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APRIL 2018
DIRECTORIES: 1878 Business Directory and Gazetteer
Submitted by Robin Line:
BIOS: Carl Ekman, George Becker, David Day, Charles Flandrau, Simeon Folsom, Aaron Goodrich
CHURCHES: 1881-House of Hope Church
OBITS: W. A. McKerrow, Charles Noyes

WILLS: Inheritance Taxes for 200+Estates/Payments
OFFICIALS: News-Robert A. Smith, Mark H. Gehan, Arthur Nelson, John Daubney
OFFICIALS: 1878 County Officials
MILITARY: Soldiers - R. M. Hansen, F. Steffels, E. A. Carlson, Stanley Koreytowski
MILITARY: WWI Casualty News-Arthur Lindsay Broderick, G. Jackson, Alfred E. Glesen, Frank Poderski, Frank Rhoda, John Romocky

PEOPLE: Alex McKenzie-submitted by Heather Holley
PEOPLE: Carl Anderson, E. E. Machovec, C. D. Gilfillan-submitted by Robin Line
OBITS: Anton Hosfalt, Mrs. C. C. Atwater, William Taylor-submitted by Robin Line

BIRTHS: Thomas J. Roberts - contributed by Nancy Washell
OBITS: Thomas J. Roberts - contributed by Nancy Washell
OBITS: Mr. Dorsey, Lizzie Stephenson, Vim T. Hunt, Jack Burke - contributed by Robin Line
MILITARY: Soldiers - W. F. Rhinow - contributed by Robin Line
MARRIAGES: Williams-Watts - contributed by Robin Line

submitted by Robin Line:
OBITS: General Sibley, Mrs. Ambrose Grout, Charles Langford, Erick Erickson, Joseph Beednach, Arthur T. Carter, Olaf W. Weighum, Thomas McMahon, Arnold Kalman
BUSINESSES: News-W. W. McCoy, Mary Martinke, A. G. Peil
CHURCHES: News - 1888-St. James Teachers
COURT-BITS: Ole Iverson
NEWS-CRIME: Frank McCool and Joe Redenbaugh
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1891-Diamonds Recovered, 1888-Emancipation Day
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Mary Zirkelbach, Gladys Clark
NEWS-VISIT/TRAVEL: John Iverson, H. A. DeLeon
PEOPLE: M. H. Rogers, Mrs. Charles Sweed

JUNE 2017
submitted by Robin Line:
MARRIAGES: Taylor-Eisenminger
OBITS: Iverson Son, Valentine Blatz, Bert Huss, Frederick P. Nolan, Anna Marie Haupers, Mr. Nelson, Frank J. Mitchell, Joshua King Harrison, Owen Treanor
PEOPLE: W. A. Cobb, H. F. Chandler, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Iverson, John Delaney
NEWS-CRIME: Martin Iverson, Ballard & Bazille charged with murder of William Dunneback
COURT-NEWS: Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Vermilye, Steinberger vs. Butler
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Emil Sprenger, A. G. Iverson
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1879-Joseph Steffer, Joseph Kirchle

MARCH 2017
OBITS: Arthur Goslin - Submitted by Robin Line
OBITS: Anna Maria Grace, Fred Gutherz, Moses Gabrio
COURT-NEWS: Guerin vs. Lariviere, Dickerman vs. Gullikson and Peterson, Kaiser vs. Haas, Samuel S. Hoyt, Olive Sather vs. Charles Sather
NEWS-BUSINESS: Gilbert Anderson, Corlies-Chapman Company
PEOPLE: John Picha, Mr. and Mrs. Emory A. Weller, Mrs. Hornung, Charles Eastwick Smith Jr, Edwin Clapp, Marion A. Hopkins, Harriet E. Bishop, Charles M. Berg, Mrs. Gideon Longtin, John C. McCarthy
CHURCHES: 1880-St. Paul's, Jackson Street M. E. Church, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, First Presbyterian
NEWS-CRIME: William and Mary Welty, J. R. Heino, S E Hart

