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>Cemetery >Latitude >Longitude >Further Information
>Adsit Family Plot >443440N >0951700W
>Andrew Robertson Grave >443120N >0945730W
>Anson C Fisk Family Plot >443810N >0951300W
>Belview Cemetery >443542N >0951949W
>Bethany Cemetery >442422N >0951454W
>Bethlehem Cemetery >442234N >0950342W
>Calvary Cemetery >441353N >0952824W
>Camp Pope Burial Plot >443430N >0950620W
>Crestlawn Memorial Garden >442950N >0950701W
>Danish Cemetery >442742N >0953159W
>Dannebod Cemetery >441839N >0945326W
>Gales Cemetery >441840N >0953050W
>Germantown Evangelical United Methodist Cemetery >441144N >0951158W
>Holy Name Catholic Church Cemetery >443028N >0952520W
>Honorable JW Lynde Burial Plot >443120N >0945730W
>Hustad Cemetery >442900N >0952630W
>Jewish Burial Plot (historical) >442330N >0951510W
>John and Apollenea Daub Family Plot >442500N >0951510W
>Johnsonville Cemetery >442126N >0952321W
>Johnsonville Township Cemetery >442110N >0952437W
>Knupple Grave >443120N >0945730W
>Lamberton Cemetery >441349N >0951436W
>Lower Sioux Community Cemetery >443201N >0945945W
>Luther Cemetery >441632N >0953312W
>Matthew Wilson Plot >442430N >0950500W
>Missouri Evans Plot >441910N >0950700W
>Morgan Cemetery >442341N >0945535W
>New Avon Cemetery >442611N >0951119W
>New Avon Salem Methodist Cemetery >442416N >0950901W
>North Hero Cemetery >441530N >0952703W
>Old Gales Cemetery >442100N >0953100W
>Orange C Martin Grave >443120N >0950951W
>Our Lady of Victory Cemetery >442448N >0952415W
>Our Savior Cemetery >442544N >0953233W
>Post-Newton Cemetery >443150N >0945900W
>Redwood Falls Cemetery >443302N >0950554W
>Riverside Cemetery >443355N >0950510W
>Robert Montgomery Plot >442430N >0950500W
>Rock Dell Cemetery >443904N >0951820W
>Saint Anns Cemetery >442327N >0951454W
>Saint Catherine Cemetery >443308N >0950608W
>Saint Henry Cemetery >443008N >0951721W
>Saint Johns Cemetery >442445N >0945458W
>Saint Johns Cemetery >442451N >0953346W
>Saint Joseph Cemetery >442237N >0950342W
>Saint Joseph Cemetery >441422N >0951630W
>Saint Marys Cemetery >442847N >0952016W
>Saint Mathias Cemetery >441837N >0951005W
>Saint Matthews Cemetery >442118N >0951718W
>Saint Michael Cemetery >442508N >0945608W
>Saint Michael Cemetery >442401N >0953316W
>Saint Pauls Cemetery >442823N >0951915W
>Sanborn Cemetery >441147N >0950734W
>Sandager Cemetery >443840N >0951820W
>Schwahn Family Plot >442153N >0951715W
>Sundown Cemetery >441937N >0950513W
>Sundown Lutheran Church Cemetery >441827N >0950400W
>Swedes Forest Township Cemetery >443915N >0952000W
>Swedish Cemetery >441514N >0953421W
>Swenson Cemetery >Unknown >Unknown
>Tonak Cemetery >441933N >0950546W
>Trinity Cemetery >441658N >0952855W
>Trinity Lutheran Cemetery >442049N >0950850W
>Trinity Lutheran Cemetery >442448N >0952419W
>Valentine Appel Burial Plot >443310N >0950600W
>Vesta Cemetery >443057N >0952436W
>Walnut Grove Cemetery >441303N >0952932W
>Wanda Cemetery >441944N >0951229W

Compiled By Frankly N Curtiss-Wedge Volume I Chicago H. C. Cooper Jr. & Co. 1916
submitted by Veneta McKinney

The care of the remains of those who were first to pass away has always been an enigmatical proposition in the early history of all communities. Organized cemetery associations are frequently the last community movements. Burial places, consequently,

from the start, are isolated. In fact, the first settler, the first group of travelers, have placed the remains of those who have suddenly passed away, where, in a few years, the marking and spot would be forgotten and lost.

Redwood Falls was no exception to this rule. Graves were scattered over what is now the city, but in its embryonic state, a mere gathering of a few settlers. Now and then reports of the disinterment of bones occur and an old resident recalls a burial at the particular spot. This will continue as the years roll by, and it is to be regretted that the remains of such distinguished old settlers as O. C. Martin and Birney Flynn cannot be placed in the present magnificent cemetery. But it was the wish of the former that his remains be laid to rest on the hillside overlooking the Redwood River, on his own farm, just southwest of Redwood Falls. Mr. Flynn wished his body to rest under a little tree near the Flynn residence, on Fourth Street, between Mill and Minnesota. The bodies will remain there until completely forgotten, and then probably, some day, the bones will be disinterred in the excavation for the carrying on of progress of events.

With Redwood Falls proper the early day burials were in the old stockade grounds, at the liberty pole erected on the present court house square, at the Baldwin hotel corner on Bridge and Mill streets, afterwards giving away to the old Redwood House, and in later years known as the Baldwin Hotel. The principal place of burial, however, was on the banks of the ravine or Redwood River, at the confluence of the ravine and the river, just back of the present G. Kuenzli home, on Bridge and Lincoln streets. There were one or more burials on the bank of the river just back of the present W. H Gold residence on Minnesota Street.

