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County Information

Created July 20, 1858

Named for President James K. Polk

County Seat: Crookston
Largest city: East Grand Forks



Andover Township
Angus Township
Badger Township
Belgium Township
Brandsvold Township
Brandt Township
Brislet Township
Bygland Township
Chester Township
Columbia Township
Crookston Township
Eden Township
Esther Township
Euclid Township
Fairfax Township
Fanny Township
Farley Township
Fisher Township
Garden Township
Garfield Township
Gentilly Township
Godfrey Township
Grand Forks Township
Grove Park-Tilden Township
Gully Township
Hammond Township
Helgeland Township
Higdem Township
Hill River Township

Hubbard Township
Huntsville Township
Johnson Township
Kertsonville Township
Keystone Township
King Township
Knute Township
Lessor Township
Liberty Township
Lowell Township
Nesbit Township
Northland Township
Onstad Township
Parnell Township
Queen Township
Reis Township
Rhinehart Township
Roome Township
Rosebud Township
Russia Township
Sandsville Township
Scandia Township
Sletten Township
Sullivan Township
Tabor Township
Tynsid Township
Vineland Township
Winger Township
Woodside Township

East Grand Forks

 Online Data

Church Histories / Records

County Records

Death Records

Family Bibles

County History

School Records

Wills/Probate Records

Website Updates:
Aug. 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

June 2013: Obit: Henry

Apr. 2013: Obits: Bloom, Dorsey, Fox, Hamel, Hanson, Jorgenson, Larson, Marin, Micelson, Noeseu, O'Brien, Roy, Turner
Naturalization Certificate for Smedberg
Marriages: Austad - Nesland; Boucher - Riopelle; Cooper - Aamoth; Hagen - Stickney; Hinderlie - Dale; Hofdahl - Skaar; Mayrand - Marlowe; McDonald - McManus; Reitmeier - Radke; Sunderland - Anderson; Torrison - Flaiskey
Bio: Wroolie

Oct. 2012: Obit: Nelson
Marriage: Glaserud - Klepp
Sept. 2012: Marriage: Backlund - Wright
August 2012: Obits: Morgan, Sletten, Teal
July 2012: Bios: Bronson, Carlisle, Casey
June 2012: Bios: Clarke, Hoverson, Johnson
May 2012: Bio: Anderson
Apr. 2012: Bios: Ellington, Farly, Foskett, Gallasch, McKinnon
Mar. 2012: Obits: Baird, Turner; Bio: Steenerson; Engagements: Benson-Helliwell; Marr-Hiler; Marriages: Bakke-Drydahl, Collar-Smith, Dangerfield-Kenn, Lee-Donnelly, Morrow-Morrison, Nordlund-Strutz, Ralph-Brouillard, Rolland-Dagoberg, Shannon-Fenwell, Swendson-Price; Bios: Chase, , Collins, Hagen
Feb. 2012: WW2 Army Honor List; birth - Lawton; obits: Coauette, Engstrom, Flaten, Tillman; Marriage: Mahoney-LaCoe; Bios: Black, Dampier; 1860 Polk Co. census
Jan 2012: Marriage announcement for BEHRNS-BREWSTER; List of Cemeteries

Dec 2011: Gossip news; fire, Sp. Am. War news item

Previous Updates:
1860 Federal Census Index; Bios for BJELLA, DALE, HUSBY, JORGENSON & VAATVIET


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