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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Vicki Bryan

No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner Post office Address Cause for which Pensioned Monthly Rate Date of Original
Hames, Albert J. Aidal dis. of lungs & urin'y organs $4.00 March 1881
182,664 Loughridge, Linn Angus in. l. side & pleuritic adhes's $4.00 Feb. 1881
Evans, Gomer Angus g.s.w. of back $4.00 Jan. 1882
Bruce, Chas. H. Carman dis. of lungs $8.00 Feb. 1879
91,468 Truax, Chas. Crookston g.s.w. l. arm $6.00
72,190 Cleveland, Heber W. Crookston g.s.w. l. arm $8.00
43,536 Topping, Wm. H. Crookston wd. r. hip $15.00
Carle, Jno. B. Crookston ch. diarr. $2.00 Dec. 1880
Senn, Jno. Crookston g.s.w. l. side of face $6.00
Mitchell, Henry G. Crookston g.s.w. r. forearm & r. thigh $6.00 Nov. 1881
Holt, George H. Crookston g.s.w. r. breast & results $24.00
Homan, Chas. Crookston loss l. arm $24.00
Hopkins, Albert N. Crookston dis. of lungs $4.00
Green, Hadley William Crookston g.s.w. l. shoulder $14.00
Jennings, Wallace H. Crookston ch. diarr. $17.00
Bronilette, Michael Crookston dis. of lungs $8.00
Norton, Sewall P. Crookston injury to abdomen $8.00
42,828 Copeland, Geo. F. Crookston s.w. r. knee $4.00
LeBrun, Florentine Edna wd. l. thigh $6.00
Osmer, Wm. D. Edna varicose veins l. leg $8.00 Jan. 1880
Ellis, George W. Fertile chro. diarr. & scurvy $4.00 April 1880
13,975 Tinkham, Albert B. Fisher wd. l. elbow $8.00
Jewett, Freeman H. Fisher dis. of eyes, result. total blindness $72.00 Feb. 1880
Ames, Jason F. Fisher g.s.w. face and neck $6.00
Gunstensen, Beril Fisher mother $8.00
Stiles, Edwin B. Fisher loss 2 toes l. foot with g.s.w. $2.00
Osmundson, Osmund Fisher g.s.w. l. thigh $6.00
Hicks, Walter M. Fisher g.s.w. r. wrist $16.00
Dunlava, Anthony Fisher g.s.w. face & r. lung $10.00 Oct. 1863
Cooley, Albert Godfrey g.s.w. r. wrist $4.00 Aug. 1881
74,635 Bowden, Hulbert H. Mallory w. r. thigh $2.00 July 1868
Goodwin, And'w J. Mallory dis. of liver & kidneys $4.00 Dec. 1879
35,280 Smith, John F. Mentor ind. ulcers both legs $18.00 Dec. 1864
193,034 Swift, George M. Mentor dis. heart $10.00 July 1881
87,398 Frank, George W. Nashville chro. diarr., hypertrophy of heart $8.00
Erickson, Engbert Neby chr. diarr. &c. $2.00
Barclay, William H. Red Lake Falls dis. of lungs $4.00 March 1881
Jervais, Alfred Red Lake Falls g.s.w. r. thigh $15.00
Milne, John O. Sant Hilaire g.s.w r. elbow & left side $8.00

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