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- - 1868 - - LARGE ORGAN
Source: Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) Saturday, August 8, 1868; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

A large organ, costing $7,000, has been finished for the new cathedral at St. Paul, Minn.

- - 1880 - - M. E. Church (Jackson Street)
[Source: The Saint Paul Globe (MN) January 4, 1880; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]

At the last conference the Rev. S. M. Davis was assigned to the pastoral charge of this church. Since then, Oct. 1st, church interest has manifestly increased; 35 adult members have been added to the congregation, which numbers 250, exclusive of those on probation. The Jackson street church has been identified with Methodism in the Northwest for years, and may be termed a "distributing point" for Wesleyan doctrines. It has been an influence and power in the land, and the year closes with the assurance that strength has been gained to make it as potential in the future. The church edifice was erected in 1856, the opening services taking place in February of 1857. The collections on all accounts, for church expenses, educational, etc., average about $15 per member. The society owns its church building and parsonage, and is out of debt, except $200 due on current expenses. The officers during the year are as follows:
* Trustees - C. D. Strong, chairman, J. F. Tostevin, J. H. Murphy, J. H. Reaney, E. C. Palmer, C. W. Chase, F. M. Shook, W. P. Murray, W. B. Quinn.
* Stewards - C. D. Strong, John E. Miller, J. A. Sabin, G. H. Hazzard, John Way, H. A. Williams, C. E. Magraw, A. P. Connolly, F. C. Quinby, treasurer.
* Leaders - Alexander Wilson, J. F. Tostevin, W> H. H. Johnston, A. D. Beasley, Mrs. R. Blakely, Mrs. J. Stafford.
* G. H. Hazzard, recording steward.

- - 1880 - - St. Paul's Episcopal Church
[Source: The Saint Paul Globe (MN) January 4, 1880; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]

During the past year this church has been prosperous in all respects which make a church organization especially successful. The Rev. E. S. Thomas, rector, has been zealous in the discharge of his pastoral duties, and assisted by the members of his parish the church has had a year of harmonious prosperity. The membership numbers 200 families, or 900 souls. During the year the rights of baptism have been ministered unto four adults and twenty-nine infants. Twenty-two have been confirmed, and eighty-eight have been admitted by letter; seven have died and 20 removed. The gain during the year foots up to 75. The active adult members number 273.

The receipts for the year are as follows:
Pew rental and collections $4,200.
Charitable offerings $3,952.
School receipts for Faribault $3,500
Total $11,652

- - 1880 - - First Presbyterian Church
[Source: The Saint Paul Globe (MN) January 4, 1880; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]

This church has been attended with market prosperity during the year. The congregations have been uniformly large, and among all members zealous attention to church duties has been awakened. The additions during the year number 36 adults, making a total of 100 members. The financial condition of the parish is fairly good. The outlays have been comparatively few and the receipts have met all demands. During this year it is proposed to purchase a new organ; the one in use being twenty-six years old, the first organ ever brought to this State. The pastor, Rev. Dr. Donn, has materially benefited the church during his pastorate, and has the sympathy and cordial support of all the members in his zealous efforts to increase the church in numbers and extend its usefulness.

[Source: The Saint Paul Globe (MN) January 6, 1880; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]

Epiphany, or the twelfth night after Christmas, to commemorate the visit of the Magi, was celebrated, last night, by the parishioners of St. Paul's church, at the residence of Mrs. S. S. Breed, No. 222 East Eighth street. As a reminder of the occasion, a huge pound cake is procured, being cut into twelve pieces, one of which contains a gold ring, the finder of which keeps the ring for twelve months, at the expiration he or she mush furnish the cake for the next occasion.

Last year the ring was won by Mrs. Breed, hence the necessity of having the ceremonies under her auspices. A few days ago the ring was sent to Booth, the confectioner, who prepared the Twelfth Night cake, inserting the ring in one of the slices, all the parties being ignorant of its whereabouts. The proceedings last night were highly enjoyable, and the ceremonies gave rise to unbounded merriment.

Source: Warren Sheaf (Warren, MN), January 5, 1881, page 2; submitted by Robin Line
The first quarter century of the House of Hope church at St. Paul was celebrated on Wednesday evening 28th. The organization of the church twenty-five years ago commenced with four members, who are will-known residents of Minnesota, under the pastorate of Rev. E. D. Neill. The latter resigned his pastorate in 1860, and the next year accompanied the First regiment of Minnesota volunteers as their chaplain, and was present at the battle of Bull Run. The pulpit was supplied for a short time after by Rev. Henry J. Ballantyne and Rev. Wm. J. Erdman. Rev. Frederick A. Nobles, in 1861, became the pastor, and continued until the close of 1867. Rev. Frederick W. Flint followed, until the present pastor, Rev. David R. Breed, was called as the pastor, in 1870.

- - 1888 - - ST. JAMES TEACHERS
Source: Afro-Independent (St. Paul-Minneapolis, MN) September 22, 1888, page 3; submitted by Robin Line
The St. James S. S. officers held a meeting at the residence of Mr. T. H. Lyles last week and elected the following new teachers: Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Barry, Mrs. Parker and Rev. J. M. Henderson. Assistants, Mr. Ford and Mrs. G. W. Matthews.

- - 1889 - - Mrs. Wm. A. Hilyard
Source: The Appeal (St. Paul, MN) February 23, 1889; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
The Saintly City. At the confirmation services held at St. Peter Church, Daytons Bluff, Sunday last, Mrs. Wm. A. Hilyard was confirmed a full member of the Episcopal Church.

- - 1889 - - St. Paul's A. M. E. Church
Source: The Appeal (St. Paul, MN) February 23, 1889; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
St. Paul's A. M. E. Church, 2948 State. Services morning and evening, W. C. Trevan pastor. Come to the revival meeting.

- - 1889 - - Pullman Mission A. M. E. Church
Source: The Appeal (St. Paul, MN) February 23, 1889; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Pullman Mission A. M. E. Church service every Sunday at 3 o'clock. Rev. J. H. W. Collins, pastor.

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