Oscar Gilbertson, Reuben Anderson, Carl Grothe, Theodore Cleveland, Oscar L. Gunderson, Gjert John Dosland, John Albert Habeck, Oscar L. Eklund, Christian Hagen, Henry M. Hanson, Leonard R. Hetland, Lloyd J. Hetland, Minton Hillstad, William Kreun, Casper M. Olson, Severt E. Raaen, C. E. Ingvald Ramberg, Edwin J. Severson, Alvin R. Sjordal, Loy John Lahey, Edwin Frank Slininger, Ingvall L. Larson, Arthur L. Monson, Clarence L. Monson, Ernest Alvin Narum, Arthur Al. Slininger, Joseph Albin Spangelo, Oluf B. Strand

JUNE 2018
MILITARY: WWI Bios - Louis Rodal, Victor L. Rolle, Joseph Oscar Rude, Elmer Sagen, John L. Sand, Reuben Edwin Sand, Elmer J. Sandal, Sivert Benjamin Sandal, Martin Sannes, Henry Gilman Saxum, John S. Schow, George Schroedl, Fred Ernest Schultz, Adolph J. Schwartz, Arthur Eugene Selberg, Victor Emanuel Selberg, Orlando Serum, Lewis Monius Sjolseth, William B. Sjolseth, Leonard Oliver Sjordal, Alfred Oliver Slette, Jacob Snustad, Floyd Fred Snyder, Lloyd Edward Snyder, August Solien, John Albert Sonquist, Alfred Sorenson, Frank Stangle, Anton Bernhart Stene, Emil Alfred Stene, Lars Andrew Stene, Lewis Oscar Stene, Lewis Oscar Stundahl, Martinus Stenseth, Clarence Stephenson, Edward D. Stien, John J. Sundet, Oliver Sundre, Clark A. Sulerud, Norval Elmer Skunes,Peder Swanum, Clarence C. Stigen, Willie Swenson, Gustav A. Stone, Clarence O. Storslie, Oscar E. Taraldson, Taylor Thompson, Alfred Tollerud, John Albert Wells, Edward Marius Tollerud, Edwin Gustav Weum, Edwin Olay Tronnes, Orwald J. Weium, Alfred C. Ulvan, Henry Wichern, Albert John Underdahll, Gilbert G. Wick, Oscar Nels Vagsness, Martin Julius Widme, Arne Voje, George Alfred Voje, Rudolph H. Wilkens, George Henry Will, Oliver Wangberg, Rien Minna Wassenar, Julius Oscar Winjum, Arnold Casper Anderson, Arthur B. Aanenson, Lambert N. Askildson, Ausgard H. Haaland, Selmer Haaland, Ludvik Bak, William Hoss, Ervin Aasland, Theodor Degerness, Alfred Eken, John Jacob Hadler, Otto T. Hagen, Olaf Anton Hilmo, Benjamin Eadness, Herman L. Gordon, Carl Henry Hansen, Joseph Hamre, Allan Manley Gilbert, Lawrence Ingberg, Gilbert Hanson, John E. Johnson, Charles N. Jorgenson, Lawrence Mauritson, Selmer Levi Johnson, George Alfred Moe, Harvey N. Juhl, Alfred C. Kvamme, Norbert J. Lemm, Earl Emil Newman, Erlinc Norby, Melvin Carl Nelson, Gurdon Herberg Lewis, John Lee, Lloyd Larson, Dewey S. Miller, Newton Marvin Mithun, Eddie Hartman Ogard, William August Ogard, Jay Frank Olin, Ole A. Olson, Hilmar J. Olson, Ray Olin, Albert Pederson, William Owen Pelkey, Elmer Oscar Stundahl, Clarence Andrew Serum, Alfred M. Skaurud, Henry N. Qualley, Richard Oscar Storberg, Clarence A. Rude, Sievert Shellum, Henry A. Rude, Clifford Helmer Stoen, Oliver Henry Rask, Andrew Thompson, Selmer Julius Rude, Luman Harris Tenney, Albert O. Restad, Oscar Carl Slette, Victor Hernando Thune, Elmer George Uggen

MAY 2018
MILITARY: WWI Red Cross and WWI Liberty Loans
MILITARY: WWI Bios - Elmer Monroe Largis, Campbell Nels Lystrom, John David Larson, Sidney Lavold, Carl O. Lee, Gust Lee, Henry Oliver Lee, Emil Lindberg, Ernest R. Lindberg, George Arthur Lindow, Leland Sprague Lofgren, Clifford Emery Logan, Sivert Oliver Lovik, Otto Emil Leiness, Melvin Lund, Theodore Alfred Lerud, Kettel N. Letmolee, Herbert Emil Lunde, Francis Henry Lundon, Henry Larson, Willie Joe Lundon, George A. Lystrom, Joseph Monson, Manley Madson, Norman Carl Myers, Archie Melvin Malme, Selmer Myhre, Guy McLees, Oliver Theo Melting, Louis F. Menge, Palmer P. Merkins, Harold Ernest Meyer, Leon Mickelson, Roy Ilton Mickelson, Henry Olaus Natwick, Clarence M. Neeb, Alfred Nelson, Edwin O. Nelson, John Rudolph Nelson, Nicolas Nelson, Signor E. Nelson, Sigurd Manley Nelson, Carl Johan T. Olson, Benhard Nilson, Henry Philip Olson, Martin Norby, Andrew Nygaard, Amund Maurstad, John N. Nelson, Palmer E. Vinji, Henry Oliver Vinji, William O. Rocker, Alvin J. Roesch, Gustav A. Rockstad, Conrad Julian Melberg, Arnold Jackson, Bert Reed, Arthur T. Roland Olson, James Hetland, Gunnar C. Horte, Carl T. Griese, Otto A. Balzum, Ole Dekko, Manley Flesher, Edward A. Dekko, Bennie Leonard Dekko, Arthur A. Rolle, Henry Dekko, Henry Hagen, Emil Johanis Larson, Geo. A. Carlson, Marie Mattie Stenseth, Garfield L. Mauritson, Olina Semling, Clarence A. Norman, Alice Lightbourn, Helmer Oscar Olson, Elsie Katherine Heiberg, Clifford Earl Reese, Nelson Theodore Largis, Peder Haaland, Sigvard Flom, Alfred Gervais, Lars Paulson, Ernest Sandvold, Martin Semling, John Aasland, Oscar Birkeland, John P. Aas, Emil Carl Treichel, Alfred L. Bang, Walter Ignatious Aamoth, James Emil Aasland, Bernard Frederick Tenney, Frank Edward Norton, William Wichern, Ingvald Boe, George Herbert Melbye, John A. Bragstad, Theodore O. Lystad, Richard Edwin Dahl, Thomas Fikkan, Ervin Richard Simonson, John Carl Schultz, Arthur H. Fetting, Ray Hartwell Boyer, Johny O. Erickson, Merle L. Ferry, Alphonse Gervaise, Fred Wisk, Harry A. Lee, Alfred L. Yoder, Bernard Mellang

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