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Bethania Cemetery 480530N 0960009W  
Black River Cemetery 480026N 0962342W  
Clara Cemetery 475851N 0960634W  
Clearwater Cemetery 475843N 0960316W  
Ebenezer Cemetery 475936N 0955251W  
Ekelund Cemetery 480349N 0954400W  
Emanuel Cemetery 480528N 0960406W  
Goodridge Cemetery 480950N 0954836W  
Greenwood Cemetery 480627N 0961040W  
Hegland Cemetery 480909N 0962156W  
Hegland Cemetery 465005N 0961615W  
Keene Cemetery 470202N 0962152W  
Kirkebo Lutheran Church Cemetery 470721N 0964338W  
Lamb Family Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Lanstad Lutheran Church Cemetery 480627N 0962110W  
Little Oak Cemetery 480052N 0953701W  
Nazareth Cemetery 475723N 0954003W  
Norden Cemetery 480810N 0961525W  
North Bluff Memorial Gardens 470115N 0964431W  
Oak Park Cemetery 480030N 0954647W  
Oak Ridge Cemetery 480817N 0962113W  
Old Jevnaker Cemetery 470839N 0962104W  
Reiner Cemetery 480721N 0953931W  
Riverside Cemetery 480221N 0961240W  
Rosindhall Cemetery 480813N 0954051W  
Rux Cemetery 480232N 0961932W  
Sabin Trinity Cemetery 464631N 0963723W  
Saint Bernard Cemetery 480745N 0961116W  
Saint Hilaire Cemetery 480036N 0961144W  
Saint Pauli Cemetery 480207N 0960858W  
Silverton Cemetery 480810N 0960526W  
Solem Cemetery 465005N 0961306W  
Star Cemetery 480507N 0953810W  
Telemarken Cemetery 480534N 0955340W  

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