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Source: GNIS
May not be a complete list.

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Other Information 
Andover Cemetery 474301N 0963832W  
Asphult Cemetery 474127N 0954621W  
Bailey Cemetery 473655N 0960400W  
Bardo Cemetery 474444N 0964613W  
Bergit Cemetery 473547N 0965008W  
Bethany Cemetery 480136N 0970110W  
Bethany Lutheran Cemetery 475240N 0953949W  
Bethel Cemetery 473510N 0962939W  
Bethel Cemetery 473136N 0955500W  
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Cemetery 474018N 0953431W  
Broderheim Cemetery 474047N 0960308W  
Bygland Cemetery 474935N 0965558W  
Calvary Cemetery 474655N 0963734W  
Calvary Cemetery 473209N 0955950W  
Concordia Cemetery 473145N 0961609W  
Cross Lake Cemetery 473719N 0953818W  
Cross Lake Cemetery 473604N 0953625W  
Dovre Cemetery 473509N 0955857W  
Elm Cemetery 473140N 0955941W  
Erickson Cemetery 474606N 0964700W  
Fairview Cemetery 473135N 0963212W  
Fairview Cemetery 473903N 0955941W  
Faith Cemetery 474219N 0960811W  
First English Lutheran Cemetery 474103N 0960850W  
Fisher Cemetery 474840N 0964820W  
Fisher Lutheran Cemetery 474811N 0964852W  
Freedom Cemetery 473118N 0953512W  
Froen Lutheran Cemetery 473747N 0954103W  
Gosen Cemetery 473604N 0955820W  
Greenwood Cemetery 474732N 0964737W  
Gully Cemetery 474615N 0953701W  
Hafslo Cemetery 474207N 0962826W  
Hanna Cemetery 473930N 0964032W  
Hansville Cemetery 473144N 0954747W  
Hitterdal Cemetery 474122N 0961305W  
Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery 480441N 0965135W  
Holy Trinity Cemetery 480111N 0965209W  
Immanuel Cemetery 473044N 0953838W  
Kingo Cemetery 473456N 0954415W  
Kongsvinger Cemetery 480623N 0970345W  
Lakeside Cemetery 474044N 0960851W  
Landstad Cemetery 473458N 0954415W  
Landsverk Cemetery 473423N 0955055W  
Lima Cemetery 473504N 0960540W  
Little Norway Cemetery 473315N 0961422W  
Lone Star Cemetery 473327N 0962705W  
Mamre Cemetery 474148N 0954345W  
Maple Bay Cemetery 473848N 0961412W  
Maple Bay Free Lutheran Cemetery 473800N 0961256W  
Maple Lake Cemetery 473654N 0961023W  
Melo Lutheran Cemetery 480627N 0963515W  
Nesbit Cemetery 475247N 0965211W  
New Sweden Cemetery 474234N 0955350W  
Nyskoga Cemetery 480729N 0965834W  
Oakdale Cemetery 474656N 0963721W  
Oakland Cemetery 473316N 0953336W  
Oakland Cemetery 474411N 0955057W  
Olivet Cemetery 473840N 0955202W  
Our Saviors Cemetery 473735N 0961847W  
Pioneer Cemetery 473941N 0955920W  
Pioneer Cemetery 474655N 0965610W  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 473117N 0961652W  
Poplar Lake Cemetery 473252N 0953936W  
Poplar River Cemetery 473515N 0954449W  
Prairie View Cemetery 475957N 0963919W  
Presbyterian Cemetery 480443N 0965202W  
Queen Cemetery 473934N 0953826W  
Queen Township Cemetery 474024N 0953428W  
Resthaven Memorial Gardens 475324N 0965555W  
Rodnes Cemetery 473903N 0960517W  
Rosehill Cemetery 473431N 0954410W  
Rosehill Cemetery 474215N 0961051W  
Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Cemetery 474630N 0953958W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 474001N 0955313W  
Saint Josephs Cemetery 473147N 0961607W  
Saint Lawrence Cemetery 474217N 0960811W  
Saint Lukes Cemetery 473748N 0955245W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 480013N 0964425W  
Saint Paul's Cemetery 473053N 0953826W  
Saint Peters Cemetery 474740N 0962648W  
Salem Cemetery 473818N 0955742W  
Salem Cemetery 474252N 0953952W  
Sand Valley Cemetery 474630N 0954115W  
Saron Lutheran Cemetery 474338N 0960023W  
Scandia Cemetery 473047N 0963720W  
Scott-Widrig Cemetery 473138N 0962443W  
Skatvold Cemetery 473549N 0964734W  
Sorum Cemetery 474351N 0960314W  
South Bethany Cemetery 480113N 0970116W  
Storelvedalen Cemetery 473051N 0960013W  
Sundet Cemetery 473416N 0965029W  
Swedish Cemetery 480811N 0970229W  
Synod Cemetery 473929N 0955937W  
Tabor Cemetery 480417N 0965211W  
Trinity Cemetery 474238N 0955344W  
Union Cemetery 474605N 0964112W  
Union Lake Cemetery 473351N 0960554W  
Valley Lutheran Cemetery 475032N 0954350W  
Varnes Lutheran Cemetery 473418N 0962213W  
Vernes Lutheran Cemetery 474357N 0954735W  
West Valle Cemetery 475031N 0954430W  
Winger Cemetery 473209N 0955952W  
Zion Cemetery 473628N 0963917W  
Zion Cemetery 474120N 0954115W  

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