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1878 Business Directory and Gazetteer

In the western part of Redwood county, eleven miles south of Redwood Falls.

Located in the southeastern part of Redwood county, on the C. & N. W. Ry, 30 miles from New Ulm, about 22 from Redwood falls, the county seat, and 160 from St. Paul. Exports, wheat and general produce. Mail, tri-weekly.

Golding W E, blacksmith and wagonmaker.
Graumann Adolph, harnessmaker and saloon.
Nelson NP, Lumber, Grain and Agricultuaral Impts.
Praxil & Shandera, general store.

Or Lower Sioux, a village of 200 inhabitants, located in the northeast corner of Redwood county, near the Minnesota river, and about 6 miles from Redwood Falls, the county seat Sleepy Eye Lake, on the Minnesota division of the C. & N. W. Ry, is its most convenient shipping point by rail. Edward Dietzman, postmaster.

Bailey Mrs B E, milliner.
Bailey S E, hardware and agricultural impts
Dietzman August, Saloon.
Dietzman G, mason.
Gloom H, brewer.
Knipple C A, general store.
Knipple E A, hotel propr.
Newton L B, cabinetmaker.
Paul E W, banker.
Russell L J, general store.
Russell Mrs C E, dressmaker.
Russell S, harnessmaker.
Stephens James, blacksmith.

In the township of New Avon, near the center of Redwood county, 9 1/2 miles from Redwood Falls, the county seat. Lamberton, 16 miles off, is the nearest railroad point. Stage to Redwood Falls twice per week. J. S. Tawle, postmaster.

An incorporated village of 700 inhabitants in the northern central part of Redwood county, of which it is the seat, 200 miles by the Minnesota river and 105 miles, in a direct line, to St. Paul, and a terminal branch station of the C. & N. W. Ry. Also located on Redwood river, 2 miles from its junction with the Minnesota river, where power is obtained for operating 2 flouring mills and 1 saw mill. Three other mills, within a mile of the village, utilize the water power. Has a church each of the Presbyterians, Methodists, Campbellites, Episcopalians and Catholics, and an independent graded and other public schools. The Gazette, a weekly newspaper, is published here. Contains a bank, several hotels and numerous stores. Telegraph, Western Union. Express, American. Stages to New Ulm daily; to Yellow Medicine and Minnesota Falls semiweekly. Mails received 12 times per week. Robert Watson, postmaster.

Bailey S E, Redwood Hotel.
Baker & Byrington, livery and sale stable.
Baldwin H D, lawyer.
Baldwin H D & Co, grocers.
Bank of Redwood Falls.
Birum Ener, lumber mill.
Bowers J H, lawyer.
Bronson Rev E H, (Methodist).
Bunch S T, furniture.
Chapman E O, wagonmaker.
Cook A M & Sons, flour mill.
Crowley Bros, grocers.
Dobner & O' Hara, druggists.
Dodge Rev H A, (Presbyterian).
Evans W M, physician.
Flinn W D, physician.
Flynn Birney, land agent.
Frost Rev A P, (Christian).
Gordon Bishop, agrl implements.
Herriott Wm B, editor Gazette.
Hitchcock D L, druggist.
Hotchkiss F V, blacksmith.
Hunter Rev E G, (Episcopal).
Jessup John, grocer.
Johnson Benjamin, baker and grocer.
Koch & Nevitt, butchers.
Laird & Domberg, hardware.
Lichtwark Joseph, butcher.
Lys Henry, blacksmith.
McCarthy E A, livery and sale stable.
McMillan James, general store.
Offerman Matt, saloon.
O'Hara F M, saloon.
Ojia Mrs S H, milliner.
Ortt & Northrup, Exchange Hotel.
Peterson A J, blacksmith.
Post W H & Co, drugs and groceries.
Powell M E, lawyer.
Rockwell R W, hardware.
Ruter & Cuff, flour mill,
Sears Moses, boot and shoemaker.
Stickle & Wiltshire, general store.
Swisher W A, hardware and tinshop.
Tibbetts Till, land agent.
Tiffany J E, flour and feed.
Truesdell Levi, harnessmaker.
Vilos M, physician.
Wallin Alfred, lawyer.
Wasson & Crooks, blacksmiths.
Watson Robert, express agent.
Watton David, surveyor and civil engineer.
Watton R W, books, stationery and music.

In the southeastern part of Redwood county, 18 miles from Redwood Falls, the county seat, and 4 1/2 from Springfield, on the W. & St. P. Ry. Stage daily to Redwood Falls and Springfield. Weekly mail. L. N. Rowe, postmaster.

In the northern part of Redwood county, about 13 miles from Redwood Falls, the county seat.

In the eastern part of Redwood county, 12 miles southeast of Redwood Falls, the county seat. Sleepy Eye Lake is the nearest railroad station.

A station on the C. & N. W. Ry., in the southwestern part of Redwood county.

(See Walnut Grove, Redwood county.)

In the northwestern part of Redwood county, about 20 miles northwest of Redwood Falls.

Source: Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1878. Transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman.

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