OBITS: Mrs. O. B. Stram, Ray Smith, Michael Sweeney, Christian Schindeldecker
OBITS: Horatio S. Smith contributed by Kim Torp
Submitted by Robin Line:
OBITS: Thomas Bennepbeck, J. H. Barrows, Thomas Delaney, W. M. Furbord
SCHOOL NEWS: 1889-White-Capped Nurses.
NEWS-CRIME: Luigi Mancini
NEWS-FIRES: 1885-Cottages Burn
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Benjamin Thompson, Charles Tauer

OBITS: May Mead, William Carver contributed by the Alberti's
OBITS: Mrs. Fredericka Mansfield contributed by Robin Line
OBITS: Mrs. I. Smith, John Ehret, William Shauer, Mrs. Ed. Atkinson contributed by Kim Torp
WILLS/PROBATE NOTICES: Mary P. Mayo, J. Mayo, Felix Gingrich, C. P. Holmes, Deborah S. Thompson, M. Sweeney, J. K. Martin, Minea Minors, James H. Donnelly, J. P. King
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Michael Golding, L. B. Martin, Fenton G. Warner, Kelly Boy, Thomas Bowers, J. E. Owens
NEWS-ORGANIZATIONS: 1880-St. Paul Arion Officers, 1880-Total Abstinence Society, St. Paul Lodge No. 2, 1880-Pius IX Benevolent Society, 1880-I.O.O.F. Officers
EVENTS: First Winter Carnival. George Thompson, Ice Palace, A. S. Tallmadge, George R. Finch, Winter Weather, M. N. Kellogg, Cornerstone laid, City Council Votes, Ald. Van Slyke, Toboggan Club officials, members, 30 year plan, parade order and more.
MILITARY-NEWS: Major D. H. Brotherton, James D. Smith, Jr. and Louis H. Bergmann
COURT-BITS: Frank Kohout, John B. Picha, William Welty, Faas vs. Newton, Alness vs. Osborne, Austrian vs. Abrahamson, Emma Bateson

MAY 2016
BIOS: Theodore L. Schurmeier
COURT-BITS: 50 plus court bits ranging from divorce to house of ill repute.
COURT-NEWS: Charles R. Mims
OBITS: contributed by Kim Torp - Frank Meyers
PEOPLE: John Bell, J. S. Irgens, Eugene Labbey, A. Werninger, Morris Ganser
DIVORCE: Helen and Thomas Huddleston, Louisa and Thomas McMahon, Henry and Marie Herbert, George and Frances Kester
WILLS & PROBATE COURT: Philip S. Aylett, Charles Scheffer, Martha and Sarah Flandreau, G. B. Warner, Russell Post

BIOS: Greenleaf Clark, Hascal R. Brill
BIRTHS: Rachel Gooden
MARRIAGES: Nelson-Sancler, Dunn-McDermott, Blackowski-Spohn, Williams-Anderson
OBITS: Everett J. Mathieson, Contributed by Jim Dezotell
OBITS: Sophia Martin, Margaret Cooney, William H. Brown, Clarence Bailey, Harriet E. Bishop
PEOPLE: Mrs. T. H. Lyles, Bob Kingsley, Mattie Dean
NEWS-CRIME: Harry Bune, Ella Robinson, Broderick Campbell, Frank Kucera, Charles Sanden charged with murder, John Zewell Charged With Theft, William Dougherty, William L. Johnson, Peter Corfit 1933-Hamm Kidnapping

BIOS: Patrick H. Kelly, John Ireland, John B. Sanborn, George W. Sherwood, Jared How, Rensselaer R. Nelson, William F. Davidson
NEWS-CRIME: Numerous articles on the murder of Christian Schindeldecker, arrest of Edward Gottschalk, discovery of Joseph Hartman, trial, plea, sentence and aftermath.

- Mrs. Keener murdered by Yu-ha-zee
- Stanislaus Bilansky murdered by Annie Bilansky
- Little Six and Medicine Bottle for the murder of settlers.
- Mrs. Frederick Keller and son John Keller murdered by William Williams
- William Lindhoff murdered by Charles Ermisch and Otto Wonigkeit
News articles covering the crime, apprehension, trial, verdict, sentence, appeals and execution.

