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Marriage Announcements

Austad - Nesland
Source: Duluth News-Tribune, Aug 25, 1912 - submitted by a FoFG (NW)

Oklee, Minn.--Miss Julia Nesland and Tollef Austad were united in marriage at Crookston. Mrs. Austad is the mail carrier on the Wanke route and his home is in Equality township, while Mrs. Austad is the daughter of a prominent farmer in Chester township.

Carriwaux - Fourier
Source: Duluth News-Tribune, Jan 8, 1916 - submitted by a FoFG (NW)

OKLEE, Minn.-- Miss Elodie Fourier of Lambert and Desire Carriwaux of Oklee were married at the Lambert church Monday. They will make their home in Oklee.

Cooley - Dobson
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, Minn.) Sunday, 9 Aug. 1914; transcribed by FoFG mz

RED LAKE, Minn., Aug. 8. – The wedding of Miss Ellen Dobson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Dobson, and Harry C. Cooley of Fennimore, Wis., took place at the home of the bride’s parents Wednesday. Mrs. C. O. Swanson, sister of the bride, was the bridesmaid, and C. O. Swanson, brother-in-law of the bride, was best man. Mr. and Mrs. Cooley left for a trip and will make their home at New Glarus, after Sept. 1.

Daymonaz - Toupin
Source: Grand Forks Herald, Jul 27, 1919 - submitted by a FoFG (NW)

Red Lake Falls, Minn., July 26.-- Miss Dora May Toupin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Toupin of Oklee was married Wednesday morning at 7 o'clock at the Oklee Catholic church by the Rev. Fr. Perronet to Leon R. Daymonaz, son of Mr. and Mrs. August Deymonaz of Brooks. The Bride's father is president of the First State Bank of Oklee and was former register of deeds of the United States Land Office at Crookston. The groom is one of the leading merchants at Brooks. The wedding was a quiet one and there were no attendants. After the ceremony Mr. Deymonaz and his bride left on a honeymoon trip to the Pacific coast and upon their return in September will be at home at Brooks.

Ganier - Bergeron
Source: Duluth News-Tribune, Jan 8, 1916 - submitted by a FoFG (NW)

OKLEE, Minn.-- Miss Elodie Bergeron and Louis Ganier were married Monday. The Rev. L. Beaulieu performed the ceremony.

Green - Lindberg
Source: Duluth News-Tribune, Mar 18, 1912 - submitted by a FoFG (NW)

Plummer, Minn.--At the home of Rev. Kolstoe the marriage of Miss Sarah Lindberg and Roy Green, both residents in Garnes township, took place, the Rev. Mr. Kolstoe officiating. The wedding was a pretty home affair and only immediate friends and relatives of the contracting parties were in attendance.

Haugen - Flom
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (MN) Tuesday, 16 July 1907; transcribed by FoFG mz

FERGUS FALLS, Minn., July 15. - Announcements were received here today of the coming marriage of Rev. O. H. Haugen, until recently of this city, and Miss Tilda G. Flom, of Milton, N.D. The wedding will occur at the home of the bride on Monday, August 5, and the couple will reside at Brunkeberg, a new station in Red Lake county, where Rev. Mr. Haugen has accepted a pastorate.

Mahoney - LaCoe
Source: Duluth News-Tribune Jan 1, 1922 - Submitted by a FoFG (NW)

Crookston, Minn.-- Friends of Miss Rose LaCoe and Jerry Mahoney, of the Great Northern offices here, will be surprised to hear of their marriage which was solemnized yesterday afternoon at Red Lake Falls.

Milby - Slettvedt
Source: Duluth News-Tribune, Jan 1, 1916 - submitted by a FoFG (NW)

Miss Clara Slettvedt and Angebrigt Milby of Oklee were joined in wedlock by Rev. S. T. Palm at the home of Mrs. T.O. Milby Wednesday. They will make their home here.

Rendahl - Lindberg
Source: Duluth News-Tribune, Jan 1, 1916 - submitted by a FoFG (NW)

Miss Pauline Lindberg and Carl Rendahl of this place were united in marriage at the Salem church, north of town, Wednesday, Dec 22.

Scott - Sorenson
Source: Duluth News-Tribune, Jun 24, 1917- submitted by a FoFG (NW)


The marriage of Miss Agnes Sorenson, daughter of Mrs. A. Sorenson of Oklee, Minn., and Peter R. Scott of New Duluth was solemnized last night at the home of the bride's mother at a quiet wedding, only immediate relatives and a few friends being present. Mr. Scott will return Tuesday with his bride, and the couple will make their home at Ninety-eighth avenue West.

The bride is a graduate of the school for the deaf at Faribault, Minn., where she first met Mr. Scott who was her classmate. The bridegroom has been employed as printer-pressman of the Steel Plant News for two years.

Seeger - Tessier
Source: Duluth News-Tribune Aug 25, 1912 - Submitted by a FoFG (NW)

Red Lake Falls, Minn.-- Miss Flora Tessier became the bride of Charles Seeger. Dr. Tessier, father of the bride, accompanied the young people to the county seat, where they were married.

St. Marie - St. Yves
Source: Duluth News-Tribune Aug 9, 1914 - Submitted by a FoFG (NW)

RED LAKE FALLS, Aug. 8.--The marriage of Miss Emma Marie St. Yves, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis St. Yves, to Joseph Wilbur St. Marie of Terrebonne, took place at St. Anthony church at Terrebonne Monday. Rev. Father Le Flock read the service. Mr. and Mrs. Ste. Marie will make their home at Terrebonne.

Swanson - Dargan
Source: "Warren Sheaf".(Warren, Marshall County, Minn.), July 25, 1907 KT - Sub by FoFG
Mr. S. J. Swanson, the genial manager of the Red Lake Falls Milling Co's, elevator and lumber business at Luna, was married at Minneapolis on June 23, to Miss Nora L. Dargan, an esteemed young lady of Wylie, Red Lake County, Minn. After the ceremony the happy couple started on a five week's honey moon trip, which included a delightful steam boat ride on the Mississippi to St. Louis, Mo., and visits to several of Minnesota's beautiful lakes, in the vicinity of Atwater. Mr. and Mrs. Swanson arrived in this city on Monday and have been busy since receiving the congratulations of friends. Mrs. Swanson is a niece of E. Dady, of this city. They will make their home here for the next two months or until the company will have completed the new house which it is building for them at Luna.

Zutz - Gerlach
Source: Duluth News-Tribune Nov 8, 1914 - Submitted by a FoFG (NW)

RED LAKE FALLS, Minn., Nov. 7.--The wedding of Miss Lydia Gerlach daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gerlach, and Arnold Zutz took place Wednesday afternoon at the German Lutheran church at Wylie. Rev. Herman Amend read the service. Miss Pauline gerlach, the bride's sister, and Miss Elsie Zutz, sister of the bridegroom attended the bride and Walter Zutz, brother of the bridegroom, and Emil Zutz, cousin of the bridegroom were the bridegroom's attendants. Little Irene Krueger and little Adelia Amend were the flower girls.

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