It was not until July of 1873, ten years or more after the founding of the town that Edward March purchased from Pomeroy Angel, and had surveyed ten acres in section 31, town 113, range 35, the present cemetery site. David Watson, a name still familiarly known to early settlers, platted or surveyed the tract. The first burial to be made in this cemetery was Julia Ann Longbottom, and her sister, Jane Longbottom, this occurring in June of 1874. The next burial was that of Mrs. David Alexander, and the next was that of the body of Eugene Thorpe, a soldier boy, who, at the age of nineteen, and in 1868, was drowned in the Redwood river, his remains being removed from their original resting place in the village proper to the soldier plot donated by William P. Dunnington in the new cemetery.

Among the early settlers, who had passed away, and whose remains were transferred from the village places to the new cemetery, were those of Mrs. Ellen Penney, William Beard, Bevery Brown, the Clark baby, Frederick Thurston, Bela Haliday, Rev. Charles P. Wright, Albert Werder, Simmons, Dr. B. Bruce, C. C. Belt, Amasa Daniels, the Herriott baby, the two Fisk sisters and Valentine Apfel. The remains of the two Fisk sisters were first laid to rest in the old stockade, while the remains of Valentine Apfel were laid to rest on the brow of a small hill just south of the present cemetery. He was the father of Mrs. Roset Schmahl, mother of the Schmahl children, residing in Redwood Falls, and other points in this state, and he passed away at the ripe old age of 90 years.

Among the children who passed away in the early days and whose remains were transferred to the new and present plot, were Baby Powell, Price Hollen, Coulter Wiggins and Minnie C. Jones.

On September 24, 1883, William P. Dunnington and Fred L. Warner purchased the remaining ground of the cemetery from Edward March and Catharine March, his wife, reserving lot 4, section 10, subdivision two for themselves. On September 27, 1884, Fred L. Warner sold his interests to Mr. Dunnington, and on May 25, 1899, Mr. Dunnington disposed of his interests to George L. Evans and Fred L. Warner, a few months later Mr. Warner closing out his interests to Emil Kuenzli, and the new owners were Kuenzli & Evans.

On March 15, 1910, there was a gathering of a number of public spirited ladies of Redwood Falls and surrounding country at the G. A. R. hall, and after going over the poor condition of the cemetery, it was decided to organize a society to be known as the Redwood Falls Cemetery Association. At this meeting Mrs. R. E. Fuller was chosen chairman and Mrs. Julia Glassco as secretary. A committee was appointed to draw up by-laws, and on March 26, 1910, they met at the home of Mrs. Cunningham, seven members being present. At this meeting Mrs. Phebe M. Fuller was elected president of the association, Mrs. Pearl Golden, first vice president; Mrs. Ella V. Philbrick, second vice president ; Mrs. Sheila Lutz, recording secretary ; Mrs. Lela Pease, corresponding secretary, and Mrs. Ida Fedderly, treasurer.

On May 15, 1910, the association purchased of Mary Shaver a tract of land, 4% acres, directly west of the old site, and bringing all of the property down to the road leading to North Redwood. On May 28, 1910, the members met at the G. A. R. hall, where the articles of incorporation were adopted and signed, and ordered recorded with the secretary of state of the register of deeds of Redwood county. Nine trustees, Phebe M. Fuller, Alice F. King, Ella V. Philbrick, Sheila Lutz, Pearl Golden, Alice Angell, Lelah Pease, Ida Fedderly and Nelina McLain, were elected on this occasion, and the acknowledgment to the articles was then taken by James B. Robinson, who has since passed away. Mrs. Fuller was re-elected president, while Mrs. Alice Angell was elected recording secretary, Lelah Pease, actuary, and Ida Fedderly, treasurer.

March 28, 1911, the association purchased of Kuenzli & Luscher their remaining interest in the original tract, paying $1,200 for the same, and in addition assuming a mortgage for a small amount. The money for this purpose was raised by popular subscription of the lot owners, donations, etc., among the larger donors being J. Fletcher Skinner, of Chicago, formerly of Redwood Falls ; Mrs. Mary Shaver, of Seattle, Wash. ; Anton C. Weiss, of Duluth, all former residents ; W. H. Gold, J. P. Cooper, Julius A. Schmahl, Frank Clague and the Woman's Club of Redwood Falls.

Such was the foundation of the organization of ladies that has been the cause of transforming the grounds from a state of neglect and almost disgrace to the present beautiful condition. That these ladies are to be congratulated and thanked by every person having a regard for a proper care of the dead, is certain. All the money that was received was used in paying for the old and the new grounds, and for the improvement of the property. Since the ladies have taken the ownership a caretaker has been continually employed, a fine iron fence has been erected around the new tract, and granite gate-posts have likewise been added to the improvements. A granite monument to the memory of the Civil War veterans, buried in the plot, has been erected by the ladies of the Relief Corps. Since the corporation was formed Mrs. Golden has passed away and Mrs. Anna E. Ward elected to the vacancy, while Mrs. Angell has moved to California and Mrs. Mary Flinn elected in her stead. Mrs. Philbrick passed away in May of 1916, and Mrs. Alice F. King succeeded her as vice president, Mrs. H. M. Hitchcock being elected to fill the vacancy on the board of trustees. At the time of preparing this article the officers are: Mrs. Phebe M. Fuller, president; Mrs. Alice King, vice president; Mrs. Anna Ward, secretary; Mrs. Lelah Pease, actuary; Ida Fedderly, treasurer; and trustees, in addition to the officers just named, Mesdames Nelina McLain, Inez Luscher and H. M. Hitchcock.

Authority. This article has been prepared by Julius A. Schmahl, secretary of state, from notes gathered by Mrs. Phebe M. Puller. Mrs. Fuller has consulted the records of the association, with which association she has been intimately connected, and the records of the cemetery. She has also made a careful survey of the old tombstones, and has consulted with many of the old settlers.

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