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Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude  Other Information
Ada Cemetery 471740N 0963002W  
Anthony Cemetery 472049N 0963959W  
Aspelund Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery 470927N 0960751W  
Augustana Cemetery 472347N 0964718W  
Bethania Lutheran Cemetery 471116N 0964330W  
Bethany Cemetery 472722N 0964001W  
Bethlehem Cemetery 471329N 0960750W  
Concordia Menighed Cemetery 471556N 0964238W  
East Marsh River Cemetery 472049N 0963959W  
East Wild Rice Lutheran Cemetery 471328N 0961025W  
Faaberg Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery 472958N 0960805W  
Gary Cemetery 472207N 0961702W  
German Methodist Cemetery 472528N 0963215W  
German Methodist Cemetery 471205N 0963230W  
Hlubek Cemetery 471845N 0961145W  
Immanuel Cemetery 471714N 0964859W  
Immanuel Cemetery 471955N 0961259W  
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery 471122N 0961021W  
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery 472303N 0963253W  
International Order of Good Templars Cemetery 472910N 0961304W  
Jevnaker Cemetery 470905N 0962344W  
Kirkebo Cemetery 470906N 0964609W  
Landstad Cemetery 471151N 0964355W  
Luchau Cemetery 472300N 0962200W  
Marsh River Cemetery 472443N 0964900W  
Ness Lutheran Cemetery 472301N 0960913W  
Norman County Poor Farm Cemetery 471650N 0962305W  
Norman Lutheran Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Norman Lutheran Cemetery 472720N 0960807W  
North Cemetery 472207N 0964854W  
North Wild Rice Cemetery 471933N 0961751W  
Old Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery 471040N 0964635W  
Old Sundal Cemetery 472803N 0961509W  
Petri Cemetery 471823N 0963505W  
Pontoppidan Lutheran Cemetery 471558N 0964551W  
Riverside Cemetery 471525N 0964740W  
Saint John's Cemetery 472120N 0962624W  
Saint John's Cemetery 472907N 0961305W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 471153N 0963906W  
Saint Olaf Lutheran Cemetery 471653N 0960554W  
Saint Pauli Cemetery 471601N 0964636W  
Saint Petri Cemetery 472951N 0964855W  
Saint Petri Cemetery 472207N 0961203W  
Saint Williams Cemetery 471525N 0961545W  
Shelly Cemetery 472716N 0965006W  
Skandinavia Cemetery 471508N 0962611W  
South Cemetery 472115N 0964855W  
Spring Creek Cemetery 472655N 0962204W  
Sundal Lutheran Cemetery 472725N 0961325W  
Syre Cemetery 471114N 0961532W  
Trinity Cemetery 471716N 0961639W  
Twin Valley City Cemetery 471525N 0961545W  
United Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery 470955N 0962153W  
West Petri-East Marsh River Cemetery 472120N 0964100W  
West Wild Rice Cemetery 471558N 0961842W  
West Wild Rice Cemetery 471600N 0962306W  
Winchester Cemetery 471052N 0963003W  
Zion Cemetery 471524N 0961548W  
Zion Cemetery 472721N 0964724W  
Zion Memorial Gardens 471550N 0961600W  
Zion Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery 472946N 0960754W  

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