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Pope County Minnesota 
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Barsness Lutheran Cemetery 453444N 0952425W  
Ben Wade Cemetery 454350N 0953611W  
Bethany Cemetery 453230N 0953629W  
Calvary Cemetery 453806N 0952252W  
Calvary Cemetery 454135N 0951550W  
Chief White Bear Grave 453835N 0952610W  
Chippewa Falls Cemetery 453049N 0951902W  
Cyrus Cemetery 453627N 0954414W  
Early Indherred Community Cemetery 453838N 0953034W  
East Zion Cemetery 452847N 0953106W  
Ellerson-Mortenson Cemetery 452650N 0953055W  
Farwell Cemetery 454454N 0953708W  
Fron Cemetery 453506N 0953037W  
Glenwood Cemetery 453810N 0952250W  
Grove Lake Cemetery 453621N 0951000W  
Hitman Family Cemetery 452600N 0951930W  
Immaculate Conception Cemetery 453443N 0951515W  
Indherred Church Cemetery 453751N 0953148W  
Lake Amelia Cemetery 454139N 0951550W  
Lake Ann Cemetery 454144N 0952544W  
Lake Ben Cemetery 453249N 0952347W  
Lake Emily Cemetery 453115N 0954148W  
Lake Johanna Cemetery 452721N 0951140W  
Lake Leven Cemetery 454358N 0951631W  
Lake Reno Cemetery 454256N 0952535W  
Minnewaska Cemetery 453651N 0953239W  
Nora Cemetery 454257N 0954109W  
Norunga Cemetery 454348N 0953418W  
Oak Hill Cemetery 454245N 0952920W  
Pike Lake Cemetery 454442N 0954045W  
Saint John's Cemetery 453844N 0953915W  
Saint John's Cemetery 454443N 0952806W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 454110N 0951814W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 454201N 0953307W  
Saint Petri Cemetery 453658N 0954434W  
Sather Family Cemetery 452600N 0952200W  
Scandia Lutheran Cemetery 452742N 0952038W  
Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery 452540N 0952130W  
South Lake Johanna Cemetery 452514N 0951019W  
Swedish Mission Cemetery 454245N 0952858W  
Trinity Cemetery 453002N 0950754W  
West Lake Amelia Cemetery 453957N 0951812W  
West Lake Johanna Cemetery 452720N 0951519W  
West Zion Cemetery 452854N 0953932W  

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