Olmsted County Places - Rock Dell Township


ROCK DELL township, organized May 11, 1858, has narrow gorges or dells, with ragged cliffs of limestone, eroded by little streams flowing northward to the South branch of the Zumbro river.

Source: MINNESOTA GEOGRAPHIC NAMES Their Origin and Historic Significance

The year 1854 was that in which the first settlements were made. Nels Nelson, Tollef Oleson, Ole Oleson, Ole Amanson, Guta Molson, I. Golberg, Ole Tollefson and Ole Christ, all settled here this year. They came mostly from the Norwegian settlements in Dane county, Wisconsin. Rock Dell is almost wholly settled by Scandinavians. There are in the southwest corner of the town a few Irish and in the center two American families. The first birth in this town was that of Ole T. Oleson, son of T. Oleson, born on the 9th of September, 1854. The first death was Guta Molson. There was but little timber here when the first settlements were made, but now every farmer has an acre or more of timber, oak, poplar or cottonwood, which he has cultivated for his own use. In the northwest corner of the town there is a marsh of fully 300 acres, and in the southern part there are a few small ones.

There is one store of general merchandise in the town, owned by Nels Magneson, who is also postmaster for the Rock Dell post-office. This store was first opened by Antonie Johnson in 1876, it stands on section 8.

Source: The History of Winona and Olmsted Counties, 1883



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