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Olmsted County, Minnesota


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MILITARY: WWI Casualties - W. J. McCoy, James L. Hrdlicka
MILITARY: Soldiers - George Willard Furlow
INSTITUTIONS: Mayo Patients - N. Nelson, Mrs. Thomas Streeter, Billy Sunday
INSTITUTIONS: State Hospital Patients - William Tenney, Sophronia Hudson and J. C. Cole, Escaped German
Submitted by Robin Line:
OBITS: Nellie Chambers, Mrs. J. W. Engle
INSTITUTIONS: State Hospital Patients - Carrie Berge-submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Floyd Frutiger, John Stussy, Mrs. D. W. Cowles, Mr. Peck, Mary Gravlin, Benita Bole, Mrs. Robert Lauden, Mae Maroney, Francis Chase, Mrs. Jens Jacobson
NEWS-BIRTHS: Fiegel Daughter, Charles Keller Anderson
NEWS-BITS: Alex Predmore, Mrs. Robert Browning, Mrs. Evjan, Dr. Marion L. Burton, Charlie Schlief, Helen Schlief
NEWS-CRIME: Roy Rasmussen, Rainey Boy
PEOPLE: James Jenkins, Mike Collins
SCHOOLS: Students - Lydia Glabe

Submitted by Robin Line
BIOS: Mark W. Clay
OFFICIALS: Julius J. Reiter
MILITARY: Soldiers - William J. and Charles Mayo
OBITS: Ralph Rasmussen

JUNE 2017
OFFICIALS: Rosters-1878 County Officials
OFFICIALS: Individuals - Daniel S. Hebbard, Thomas H. Armstrong, Adolph Bierman
NEWS-VISIT: W. G. Early, J. P. Vaughan
Submitted by Robin Line:
OBITS: Christian Miller, Rienspies Daughter, Dart Son
NEWS-FIRES: H. E. Brighton
NEWS-CRIME: John Whitman
PEOPLE: Dr. J. A. Leonard

MARCH 2017
OBITS: Dr. Wilkins - submitted by Robin Line
OBITS: - Mary A. Buck, Nicholas Dee
NEWS-ANNIVERSARY: Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Wood
NEWS-VISIT: Vernia Weaver

PEOPLE: Eddie Bemis - submitted by Robin Line
PEOPLE: Lorenzo Mott, James T. Price

OBITS: Charles Boerneke, Mary Barron, Reinhold Buchholtz - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-FIRE: 1885-A. L. Cutting, 1885-F. D. Livermore - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-CRIME: Robert C. Banks
NEWS-VISIT: A. O. Adams, Dell Buck, William Sykes
PEOPLE: C. A. Merril, Mrs. H. A. Brown

OBITS: Mary Hill
OBITS: Dr. Wilkins, Fred Wolverton - submitted by Robin Line
PEOPLE: W. J. Boynton, Frances Dodge - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-CRIME: John Williams - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Mrs. R. L. Catterell - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-BUSINESS: H. E. Brighton - submitted by Robin Line

JULY 2016
OBITS: Mrs. Arthur Gaskill, J. J. Sullivan, Willie Perry, Levi Bentley, Robert Spornlis
NEWS-POLITICAL: Jerry Harrington
PEOPLE: M. G. Denton
NEWS-CRIME: Charles Prentiss
NEWS-ANNIVERSARY: Mr. and Mrs. Murray Westfall

NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. E. H. Weston, Samuel Armstrong, Hattie Potter
NEWS-SICK: Arthur Brush
PEOPLE: C. E. Bandy, Thomas Eckles

OBIT: Mrs. Dewey Ringenberg, contributed by Jim Dezotell
OBIT: Frederick Bauer, Oscar Bear, Nellie Keeler
PEOPLE: Josephine M. Madden
NEWS-VISIT: Mr. and Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Stevens, George Hill, Mrs. M. A. Bear

JULY 2015
OBIT: Wanda Ellen Klebsch Boyd Contributed by Jacque McDonnell
PEOPLE: Wallace James, Elmer Jenkins, Gladys Udell, J. W. Huntington, I S Gurley

APRIL 2015
OBIT: Charles Wilber submitted by Jim Honer

OBIT: James R. Crofoot
NEWS-WEATHER: 1901-32 Below, 1883-Cyclone
NEWS-RELOCATE: Miss Kingsley
NEWS-ANNIVERSARIES: 1910-Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Radke, 50 Years-Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Hill

NEWS-CRIME: Bondys Hardware Burglarized
NEWS-FIRE: 1889 Eyota Fire
NEWS-VISIT: Charles R. Blair, Mrs. Daniel P. Spencer

Summer 2014: Obit: Morrison - transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Apr. 2014: Description and Early Settlement - transcribed by Denise Wagner

Feb. 2014: Obit: Eckhaldt - transcribed by Jim Dezotell

Aug. 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll
Bio: Chase

Apr. 2013: Obits: Blethen, Classon, Davis, Deull, Gardner, Hall, Kemp, Nigon, Richardson, Stevenson, Van Doozer, Wilson, Wright

Marriages: Anderson - Kiel; Bosfield - Potts; Brin - Eyestone; Dresser - Carter; Emery - Van; Kohagen - Menhardt; Lindblad - Meyers; Lundberg - Mock; Page - Nye; Peterson - Smith; Priebe - Beske; Pries - Schamrock; Redig - Rieple; Spencer - Montgomery; Yates - Wise

Mar. 2013: Bio: Brown

August 2012: Marriage: Volles - Larson

July 2012: Bio: Canfield

June 2012: Obit: Damon; Bios: Franklin, Jones, Steinberg

Apr. 2012: Bios: Elliott, Ellis, Germo, Grannis, McArthur, Ozmun, Start, Stebbins

Mar. 2012: County History (1920); Union Soldiers Buried in Olmsted County; Obit: Glans, Kappauf; Bios: Cobb, Conley, Cook, Cote, Cooper

Feb. 2012: Bios: Blakely, Boylhard, Kingsley

Jan 2012: bio for ALDRICH

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