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Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Other Information
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Cemetery 461110N 0924730W  
Birchwood Cemetery 454930N 0925838W  
Blomskog Cemetery 462348N 0924655W  
Bohemian Cemetery 454901N 0925611W  
Brook Park Cemetery 455606N 0930456W  
Bruno Cemetery 461717N 0924044W  
Calvary Cemetery 454926N 0925838W  
Catholic Cemetery 462222N 0923319W  
Cech Cemetery 455413N 0925424W  
Clover Cemetery 460043N 0923809W  
Danforth Cemetery 460835N 0923728W  
Dell Grove Cemetery 460650N 0925825W  
Denham Cemetery 462206N 0925407W  
Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery 455634N 0930420W  
Evergreen Memorial Park 460508N 0925730W  
Faith Cemetery 462209N 0925809W  
Finnish Cemetery 461155N 0925539W  
Henriette Cemetery 455233N 0930751W  
Hilltop Cemetery 454840N 0925830W  
Hustletown Union Cemetery 455134N 0925257W  
Johnson Memorial Cemetery 454452N 0930118W  
Lakeview Cemetery 461542N 0925252W  
Lena Lake Cemetery 460337N 0922748W  
Lutheran Memorial Cemetery 460041N 0925523W  
Markville Cemetery 460532N 0921904W  
Methodist Cemetery 462305N 0924318W  
Milburn Cemetery 454918N 0925242W  
Mission Creek Cemetery 455810N 0925655W  
Native American Burial Grounds 460506N 0922920W  
Nordland Cemetery 462309N 0925928W  
Oak Lake Community Cemetery 462348N 0923535W  
Ogema Cemetery 460110N 0922917W  
Pine Grove Cemetery 454728N 0925547W  
Riverside Cemetery 462140N 0923846W  
Rock Creek Cemetery 454537N 0925720W  
Rose Hill Cemetery 460034N 0925542W  
Royalton Memorial Cemetery 454457N 0930619W  
Saint Isadors Cemetery 462307N 0924853W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 455420N 0925721W  
Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery 461935N 0925002W  
Saint Michaels Cemetery 462041N 0923542W  
Spring Park Cemetery 460703N 0925228W  
Sturgeon Lake Cemetery 462308N 0924948W  
Vilstad Lutheran Cemetery 461415N 0924427W  
West Rock Cemetery 454450N 0930118W  
Willow River City Cemetery 461903N 0925009W  

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