OBITS: K. T. Friend, Mary Matheson, Charles Scheffer
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1865-Laplanders & Swedes arrive in St. Paul, Contributed by Jim Dezotell, 1882-Secret Society
COURT: Neuhauser vs. Banish, Gates A. Johnson, Robert A. Smith, Joseph Hartman, Mrs. Joseph Hartman
PEOPLE: Della Keenan, Dan Kelly, J. M. Henderson, John W. Luca
NEWS-BUSINESS: C. Gotzlan & Co., George Brown, Stahlman's Brewery
CHURCHES: Mrs. Wm. A. Hilyard, 1889-W. C. Trevan, 1889-J. H. W. Collins

JULY 2015
SCHOOLS: 1902-Humboldt Graduation
PEOPLE: R. Watson Cooper, William Hamm, Jr.
WILLS & PROBATE: Pennock Pusey
FAMILIES: Aull Reunion
CHURCHES: 1868-New Organ
OBITS: Catherine Campbell

MAY 2015
BIOS: Charles H. Young, John Zehnder, George Ziegler, Jacob Joseph Zaun, Edward Young, Henry Yoerg, Stephen Yalk, Anthony Yoerg, Granville Worrell, Ernest E. Woodworth, Marcus Woodruff, Edwin E Woodman, Joseph C. Wood, John H. Wittmaack

OBITS: Lucy Ann Perkins, Birdie Corbett, William Cawood
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1888 Trouble on the Mississippi

OBITS: Harriet Louise Gibbs, Kate Ellen Emerson, Mary Ann Marvin, Mary Louisa Findley, Joel Whitney

May 2014:
Korean War & Vietnam Casualties - transcribed by Curt Wiebusch
Bios: Irvine (2), Ives, Jackson, Jaggard, James, Jefferson, Jensen (2), Jett, Johns, Johnson (3), Johnston (3), Jones - transcribed by Mary Saggio
Obit: Kry - transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
Marriage: White - Ash - transcribed by Jim Dezotell
Marriage: Wittich - Motz - transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Apr. 2014:

Bios: Hazzard, Heath, Heffron, Heim, Henninger, Henry (3), Hess, Hesselgrave, Heydemann, Hickey, Higbee (2), Hill (2), Hilscher, Hint, Hirschman, Hobe, Hoodgkinson, Hodgman, Hoff (2), Hoffman (2), Holcombe (2), Hollihan - transcribed by Glenda Stevens

Bios: Holman, Hope, Horn, Horrigan, House, Hovorka, How, Howard, Howes, Hoyt, Hubbard, Hubbell (2), Hurlburt, Hunt (3), Hurd, Hutchings, Hutchinson, Hyde, Ickler, Ingersoll (2), Ireland - transcribed by Nancy Overlander

Bios: Jones, Joyce, Judson (2) - transcribed by Nina Kramer

Feb. 2014:
Bios: Bobleter, Boyeson, Briggs, Canac-Marquis, Donnelly, Flandrau, Gilbert, Hill, Johns, Johnson (2), Johnston, Kellogg, Lewis, Maron, Merriam, O'Brien, Olmsted, Rogers, Schilling, Scott, Smalley, Stevens (2), Stickney - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

1883 Pensioners on the Roll - transcribed by Vicki Bryan
Obit: Grey - submitted by Jim Dezotell

July 2013
Obits: Condit, Hall, Metcalf, Neill, Templeton - transcribed by Kim Mohler

May 2013
Obits: Annen, Baldwin, Becker, Ferguson, Graff, Heresey, Lockey, Mannheimer, Nicols, Pine, Prince
Marriages: Brandup - Hopkins; Bricker - Dwyer; Fleissner - Abraham; Follett - Schuller; Fontaine - Vallee; Gedney - Gossman; Hendrickson - Jacobsen; Johnson - Hickman; McWilliams - Stevens; Mitchellson - Dyer; Sault - Goodman; Warren - Stoddard; West - Bemis
Birth Announcements: Cheatham, Hayward, Marty, Olson, Shaw, Smith, Tyrrell, Williams
Bio: Matts

