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JUNE 2018
MILITARY: World War I Draft Registrations Added
NEWS-BITS: Items from 1906 and 1915
OBITS: B. T. Thelander
Submitted by Robin Line:
BIOS: Quist, Earnest L., Anton A. Aubol, Adolph F. Anderson
OFFICIALS: News-John E. King

DIRECTORIES: 1915 - Real Estate Dealer Directory
MILITARY: Soldiers-E. B. Simington, Theo. Ducharme, A. Antossin
MILITARY: WWI Casualty News-Isadore J. Paquin, William Berry, John Yditie, Theo Ducharme, P. Boucher
OFFICIALS: Rosters-1906-Canvassing Board, 1897-Red Lake Fair Association
OFFICIALS: News-Lewis A. Nelson, County Treasurer Hanson, Ovide Emard, A. Reichert

JUNE 2017
OBITS: Mrs. Nels Emard
MILITARY: Vietnam War Casualties
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1897-County Grows
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. T. O. Melby
PEOPLE: Coya Knutson

MARCH 2017
PEOPLE: John Johnson
OBITS: Mrs. Frank Bender
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1915-Farmers Club
COURT: Nellie and Timothy Rogers

MARCH 2016
DEATHS: Boutain, Burton, Plummer, Kees, Lacoursiere, Melby, Mercil, Olson
COURT: Carl, Brown and Gurneau
HISTORY: 1896 News-New County, 1897 News-Red Lake County Will Continue
OBITS: I-een-je-gwon-abe, Gah-ay-beneas
PEOPLE: John Morgan, Mr. Pilger, Louis Gurneau, Mr. Dupris, George Williams, Ah-ke-wain-zee, Oscar Whitefeather, Gwon-ay-aush-ung
NEWS-BITS: 1915 for Brun, Defoe, Dolson Gravelle, Moore, Omen, Sayers, Smith, Spears
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1900-New Courthouse?
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: A.C. Goddard, James Neddeau, Anson Graves, Patsey Needham
NEWS-VISIT: Henry Compton, Mabel Kittleson, Inga Melby, Norman Kittleson

OBITS: Isabelle Prentice, John Andrew Barret, Frank Prentice, Andrew Loud
NEWS-VISIT: Miss M. Coleman, Ah-je-dum-o, Ah-ke-wain-zee
NEWS-SICK: Bug Child, Mrs. Gilbert Lussier
PEOPLE: Andrew Nash, Stanley Johnson, George Highlanding

JULY 2015
BIRTHS: Joseph Sayers, Antoine La Jeunesse
CHURCHES: Catholic Church Decorated
FAMILIES: McKaig's attend reunion
SCHOOLS: 1915-Hector Ridgway, Josie Brun, Myrtle Boobar, Eleanor Stevens
COURT: Albert Greeley
HISTORY: Geographical Naming History
MISCELLANEOUS: (people) Frank Brun, Agnes Gurneau, Joseph Omen, Mabel Douglass, J. Geo. Littledeer, No-din-e-be-nais, Solomon Blue, Ah-ke-wain-zee, John Sayers, Me-Zhuck-eence, Ah shah ish kah we ne nee
CENSUS: Totals by decades

OBITS: Mrs. James Bobeau, Karin Waestad
BIOS: Frank Jeffers
NEWS-PEOPLE: John Peterson, Clarence Lynch, Erling Thoen, Mrs. Gunover Nessland
NEWS-SICK: Ernest Hegland
NEWS-CRIME: Knut Evje Murdered, 1920-Frank Plante Surrenders
NEWS-RELOCATE: Mrs. H. N. Johnson, Fred Lende

OBITS: Halvor Nesland, Knute Nesland, Tille Sannes, Deymonaz Child
VISIT: Mrs. Gordon MacDougall, Mrs. O. E. Soland, Gina Slettvedt

Apr. 2014: Bio: Healy - transcribed by Glenda Stevens

May 2013: Obits: Bergeron, Fletcher, Garceau, Herold, Huot, Maclean, Mathews, Patnode, Roy, Zaisu
Marriages: Cooley - Dobson; Haugen - Flom

August 2012: Obits: Gjerberg, Hawkes, Morresette

Apr. 2012: Bios: Farley, Garceau, Germo, Kaufer

Mar. 2012: Bio: Haislet

Feb. 2012: Obits: Beconovich, Black, Bruneau, Coauette, Generaux, Jacobson, Juneau, Prenevost, Tillman; WW2 Army Honor List, Korean War Casualties; Bio: Duffy
Marriages: Austad-Nesland, Carriwaux-Fourier, Daymonaz-Toupin, Ganier-Bergeron, Green-Lindberg, Mahoney-LaCoe, Milby-Slettvedt, Rendahl-Lindberg, Scott-Sorenson, Seeger-Tessier, St. Marie-St. Yves, Zutz-Gerlach local, misc. & "sick list" news items

Jan 2012: List of Cemeteries. Crime news re: PAULSON; Community news for MANGUSON; SWANSON-DARGAN marriage announcement

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