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Calvary Cemetery 445803N 0930807W  
Chesed Shel Emes Cemetery 445927N 0930155W  
Elmhurst Cemetery 445914N 0930729W  
Forest Lawn Cemetery 445948N 0930423W  
Mary T Hill Cemetery (historical) 450625N 0930543W  
Mount Zion Cemetery 445934N 0930420W  
Oakland Cemetery 445809N 0930556W  
Riverview Cemetery 445514N 0930410W  
Roselawn Cemetery 445944N 0930805W  
Saint John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery 450342N 0931208W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 450112N 0930451W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 450141N 0925938W  
Saint Marys of the Lake Cemetery 450552N 0930157W  
Saint Paul's Priory Cemetery 445943N 0925918W  
Sons of Jacob Cemetery 445928N 0930408W  
Sons of Moses Cemetery 445927N 0930410W  
Temple of Aaron Cemetery 445933N 0930728W  
Union Cemetery 445754N 0925932W  
Union Cemetery 450444N 0930106W  

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