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CASCADE township, organized in 1859, was named for the beautiful Cascade creek, which flows through the south edge of this township, joining the Zumbro river in the city of Rochester.

The first settlement in this township was made in the fall of 1854. James Bucklin, Mr. Proudfoot and others made claims and built houses during that year.

The latter gentleman opened a store in the following winter west of Cascade creek, and kept it in operation until the summer of 1855, when he removed his goods to Rochester.

In the spring of 1855 E. D. Cobb, Noble Cobb, George W. Huyler, L. L. Eaton, Charles Horton, Joseph Mathews, and many others, made claims and established residences.
The town was organized with its present boundaries in 1859, and the following named officers elected: Supervisors, James Bucklin, chairman, Alvah Southworth, and Philo Boardman; clerk, George Carpenter; treasurer, Sylvester Conklin; assessor, Hibbard Smith; constables, Joseph Chambers and Lewis Rice.

The present officers of the township are as follows: Supervisor, L. B. Joslyn; chairmen, Charles Crane and L. Roth; clerk, J. M. Morton; treasurer, George Ellsworth; justice, L. Andrus; assessor, J. L. Wright.

In the fall of 1855 L. L. Eaton opened his house, four miles west of Rochester, as a tavern for the accommodation of travelers, and kept it for some years, when he removed to Rochester. The first birth in the town was in the family of Joseph Horton, in the spring of 1855. The first death was in the same spring, being the daughter of James Bucklin.



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