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Andrew Carl, James Brown and Jim Gurneau
Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) April 1, 1915; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
Upon the complaint of Andrew Carl, James Brown and Jim Gurneau were arrested and caused to appear before the Indian Court March 22, on a charge of assault and battery. After hearing all the evidence in the case the Judges fined all three young men for disturbance. The facts seem to be that several young men gathered at Carl's house for a friendly moccasin game. Along towards morning when all honest men the supposed to be in bed Carl was caught cheating (he stated in Court that he told them he was just fooling, but they wouldn't believe him). The result was that Carl and Jim Brown "mixed it" out in the front yard, and Jim Gurneau had to take a hand in the affair to help Brown out.

They certainly were three nice looking litigants, but did not appear to the credit of themselves or to their school training. The "Lid is on" the moccasin game now. Those who wish to play a "friendly game" during reasonable hours are required to get permission from the Agent or Chief of Police.

Albert Greeley
Source: Red Lake News (Red Lake, MN) January 1, 1915; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Albert Greeley was arrested Monday night by Policeman "Billy" Jourdain. Albert had a half pint of alcohol and from past decisions of the Indian Judges, Albert may have to work for Uncle Sam all winter for his board. There are three or four other fellows in the community who had better watch out or they may get a trip to Fergus.

Nellie and Timothy Rogers
Source: The Bemidji Daily Pioneer (Bemidji, MN) December 3, 1907; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Several Cases Disposed of and Number of Citizens Papers Issued to Applicants.

Judge Spooner presided at a session of court yesterday at which several matters of importance were taken up and disposed of.

The case of Nellie M. Rogers vs. Timothy Rogers was taken up and disposed of. The case was an action for divorce on the grounds of desertion, both parties to the case having resided at Red Lake. Judge Spooner granted the divorce and restored to Mrs. Rogers her maiden name.

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