Apr. 2013
Obit: Raplee - transcribed by Veneta McKinney

Mar. 2013
Bio: Winker

Jan. 2013
Birth information for Grimm
Death Certificate information for Elizabeth Jane Gothier - submitted by Kim Hukell Dupell
Obits: Baggs, McMilin
Marriage Announcements: Cowley - Egan; Hunt - Petschel; Moon - Latourette; Oliver - Dee; Pojar - Kryzer
Bios: Clark, Cook, Faust, Lovell,
Patton, Root, Thimens

Nov. 2012
Marriages: Barns - Herbst; Oestreich - Dahl; Schmit - Schweich
Bio: Folsom

Oct. 2012
Obits: Nelson, Schneider
Marriages: Hanson - Mortenson; Kahring - Hennes: Lundquist - Huth

Sept. 2012
Obit: Lyford
Bio: Sweet
Marriages: Cate-McPhee; Irwin-Chatfield

August 2012
Obits: Foley, Ipps

July 2012
Obit: Coon
Bios: Brown, Bryan, Bryant, Buckley, Budd, Buechner, Buenger, Bullis, Bunde, Bunn, Burchard, Burns, Burr, Burucker, Butler, Butts, Caines,  Caldwell, Callender, Cammack, Campbell, Cannon, Cardigan, Carleton, Carlson, Carson, Cass, Cathcart, Caulfield (all transcribed by Renae Donaldson)
Misc News about Herman Harms - submitted by Veneta McKinney

June 2012
Obits: Foley, Guthrie, Wilde, Yancey
Marriage: Grimm - Scheid
Birth Announcement: Rolinger
Bios: Akesson, Bentley, Griggs, Hale, Kernkamp, Maclay, Mattson, Osgood, Powers, Staples, Weiser, Williams, Winter

May 2012
Obits: Horton, Schwanke
Marriages: Kinsley-Bradbury; Whisman-Welhrauch
Bios: Aberle, Abbetmeyer,  Abbott, Abramson, Adams, Alair, Adler, Alban, Alexander, Allen, Almfeldt, Alness, Ames, Anderson, Andrews, Andrus, Appleby, Armstrong, Arzt, Atherton, Bacon, Bagley, Bailey, Balcome, Balderson, Baldwin, Baldy, Ball, Banks, Bannon, Barclay, Barnard, Barnett, Barrett, Barrows, Barry, Bartlett, Barton, Bassford - All transcribed my Marilyn Clore

April 2012

Bios: Durment, Duxbury, Dwyer, Dyer, Earl, Edgerton, Edwards, Effelt, Elliott, Elmer, Emerson, Erickson, Ermatinger, Ernst, Ertz, Espy, Esswein, Evans, Ewing, Fagley, Fahnestock, Fairchild, Fairclough, Farnham, Fedders, Feeser, Fenwick, Finch, Finehout, Finnell, Fischer, Fisher, Fitz, Fitzgibbons, Fitzpatrick, Flower, Fobes, Fogarty, Fooshe, Foot, Forbes, Ford, Foster, Fowblet, Fowler, Frankel (transcribed by Anna Parks)
Bios: Frost, Fry, Gamble, Gardner, Gates, Geery, George, Gerber, Giantvalley, Gilbert, Gowen, Granger, Grannis, Gilliam, Gilman, Goddard, Godfrey, Goodrich, Gotzian, Grace, Grant, Gravelle, Graves, Grawert, Grayum, Greene, Greenman, Gregg, Gregory (transcribed by Nancy Overlander)
Bios: Ackermann, Allen, Anderson, Barta, Beardsley, Brill, Brown, Butler, Childs, Eberlein, Eller, Fournier, Gallasch, Godfrey, Goodrich, Hadley, Hammer, Kenyon, Marshall, Matteson, Moore, Muehlenberg, Nelson, Ney, O'Brien, Oppenheim, Ozmun, Sanborn, Schurmeier, Scott, Stronge, Swanstrom, Swift, Titcomb, Upham, Van Duzee, Ware, White (submitted by Diana Heser Morse)

