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- - 1888 - - TWO MURDER CASES (John Gorres and William Rose)
Source: The Aitkin Age (Aitkin, MN), November 24, 1888, page 7; submitted by Robin Line
The November term of court, which Judge Weber has opened at Redwood Falls, excites an unusual degree of interest, as there will be two murder cases to be disposed of. The case against John Gorres, indicted for murder of John Rosencranz in the town of Willow Lake last April, was continued from last term. The case of William Rose, charged with the murder of Moses L. Lutkin, in the town of Gales last August, will be presented before the grand jury for its action. Both cases rest to a great extent on circumstantial evidence, and the prisoners will make a vigorous defense through able counsel when they come to trial.

J. F. Jones vs. John Martin
Source: New Ulm Review (MN) May 11, 1892; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Local News.
At Redwood Falls, J. F. Jones, a wheat buyer, has brought a $10,000 damage suit against John Martin, a wealthy farmer, for permanent injury received from a kick during a quarrel over a wheat deal. Jones attempted to draw a revolver and Martin kicked him in self defense.

- - 1905 - - ATTORNEY IS FINED (Fred B. Phillips)
Source: Rosebud County News (Forsyth, MT) November 16, 1905; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

St. Paul Man Held in Contempt in Judge Webber's Court.
Redwood Falls, Minn., Nov. 12-Fred B. Phillips, a young St. Paul attorney, was fined $250 for contempt of court by Judge Webber in the district court yesterday. An alternative was six months in jail. Either is the limit in such a case. Phillips immediately took an appeal to the supreme court. Phillips, with E. S. Cary of Minneapolis, has been engaged for a long time in attempting to prevent the Mos of Sleepy Eye from obtaining absolute control and possession of 400 acres of land in Springdale township, this county, valued at $16,000, for about $6,000. The land formerly belonged to Phillips' father, Rev. Robert Phillips, a superannuated Methodist minister of Ceylon. During the harvesting of the crop this year Hans Mo got out an injunction restraining the Phillips people from interfering with him in the cutting and threshing. When court opened here on Wednesday Mo submitted an affidavit to the effect that he had been interfered with by Fred B. Phillips, and asked that the latter be punished for contempt. The testimony of Mo was offered and Judge Webber adjudged Phillips guilty of contempt and imposed the fine of $250, or six months in jail.

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