Redwood County, Minnesota

1883 Pensioners on the Roll

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Vicki Bryan

No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner Post office address Cause for which pensioned Monthly rate Date of original allowance
  Redwood, Sarah A. Lamberton widow $8.00  
  Aldridge, Leroy P. Lamberton child of $17.00  
  Meyer, Edward Lamberton catarrh & results $4.00 March 1882
  Munson, Andrew Lamberton inj. r. side $4.00  
  French, Wm. P. Lamberton wd. l. leg $6.00 March 1882
  Parker, Elmira Lamberton widow $8.00  
  Gooler, Antoine Lamberton wd. r. leg $6.00  
  Skelton, Geo. Lamberton varicose veins left leg & abdomen, ch. diarr., dis. abd. vis. $12.00 Aug. 1881
  Eldred, Highland S. Lolland wd. left leg $6.00  
  Tretbar, Clemens Lower Sioux Agency wd. left leg $8.00  
  Deitzman, Gottleib Lower Sioux Agency ampt. right arm at should. joint $24.00  
  Welch, William Redwood Falls wd. left thigh $4.00  
  Whitaker, James Redwood Falls varicose veins left leg & dis. heart & lungs $16.00  
  Long, Lucinda W. Redwood Falls widow $8.00 Dec. 1866
175,044 Hammer, Amos G. Redwood Falls dis. of lungs, liver & nasal catarrh $6.00 Oct. 1880
7,247 Ruter, Stephen J. F. Redwood Falls chr. diarr. & results $8.00  
  Reynolds, Lawrence H. Redwood Falls wd. left hand, partial loss fingers $6.00 June 1882
  Robidon, Peter Redwood Falls spinal disease $4.00  
  Rowe, Lord N. Redwood Falls wound of face $4.00  
  Buxton, Geo. A. Redwood Falls w. of right chest $7.00  
  Chandler, Edward A. Redwood Falls wd. right thigh & hand $8.50  
  Chapman, Cyrus D. Redwood Falls injury to abdomen $8.00 July 1880
  Scott, Andrew J. M. Redwood Falls injury to abdomen $8.00  
  Truesdell, Sylvester Redwood Falls epilepsy $18.00  
  O'Brien, Esther Redwood Falls widow $8.00  
  Pemberton, Dorothy Redwood Falls widow $8.00  
  Hubbard, Simon W. Redwood Falls wound left thigh $4.00  
  Wilson, Alpheus A. Redwood Falls wd. both thighs $8.00 April 1882
  Jones, Ann Redwood Falls widow $8.00  
  Gale, Augustus L. Redwood Falls chr. diarr.   $7.00  
  Peterson, Paul  Walnut Grove loss sight left eye $4.00  
41,683 Boyle, Ellen Walnut Grove . . . . . . . . . . $8.00  
55,562 Lorsen, Lars Walnut Grove w. left hand $4.00  
123,422 Swinton, John Walnut Grove loss sight right eye, aff. left eye $6.00  
  Chadburn, Rufus G. Walnut Grove injury to abdomen $8.00 Sept. 1880
  Schrauz, Catharine Walnut Grove widow $8.00  
  Jacobs, Martin Walnut Grove w. left hand $4.00 May 1882
  Leo, John Walnut Grove wd. right thigh   $10.00 Oct. 1878

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