Mar. 2012: Obits: Beck, Binning, Burgraff, Edgerton, Gilstad, Hoisser, Jensen, Korntved, Maclean, Mallinger, Man, Penschuck, Peters, Schwantes, Seidel, Siebell, Sorgatz, Thompson, Turner, Vierling, Wagner, Weiss, Weld, Wheelock, Wuellner;
Bio: Ernst; Marriages: Dexter-Manseau; Schiff-Bollman
Marriages: Cleary-McCoy, Devereaux-Lindberg, Graham-Mitchelson, Jones-Jacobson, Ramus-Patton, Rex-Sandberg, Ryan-O'Reilly
Bios: Chamberlain, Chaney, Chapin, Chase, Childs, Chinnock, Chittenden, Christensen, Christofferson, Clapp, Clark, Clarke, Clarkson, Claussen, Cleary, Cleland, Clement, Cobb, Cochran, Coffey, Cole, Coleman, Collins, Combs, Comstock, Cook, Cooper, Copeland, Corcoran, Corning, Cornwel, Craig, Crassweller, Crawford, Crowley, Gregory, Gribben, Griffin, Griggs, Grimsrud, Grode, Grove, Grunow, Guiterman,Gutgesell, Guthrie, Haas, Habberstad, Hackney, Hadley, Hadlich, Haenck, Hase, Haggard, Halbert, Hall, Hallam, Halsted, Hamlin, Hamm, Hammer, Hammond, Handy, Hanft, Hanggi, Hannaford, Hanson, Hardenbergh, Hardy, Harris, Hartin, Hartsinck, Haskell, Haslett, Hastings, Haupt

Feb. 2012: Misc. news
Marriage: Waldhof & Kreasal
Bios: Anderson, Arosin, Bayard, Beardsley, Bechhoefer, Beckley, Begg, Beggs, Behnke, Bement, Benecke, Benham, Bennion, Bentley, Benz, Bergmeir, Berkey, Berry, Betz, Bidleman, Bigelow, Bjorn, Black, Blomquist, Boardman, Bockman, Boeckmann, Boeringer, Bolt, Bookstaver, Borer, Borreson, Boxell, Boyd, Bradford, Bramhall, Brandt, Bremer, Brennan, Bridgman, Briggs, Brill, Brimhall, Castle, Culver, Cunningham, Curry, Curtis, Cushing, Cutler, Dafoe, Danchertsen, Danz, Darling, Davidson, Davis, Day, Dean, Dearth, Denegre, Dennis, Denny, Deringer, Deuel, Dickerman, Dickey, Dickson, Dinwoodie, Dittenhofer, Dobner, Dodds, Dohm, Dolan, Donald, Donnelly, Donohue, Doolittle, Doran, Dorsey, Doty, Douglas, Dow, Downey, Downs, Drake, Draper, Doty, Douglas, Dow, Downey, Downs, Drake, Draper, Drew, Drill, Driscoll, Dunn, Dunnavan, Dunning, Edgerton, Holcomb,
McGill, O'Brien, Ramsey
Obits: Lynch, Ramsey, crime news: Jackson & Orman
Disasters News: Fire at Bailey Home

Jan 2012: 1863 deaths mentioned in history book; death certifications for BECK, DOUCETTE, FEYMA, KORNTVED, NEILS, REHBEIN, SCHWANTES, THOMPSON, WAGNER, ZIMMERMAN; List of Cemeteries; bios for AKERS, ALWAY, AMES


Previous Updates:
Biography-Furber & George, Mrs Clark, Schouweiler, CROSBY, SAUNDERS Biographies; SCOTT/PATTERSON marriage announcement
Slavery News Items, GREEN obit; Marriage notice for Hare - Hancock; William Worthingham Death Notice

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