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[Source: GNIS]

Aastad Cemetery 460816N 960500W
Aurdal Cemetery 461800N 0965453W
Bagstevold Cemetery 463001N 0960555W
Bauck Cemetery 463744N 0953618W
Bethania Lutheran Cemetery 463815N 0951106W
Bethel Cemetery 463620N 0960535W
Bethel Cemetery 460958N 0954629W
Bethlehem Cemetery 461609N 0960416W
Bethlehem Cemetery 463831N 0952610W
Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery 461240N 0960300W
Central Swede Grove Lutheran Church Cemetery 463207N 0960334W
Compton Cemetery 462513N 0951231W
Eagle Lake Cemetery 461139N 0954058W
East Lida Cemetery 463440N 0955535W
Emmanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery 460909N 0961102W
Esther Cemetery 460719N 0951118W
Evander Cemetery 461035N 0954208W
Evangelical Lutheran Kirchof Cemetery 462239N 0960744W
Evangelical Lutheran Rolling Prairie Congregational Cemetery 461345N 0955215W
Fairview Cemetery 462416N 0951916W
Fairy Lake Cemetery 464140N 0954510W
First Cemetery 461854N 0960536W
First Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery 461705N 0954305W
First Lutheran Cemetery 461537N 0960106W
First United Cemetery 461851N 0960535W
Flatau Cemetery 463754N 0954123W
Folden Cemetery 461400N 0952657W
Free Church Cemetery 460812N 0953942W
Free Lutheran Cemetery 461450N 0955229W
Free Thought Cemetery 463745N 0955039W
Friborg Lutheran Church Cemetery (historical) 462600N 0961030W
Gausdale Lutheran Church Cemetery 461207N 0952001W
German Evangelical Cemetery (historical) 462300N 0960838W
Girard Cemetery 461955N 0953308W
Gorman Township Cemetery 464135N 0953620W
Grace Cemetery 462050N 0952809W
Grace Cemetery 463842N 0951106W
Greenwood Cemetery 463105N 0952306W
Grove Lake Cemetery 463804N 0960747W
Grove Lake Cemetery 463842N 0960748W
Grue Cemetery 460926N 0954335W
Gustafva Cemetery 462604N 0951306W
Hamar Cemetery 462729N 0961646W
Hay Creek Cemetery 463655N 0951127W
Hedemarken Lutheran Church Cemetery 462350N 0961244W
Henning Cemetery 461932N 0952657W
Henning Township Cemetery 462050N 0952655W
Historic Pine Lake Cemetery 463416N 0952655W
Holy Cross Cemetery 464115N 0952135W
Immanuel Cemetery 463327N 0954251W
Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery 462212N 0960140W
Inman Cemetery 461932N 0952146W
Inspiration Peak Cemetery 460811N 0953502W
Knollwood Cemetery 461426N 0960236W
Kongsberg Cemetery 461909N 0960148W
Kvam Cemetery 460843N 0955037W
Lake Lida Cemetery 463053N 0955923W
Lake View Cemetery 463509N 0960458W
Lakeside Cemetery 460859N 0954806W
Lakewood Cemetery 461646N 0954200W
Leaf Lake Cemetery 462302N 0953100W
Leaf Lake Cemetery 462303N 0952832W
Leaf Lake Cemetery 462318N 0952621W
Leaf Mountain Lutheran Cemetery 461000N 0953513W
Little Bethany Cemetery 463713N 0961650W
Maplewood Lutheran Church Cemetery 463010N 0955728W
Memorial Cemetery 463715N 0953814W
Mission Covenant Cemetery 461142N 0953247W
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 461609N 0953921W
Nazareth Cemetery 463138N 0951800W
Nazareth Lutheran Church Cemetery 463605N 0951810W
North Effington Cemetery 460958N 0952651W
North Immanuel Cemetery 463635N 0961249W
Norwegian Grove Cemetery 463408N 0961056W
Norwegian Methodist Church Cemetery 462105N 0952555W
Norwegian Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery 461520N 0955028W
Oak Grove Cemetery 461718N 0960257W
Oak Grove Cemetery 461023N 0951114W
Oak Hill Cemetery 462410N 0952035W
Oak Hill Farm Cemetery 460940N 0953850W
Oak Ridge Cemetery 461510N 0952147W
Oak Ridge Cemetery 461750N 0951052W
Oakwood Cemetery 462549N 0954157W
Old Friborg Cemetery 462629N 0961145W
Old Greenwood Cemetery 463105N 0952301W
Old Pelican Valley Cemetery 463527N 0960656W
Otter Tail Cemetery 462354N 0953454W
Otter Tail County Sanitorium Cemetery 462258N 0954440W
Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church Cemetery 461820N 0960420W
Our Saviors Cemetery 462820N 0961637W
Paddock-Bethel Cemetery 463929N 0951511W
Parkers Prairie Cemetery 460857N 0952022W
Pelican Valley Cemetery 463302N 0960537W
Perham Cemetery 463457N 0953310W
Pioneer Cemetery 463209N 0951134W
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 463325N 0954345W
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 463330N 0954230W
Prairie Cemetery 462744N 0952811W
Red Eye Valley Cemetery 464100N 0951529W
Richville Cemetery 463023N 0953852W
Rindal Cemetery 461942N 0954913W
Ringsaker Cemetery 463418N 0960746W
Rothsay Cemetery 462356N 0961546W
Sacred Heart Catholic Church Cemetery 463601N 0955039W
Sacred Heart Catholic Church Cemetery 460724N 0953037W
Sacred Heart Cemetery 463326N 0954249W
Saint Henry Cemetery 463605N 0953508W
Saint James Catholic Church Cemetery 462459N 0954916W
Saint James Cemetery 460638N 0952735W
Saint John's Catholic Church Cemetery 462810N 0951350W
Saint Johns Cemetery 463324N 0954816W
Saint Johns Cemetery 463932N 0954741W
Saint John's Cemetery 464058N 0952718W
Saint John's Lutheran Church Cemetery 462530N 0953120W
Saint Joseph Cemetery 463312N 0953656W
Saint Lawrence Church Cemetery 463050N 0953136W
Saint Olaf Cemetery460855N0955210W
Saint Otto's Catholic CemeteryFergus Falls, MN 
Saint Paul Cemetery 461843N 0952618W
Saint Paul Cemetery 463540N 0953505W
Saint Paul Cemetery 462355N 0955640W
Saint Paul's Lutheran Cemetery 463800N 0955025W
Saint Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery (historical) 461420N 0951835W
Saint Peter's Norwegian Lutheran Church Cemetery 463240N 0951530W
Saint Stanislaus Cemetery 463600N 0953400W
Saint Williams Cemetery 460903N 0952014W
Salem Evangelical Church Cemetery (historical) 462440N 0951930W
Salem Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery 462814N 0953042W
Sarpsborg Cemetery 461111N 0955820W
Scambler Cemetery 463920N 0960601W
Scandinavian Christian Mission Church Cemetery 463118N 0955958W
Schrams Cemetery 464209N 0954816W
Silent Vale Cemetery 462431N 0954855W
Skibvedt Cemetery 462025N 0954303W
South Friborg Cemetery 462300N 0961150W
South Immanuel Cemetery 463055N 0961312W
State Hospital for the Insane Cemetery 461838N 0960435W
Stavanger Lutheran Church Cemetery 462120N 0955905W
Sunset Memorial Unitarian Cemetery 461721N 0955214W
Sverdrup Cemetery 461757N 0955146W
Swan Lake Cemetery 461420N 0955824W
Swan Lake Lutheran Church Cemetery (historical) 461305N 0955758W
Swedish Baptist Church Cemetery 462209N 0955609W
Swedish Cemetery 460935N 0951728W
Sybil Lake Cemetery 463801N 0954539W
Ten Mile Lake Cemetery 460839N 0955621W
Tingvold Cemetery 462210N 0955150W
Tonseth Lutheran Church Cemetery 462707N 0955917W
Topelius Cemetery 462933N 0951727W
Tordenskjold Free Mission Church Cemetery 461326N 0954744W
Trefoldighed Menighed Cemetery 461358N 0951459W
Trinity Cemetery 461733N 0954344W
Trinity Cemetery 461825N 0960302W
Trinity Cemetery 462103N 0951528W
Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery 461929N 0952659W
United Cemetery 461840N 0952619W
Vang Cemetery 461932N 0955841W
Vergas Cemetery 464007N 0954708W
Vestre Nidaaros Lutheran Church Cemetery 461412N 0953521W
Weimann Community Cemetery 463601N 0954731W
West Dora Cemetery 463445N 0955308W
West North Immanuel Cemetery 463700N 0961332W
Western Cemetery 460725N 0961135W
Western Presbyterian Cemetery 460910N 0961055W
Woodland Cemetery 462810N 0952345W
Wrightstown Cemetery 461604N 0951153W
Zion Cemetery 462325N 0953637W
Zion Cemetery 463942N 0955858W
Zion Elizabeth Cemetery 462642N 0960758W
Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery 461027N 0955530W
Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery 462443N 0954444W

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