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Olmsted County, Minnesota


Court News

Source: Minnesotian-Herald (30 Nov. 1872)

The Commissioner of the General Land Office has just decided the cases of Joseph McCann and John Marks, of Pleasant Grove, Olmsted county, against the St. Paul & Sioux City Railroad Company, in favor of the former. The land claimed had been settled upon as a pre-emption claim prior to the grant to the railroad company, and being abandoned by the claimant, the Commissioner holds that it reverted to the government instead of the company, and is subject to homestead entry.

JUDGMENT ORDERED PAID (Wagoner vs. City of Rochester)
Source: The Daily Post and Record, Rochester, Minnesota, April 1, 1915

Successful Suit of Mrs. Emma Wagoner Against the Municipality
At one of the city council meetings Wednesday the aldermen ordered that the judgment rendered by the district court in the suit of Mrs. Emma Wagoner versus the City of Rochester be paid. This suit arose out of the proposed opening of Sixth street west of Grant, which was halted on account of technicalities arising from the signing and publication of a proposed charter amendment. Mrs. Wagoner was given the judgment some weeks ago by Judge Snow.

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